Visby Programme Scholarships 2023/2024

Visby Programme Scholarships is a Swedish Institute Program which gives International students opportunity to apply for a fully financed PhD or Postdoctoral research study award in Sweden.

For the academic year 2023/2024, the Swedish Institute is pleased to award Visby Program Scholarships for PhD study and postdoctoral research for up to 12 months.

Visby Programme Scholarships

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, and Ukraine are all eligible for scholarships.

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The Visby Program seeks to improve professional competence in professionals who want to play an active part in society and contribute to good change in their home countries and regions.

Details of Visby Program Scholarships 2023/2024

Deadline for Submissions: 10th June, 2023 Course Level: Scholarships are available for PhD and Postdoctoral research.

Awarded a scholarship: Scholarships are awarded to study any of the courses offered by the institute.

Scholarship Award: Included in the scholarship

Fees for instruction: pay directly to the Swedish university by us
Living expenses of SEK 10,000/month
Travel grant of SEK 5,000/academic year

Membership in the SI Network for Future Global Leaders (NFGL)

Nationality: Scholarships are available for Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation, and Ukraine.

Number of Scholarships: About 60 scholarships will be offered.
Scholarship can be taken in Sweden

Eligibility for Visby Programme Scholarships 2023/2024

Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova are all eligible for these scholarships.

PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and senior researchers are offered the grant to undertake research in Swedish universities.

Researchers from various academic areas are also eligible to apply.

However, to be eligible for Visby Programme Scholarships, you must fall into one of the following categories:

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PhD student: PhD students/candidates applying for a 6-, 9-, or 12-month long-term visit.

Postdoctoral researcher: Postdoctoral researchers applying for a 6-, 9-, or 12-month long-term visit. PhD holders, especially from the year 2014 or later.

Senior researcher: PhD holders who do not fit into the postdoctoral researcher category above, applying for one long-term stay of up to 6 months.

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PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, and senior researchers applying for a scholarship across numerous shorter also stays.

Over a three-year period, no more than three research visits are allowed. Visby Programme Scholarships 2023/2024

You may apply for the maximum number of months shown for each category above (minimum 6 months). Each visit must last at least one month.

By the end of 2023, the scholarship visit(s) within the year must be completed.

Visby Programme Scholarships English Language Requirements

Applicants whose first language is not English are typically required to demonstrate competence in English at the University’s higher level. Visby Programme Scholarships 2023/20234

How to Apply for Visby Programme Scholarships 2023/2024

Invitation Letter

Visby Programme Scholarships 2023/2024: A letter of invitation from a Swedish university department inviting you as a visiting scholar is required.

Requirements for the invitation letter

The obligatory SI invitation letter template must be utilized. Microsoft Word, 1997-2003.

The letter of invitation must be current and reflect the desired scholarship period.

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A professor or department head from the Swedish university must sign the letter of invitation. Visby Programme Scholarships

The application will not be processed unless the attached letter of invitation is signed.

Attach the signed letter of invitation to your application in PDF format.

 Get your application ready

If you don’t employ the required Swedish Institute templates in any of the needed documents, your application will be rejected.

Please remember that all candidates must submit attachments 1-9.

Enclosures 12-13 are also required for PhD students.

Invitational letter

In Sweden, a CV of the designated supervisor/contact person is required.

A two-page CV that includes a list of the most relevant articles (maximum 10).

Swedish Institute Mandatory Abstract Template/Word 97-2003

The abstract should include a quick overview of your study proposal’s primary components.

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The abstract should be written with a broader readership in mind, rather than only researchers in your specialty. 700 characters maximum, including spaces.

Mandatory Swedish Institute template for research proposals/ Word 97-2003

The research proposal should include information about the project’s scientific quality, originality, methodological approach, and significance.

The research proposal is a vital aspect of your application, and it should be properly planned and written in such a way that it can be evaluated by generalists. 6 pages maximum.

Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae

The applicant’s curriculum vitae is required. CV template Europass.

CVs submitted in any other format will be rejected.

