How People Make Money on Tiktok Easily


How to make money from tiktok? If you are looking for new income opportunities , why not start using the tiktok money network as an alternative to generate extra income, you can start as a game while you get more followers.

Earning money through social networks is one of the greatest attractions that Social Marketing and digital marketing have brought. 

Perhaps, since the most prominent youtubers began to profit through the many views of their videos and since being a blogger became a successful business, many young people and adolescents have decided to invest time creating content that reaches masses to obtain economic remuneration, prestige and fame. 

It’s no secret to anyone that Kim Kardashian and her sisters have made a lot of money just by posting or promoting products on Instagram.

In the case of TikTok , everyone knows that it will be the new Instagram to make tiktok money and that there are already many famous tiktokers who are winning juicy contracts with renowned brands and who receive many gifts from other users on the platform. 

Do you know how to make money on TikTok? Keep reading to find out.

How to make money from tiktok.


In Tik tok it is fashionable to monetize your content through strategies that you as an influencer can carry out through three steps :

The first is doing live broadcasts , another becomes having a large number of followers, taking them to large platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, and a third that would be to get or be contacted by sponsors in which you can generate profits in a concrete way and solid on your account.

Become an Influencer

The presentation says a lot today, in a virtual way it is the same way. A good profile photo generates attention among people who have Tik Tok always looking to be with a good image at all times.

Another way is to be active in different accounts, go through different famous accounts or renowned Tiktokers where you interact with Like`s and comments so that through a strategy of a boomerang you will become known little by little. 

The last thing is to create content that people care about.

Sell ​​your own merchandise

Tik tok as a platform has developed more sources of income for Tiktokers. It is known that its strategic union with the Ecommerce Teespring site seeks to give content creators spaces to sell their own merchandise through digital catalogs integrated into the accounts so that it does not redirect to other links to carry out this movement of interest.

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Search Agreements with Brands

As a digital marketing strategy, Tik Tok promises to innovate and integrate increasingly fluid economic movements between company brands and individuals. 

If we talk about business, the fashion brand Guess is already working with Tik tok with a conceptual challenge of #InMyDenim.

Another company brand would be that of the British television medium BBC, in the same way McDonald’s and MTV.

What are Tik Tok coins or coins? How to get them and how to use them?

TikTok coins

The adaptation of Coins on the Tik tok platform is already real, these coins are used to make payments or donations to tiktoker users as an incentive for the creativity generated, even in live broadcasts.

Getting Coins is easy, it can be done by entering your profile, going to settings and clicking where it says “My Portfolio” and then choose the amount of coins you want to buy, confirm the purchase and voila, you already have coins to spend as wish.

When can you start making money on tiktok?

To start making money on TikTok you have to put a lot of effort into your content and make your videos get a lot of hearts, which is equivalent to the famous ‘likes’ of other social networks.

Quality and original content is the most powerful weapon to stand out on TikTok and get a lot of followers; the more hearts you get, the more profits you could get. 

Hearts are a reflection of the acceptance you get with your videos and send a clear message to the TikTok team: that you are an influence on the application. 

Users who like your videos can reward their favorite tiktokers by sending them gifts, which are nothing more than virtual currencies that TikTok sells

The coins are sold by packages and there are different prices; once you receive a certain amount of coins you can redeem them or get a diamond, or any other virtual emoji that TikTok offers to reward you.

When can you start making money on tiktok?

For example, today you could buy 100 virtual currencies for only 1 dollar and store it in your virtual TikTok wallet. You can make money on TikTok in the following ways:


As we already told you, gifts are the number one way that TikTok has designed to allow its famous tiktokers to earn tik tok money on the platform, and it is also a great way for other users to reward these tiktokers for their content and the effort that they put these.

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Once the tiktoker has accumulated a certain amount of these coins, you can redeem up to $ 1,000 per week, and a minimum of $ 100. 

TikTok’s famous diamonds program is called the Diamond Program, and you must subscribe to it in order to receive gifts from your followers. 

When someone sends you a gift, this is made public on the platform.


You can also earn tiktok money  indirectly. This is achieved when you already achieve an unbeatable online presence and are very popular, as brands will get you and talk to you so that in your videos you can include or use some of their products, so that your audience can feel persuaded to buy them. 

This is very positive for you if you use them properly and perceive it as an addition to the work you have been doing, but if you choose to turn your videos into a kind of marketing at all costs, you will lose your followers as they will not tolerate you giving up your style and just think about making money.

Remember, what makes you appear on TikTok and other social networks is precisely being genuine and showing yourself as you are.

Also, you can earn money from tiktok through a cross-linked use of your social networks, which means that if you have built a large audience on Instagram, you could attract them to TikTok and there retain more audience, to have more gifts and that your content will make you get more sponsorships and thus earn more tik tok money.

How many followers on tiktok to get paid?

How many followers on tiktok to get paid?

It is known that Tik Tok created a fund for creators so that the most popular Tik tokers have a considerable profit for the content they make.

To do this, if you have 10,000 followers, the platform takes you into account to pay, in addition to the views you must have in the last 30 days.

How to get followers on Tik Tok for free

It is known that, under this concept, getting followers for free must have a creative profile, consistent when publishing.

Your name should stand out from the rest along with the kind of content you are willing to do. Another way is to create trendy viral challenges on your account. And the most trite that many use is, make collaborations with other tiktokers that make the same or similar content as you.

Your profile must be the most creative

Under your profile, you can start by describing the kinds of activities you do, that is, if your preferred sector is making video game content, beauty, educational, comedy, viral challenges, reading, investigative, among others.

Join the viral challenges

Under the entire calendar year, it is difficult to know the trends of the moment on your own, so whenever you want to be in the trends of Tik tok it is better to see content of viral challenges that are in the moment.

Reviewing and putting your touch of fun comes out much better when it comes to standing out from the rest.

Record collaborative videos with other influencers on Tik Tok.

influencers on Tik Tok.

To enter the competition of viral trends , and grow considerably, it is good to look at collaborations between Tik tokers , this strategy is good since, in addition to content, you bring valuable information to your followers and help in proportion to the information you provide with another or another Tik toker.

A clear example we could propose is that of sportswear content, to this we add the collaboration that you could do with Nike, Adidas, tiktokers that have sponsorships with other brands, among others.

How much money do you make on tiktok

As in other social networks, Tik tok is an application that seeks to have users through economic income that is generated in a conceptual way.

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This means that the greater the reach of the account, the more net earnings the tiktokers will have, in particular, the payments can be around $ 100 for every 10,000 followers you have, not counting the brand agreements that you can reach by being famous.

Requirements to get paid on Tik Tok

Requirements to get paid on Tik Tok

Tik tok generates requirements when making payments, for them you have to be over 18 years of age, have more than 10,000 followers, in addition to generating over 10,000 views in a time of 30 business days before making the payment.

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