How to use the Money Calculator on TikTok (2023)

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We’ll tell you how to use the calculator to know how much money you are going to earn with your TikTok account.

The social network TikTok has become a successful phenomenon with more than 110 million downloads worldwide. 

If you share original content and want to earn money with your account, we will tell you how to use the money calculator on TikTok to calculate the income you would get .

One million original short videos full of effects, music or dance are viewed every day. If you are creative and share content in the application with many users, you can take advantage of your account economically.

Here’s how to make money on tiktok by watching videos

The TikTok calculator is a tool that tells you the estimated earnings that can be made with a TikTok account.

how to check your money on tiktok

These calculators have been created by companies outside of TikTok and can be downloaded on mobile because they are applications or they can be added as an extension from the Chrome browser.

We already know what types of calculators exist, but now you will ask yourself , How to use the money calculator on TikTok? 

Well, if you use the money calculator on TikTok from a computer, the first thing you have to do is install this extension in Google Chrome. 

The interesting thing about this calculator is that it gives you an estimate of the approximate earnings of the TikTok account that you enter, either yours, or that of, for example, an influencer or a well-known person on the social network.

Once you have the extension installed, the calculator will be located in the upper right part of the screen. Click on the puzzle-shaped icon and then on the app itself that shows the TikTok logo to open it.

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Now you just have to enter the username from which you want to know the money you get. Then click on “calculate”. The estimate of money in dollars that that user earns for each video will be displayed. 

The figure varies depending on the followers, the average number of comments and “likes” and the “engagement” that the influencer has.

TikTok money calculator

Another way to find out how much money you can earn is through the Tiktok Money Calcultator application

This app is only available for Android devices. Download the app from the Play Store and install it. Then you have to open it and click on “Estimate your earnings”. 

Now in the first box you must enter the number of followers you have and in the second the number of “likes” or comments you have had in the last 20 publications. 

Then you just have to click on calculate and it will estimate the money you can earn in dollars.


If what you want is to know how much TikTok pays for visits because, for example, one of your publications has obtained thousands of them, we will tell you how much the company is roughly estimated to pay. 

We warn you that the figures are not very high and you will not be able to become a millionaire.

The figure is not known exactly because elements such as country of origin, relevance, followers and other elements influence elements, but it is estimated that they pay between 2 and 3 cents for every thousand visits to your video. 

Thus, to earn 100 euros you would need more than three million views on the published video.

As for the number of followers to have for TikTok to pay you, you must have a minimum of 1,000 but you will not get great income through them unless they are counted by several thousand. 

Marketing agencies estimate that the company pays about 100 euros for every 100,000 followers of an account.

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