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Please keep in mind that your CV should include a photograph of yourself. 3 pages maximum

Personal motivation 

Swedish Institute template required/ Word 97-2003

The scholarship application is incomplete without a personal statement of motivation. Visby Programme Scholarships 2023/2024

It will supplement the academic evaluation in determining the applicant’s personal and professional motivation, as well as how the proposed research project aligns with the Visby Program’s overarching goals.

University Certificate

Copies of the highest university degree earned, translated into English and validated by the institution. Do not provide a transcript of the records.

Applicants for a postdoctoral scholarship who plan to get their PhD degree soon after the deadline must present an official letter from their home department confirming the expected date of graduation.

Until a copy of their PhD degree certificate is supplied to the Swedish Institute, such applicants will receive the same monthly stipend as PhD scholarship holders.

The English Language Certificate 

A duplicate of a globally accepted English exam result is required from those coming from a none English country (e.g. TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge).

An English teacher or another professional who can evaluate and remark on your English language competence should fill out the template.

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According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, at least English 6 or Independent User B2 is required.

You may alternatively submit a diploma if you have completed an English-language educational program (for example, a Master’s degree).

Two reference people’ contact information

Visby Programme Scholarships 2023/2024: All applicants must submit the contact information (complete name and e-mail address) of two references directly in the online application site.

PhD students should use their home department/research group’s academic supervisor as their initial reference.

SI may contact the reference persons for more information during the scholarship selection process. In Sweden, your potential supervisor will not be able to act as a reference.

List of publications

The obligatory Swedish Institute template should be used to submit the applicant’s list of publications. Two pages maximum. This requirements is not mandatory.

While a list of publications is optional (due to the various levels of applicants), we strongly encourage anyone with publications to submit one.

Previous Scholarship Results (only for former scholarship recipients)

You must attach a report of your past results if you have previously been given a SI scholarship for PhD/postdoc/senior research visits.

Letter of recommendation for PhD candidates

Only PhD students must submit a letter of support from their academic supervisor or the head of their home department/research group.

The letter should describe the applicant’s and home department’s interest in collaborating with the Swedish department/research group, as well as the long-term implications of a study/research visit to Sweden.

The letter of support must affirm the applicant’s position as a PhD student and attest that the applicant will be able to continue his or her research at his or her home department following the scholarship period in Sweden. 2 pages maximum

CV of current supervisor at home only for PhD Candidates

It should be A 10-page CV that includes a list of the most relevant. Maximum of 10 should be listed publications.

The CV should not exceed 2 pages.

Visby Programme Scholarships FAQ

Why do I have to pay an application fee?

Visby Programme Scholarships 2023/2024: An application fee for a Swedish Institute scholarship is not required.

When applying for programs through University Admissions, however, you must pay an application fee.

Your application to University Admissions will not be processed if you do not pay the application fee by the deadline, and you will not be considered for a SI scholarship.

If you have any queries about the application cost, please contact University Admissions.

How do I pay the application fee?

For questions regarding the admissions process to the University Admissions and their application fee, please contact University Admissions directly.

Is the application fee refundable?

No, it is not refundable.

Note that the application fee is not related to your scholarship application.

Do I need to inform Swedish Institute after paying the fee?

No, you do not need to inform Them.

How do I know what my application number is?

Visby Programme Scholarships 2023/2024: You will receive a personal application number consisting of seven or eight numbers after submitting your master’s program application to University Admissions.

To find the number, go to and click “My pages.” When applying for a SI scholarship, you will need your application number.

If you apply to the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) or any other qualifying master’s program not handled by University Admissions, you should use seven or eight zeros (i.e. 00000000) as your scholarship application number.

I currently live in a country not eligible for an SI scholarship. May I still apply?

Visby Programme Scholarships 2023/2024: You may apply if your country of citizenship/nationality is on our list of targeted countries.

It is not a prerequisite that you live in your home country or have finished your bachelor’s degree in your home country unless it is clearly indicated in the call for applications.

Are there any scholarships available in SI for bachelor’s studies?

No, there are currently no scholarships available from SI for bachelor level studies.

How do I apply for Visby Programme Scholarships?

To apply, Click

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