Questbridge Scholarship Award

The Questbridge Scholarship is one of the most prestigious need-based awards offered to high school students worldwide. It is a very competitive scholarship program in the United States designed to help students who are unable to pay for their university education.

questbridge scholarship award

The Questbridge scholarship award was created to assist exceptional kids who cannot afford a university education by allowing them to rank 10 to 12 institutions of interest and, if they are eligible, get a fully paid west bridge scholarship to one of the universities.

The Questbridge National College Match Questbridge Scholarship is a program that matches students with colleges around the country.

Quest Bridge, in cooperation with 40 of the country’s finest colleges and institutions, offers a fully-funded scholarship to high school students who are financially unable but intellectually qualified to pursue a university degree.

The Questbridge National College Match scholarship pays for all of the students’ college and university expenses. Tuition, lodging, and board fees, travel expenses, study aid material expenses with no parental contribution, and student loans are all examples of these demands.

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Despite the fact that the scholarship is completely supported, students may be forced to complete work-study or save money.

Questbridge Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements

To ensure readability, applicants for the Questbridge scholarship award must meet the following standards.

Criteria for citizenship

Applicants must be citizens of the United States of America or permanent residents of the United States to be considered for the Questbridge scholarship grants.

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Grade obtained

Applicants must have maintained good academic records in high school, have performed extremely well, and have contributed to the school’s progress in order to be considered for the Questbridge scholarship.

Grade obtained

The following grades are required of students who apply for the Questbridge scholarship:

  • Primary A’s in the most difficult classes Honors, AP, and IB courses are all available.
  • Scores of 1310 or higher on the SAT or IB.
  • Scores on the ACT Composite are greater than 28.
  • Class rank inside the top 5–10% of the graduating class.
  • Through essays and recommendation letters, you can demonstrate great writing abilities, intellectual capacity, and determination.

Financial status

Students’ financial circumstances are taken into account while determining their eligibility for the Questbridge scholarship grant. The following items are included in this category:

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  • Annually sponsored students Having a yearly income of less than $65,000.
  • Sponsors’ assets, ownership, business savings, and investment are all taken into account.
  • The Questbridge scholarship grant is given to students whose parents are deceased or divorced.
  • Applicants must graduate from high school by the summer of 2022 and begin college as a freshman the following autumn.

How to Apply for a Questbridge Scholarship

To apply for the Questbridge scholarship award, applicants must complete the following steps:

  • Visit the website @ to create an online account, then follow the account processes. Inputing a password, password confirmation, username, email address, and complete name are among the methods.
  • Keep your registration up to date. Before completing the online form, the applicant must carefully fill it out and supply proper information.
  • Input personal information such name, address, email address, phone number, current school, and family information like financial position, family background, parents’ names, and details into the Application process.
  • Applicants should respond competently to personal questions and essays in order to improve their chances of receiving the award.
  • Check emails for status updates and follow up on information posted on the website.

Documents Required For Registration For The Questbridge Scholarship Award

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Applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  • Two essays are included in the National College Match online application.
  • Two letters of recommendation from core subject professors are required and must be included.
  • Applicants should include reports from their high school counselors.
  • There should be a high school profile available.
  • A transcript from high school should be submitted.
  • SAT or ACT scores are standardized test scores.


Students that match the aforementioned criteria should take advantage of this opportunity and apply for the Quest scholarship.

Before applying for the Questbridge scholarship award, all applicants should make sure they have all of the required documents.

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Before the scholarship is awarded, the scholarship board will verify the information provided.

Under the Questbridge scholarship awards, successful students are paired to various colleges.

For additional information, applicants should go to the website.

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