USP full form – What is unique selling proposition? (2023)

Today we bring you an article about what the USP full form – Unique Selling Proposal is and why it is so important for the development of a company’s marketing.

The USP is the unique benefit revealed by a company, service, product or brand that allows it to differentiate itself from the competition. The unique value proposition should be a functionality that highlights the benefits that are important to customers.

Three rules must be met: 

1- Each advertisement must make a proposal to the client. It should be as clear as saying, “Buy such a product for this specific benefit.” (It should be focused on a benefit not a functionality). 

2- It must be a proposal that the competition does not offer or cannot offer. 

3- The proposal itself must be strong enough to mobilize consumers. To buy the product or service. And be able to comply with it. 

In summary, the USP or Unique Selling Proposition is the reason why customers buy our product before the competition. 

How do you define the USP full form; a unique selling proposition?

We need to find and communicate a unique advantage (unattainable or impossible for our competition) in a way strong enough to drive the consumer through to sale. 

To do this, we must know as fully as possible the business model of our company. It serves as a starting point to understand what general selling proposition we can offer.

If we want this type of communication to really work, we must deeply understand consumer needs and consumer preferences . From here, we can discover those arguments that can really add value and transform them to reach the potential consumer. Finally, compare our proposal with the proposals of the competition. 

Once the unique selling proposition is discovered, it must be transformed into a message that meets the three conditions outlined at the beginning: what is a value proposition, what the competition cannot easily imitate and is strong enough to mobilize to our audience. 

The power of the “unique selling proposition” is that we can use it as a basis to define our positioning. 

We can define the meaning of USP (Unique Selling Proposition) advertising in many ways: for our company, its products, for each audience group, etc. 

What is the unique selling proposition or USP model based on? 

USP full form

If you want a product or brand to be unique in a particular market segment, you have to find something different. Still, look for something that sets you apart. 

Remember, from the price to the technical service, your company is going to be different from others in many respects. All the suggestions are valid, all you have to do is identify them in order to develop a communication plan. 

Generally, the USP model is based on: 

  • Product quality: Based on this concept, we refer to product quality based on the customer’s perception of the product and the ability to meet their expectations. For this, it is important to understand the expectations of the target audience or understand the expectations of the target audience. 
  • Features: Here we can discuss the functions or attributes of your product, and which functions are different from those provided by the competition.
  • Price: You can stand out in the market as a low-priced brand, which is not bad at all. Low-priced recognition is a differentiated value and is called a premium brand. 

How to define the unique selling proposition or USP?

It may take some time to understand all these aspects of branding. This is not easy when we must consider external factors such as consumer expectations. 

In any case, once you understand why your brand is so special, the best way to define your USP or Unique Selling Proposition is to follow this plan. 

  • Define your product: What is it? 
  • Next, recognize the benefits of the product: What effect does the product have on customers?
  • What problem does it solve? These are all the features, attributes and functions of the product. 
  • Define the impact of your product on customers: What impact does it have? 

Below I am going to show several USP examples: 

One of the most obvious examples is the Apple brand, which knows how to communicate well. Just browse their website for a few minutes and you will find that the quality and features of their products are the secret to success. 

Another good example is the PrimaPrix supermarket chain. Its differential value? Provide the best brands at the best prices.

We really like this! Ferrero not only sells chocolate, but also tries to provide a unique taste experience. 

Another example, I read “modular smartphone” and no idea. But, for the target audience, the gamer profile, this is something very attractive. A good example of an effective USP for an audience, and that does not attract those who are not the target.

How can you create a unique selling proposition (USP)?

What is unique selling proposition? (2021)

There are generally four steps to creating a unique selling proposition: 

  • Narrow the target audience: The potential customer base must be precisely defined. It is recommended to segment them according to behaviors and preferences . Once the consumer profiles are known, identify and define their specific needs. 
  • Identify the problem : You need to empathize more with potential customers to learn more about their problems and desires. If possible, you should also interview existing clients.
  • Define the offer differences: First, you list all the services and their price, then you select the service that best suits the defined needs of the target audience, and finally, you analyze the prices of the competition. 
  • Define a sales promise : the sales promise should be defined as short and simple as possible.

Why do I need a USP for the marketing of a product particularly in digital?

I believe that across all channels, you need to understand and highlight your unique value proposition to promote your products. But in the digital world, you have special needs. the reason? Internet users pay less attention and need to expend more energy to determine our recommendations and complete objective actions.

Limitations of a USP:

To emphasize the uniqueness of the product, a unique selling proposition is especially important when the product is marketed. However, in a short period of time, many other products can be sold using the same USP, but at a cheaper price. In this case, it may be necessary to redefine the unique selling proposition. 

Sometimes other USPs can complement your unique selling proposition. For example, if you combine “Made in Spain” and “The cheapest price” in a single product.

How to communicate your unique selling proposition

The communication of the brand, your product or your service must be concise and clear, remember that less is more, that simplicity is strength for effectiveness. 

But we must also connect with the emotional components that will fix your value proposition in the interest and subsequent attention of consumers.

The assessment of the emotional component of communication is vital, remember that our emotions are behind 90% of the decisions we make every day. So any Unique Selling Proposition can have an emotional dimension, an Emotional Selling Proposition (ESP). 

It is in the execution of the advertising communication, the decision scenarios on which route to take to bet on advertising aimed at new customers.

When you have managed to build that differentiating, concrete and effective idea of ​​your positioning versus the competition, you will have paid the ground with your USP to the operational marketing experts so that they can deploy the strategies and tactics necessary to activate demand, with the support of the advertising techniques that does not stop growing every day both in digital channels and in traditional advertising.

An average consumer is exposed to a range of advertising messages that goes from 3,000 to 5,000 every day. On the other hand, search engines on the web have become the first source of guidance when buying a product or service. 

So our potential clients are not only more empowered than ever, but they are overexposed to multiple analog and digital information channels, multiple screens and content, all activating consumer options.

In summary:

USP means

In a market so saturated with competitors, where the customer receives more inputs than ever, capturing their attention and distinguishing themselves from the competition is vital. 

A powerful USP will make your product or service unique in the eyes of your customer and you will have their full attention. Your ads, your promotions, will not go unnoticed like so many others. Having a unique, valuable sales proposition will give you a huge advantage in this market.

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