Make money with play to earn crypto games 2023 now

If you are passionate about video games we would like to tell you that there are many ways to turn your hobby into a great source of income. Indeed, the market is full of play to earn crypto games 2023 to make money and you can get a great benefit if you dedicate yourself to playing more seriously.

Millions of people play video games to have fun, hang out or be entertained, but a large segment of the market actually plays for financial gain.

According to Forbes data , in March 2021, earnings related to digital video games were $ 10 billion. And by Nielsen estimates, this has been the industry’s best month ever.

What is a blockchain game?

Play to earn crypto games 2021

In order to understand how it works, we must know two main characteristics of blockchain games. Topics such as blockchain and cryptocurrencies are heard talking daily in the gaming world . This virtual niche is one more scenario in which cryptocurrencies are invested, distributed and generated. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that the great managers of the financial system put their interest in the new generations of bitcoin.

NFTs allow players to own unique assets that can be traded with other players or transferred across platforms. A good example would be a rare weapon in Fortnite.

Then there is the nature of the blockchain itself: an incorruptible database that can store information about who owns what items and the value of each of them. This allows them to market safely. In this regard, Smart Contracts are used to make the entire process completely transparent.

In this way, new possibilities are opening up for gamers. Not only are they allowed to immerse themselves further into the games, but they give the opportunity to monetize their hobby. 

Gamers with an artistic bent can design and sell collectibles. The potential is huge and the developers are just getting started.

Which games can earn money?

Games to win money are very popular around the world, to the point that annually high-level championships are organized in which billions of dollars are distributed.

Contrary to what many people think, becoming a gamer is not the best way to earn quick money , as it requires patience, hard work and dedication.

Once this is clear, we will present you with 10 options that will help you improve your personal finances while doing something you love: playing video games.

Top play-to earn crypto games 2023play to earn crypto games 2021 - nft games 2021

The play to earn crypto games 2023 that we will share with you below can become profitable businesses if you dedicate yourself to them with discipline, dedication and perseverance.

1. RuneScape

It is an RPG video game that supports multiplayer online. It is marketed by Jagex and currently has more than 10 million active accounts.

Players can play for free or choose the payment option, depending on their particular interests in the game.

RuneScape is the main competitor to World of Warcraft, which holds the Guinness Record as a massively multiplayer online role-playing video game.

This game does not have a linear story and players have the ability to fight other monsters or virtual players. The idea is that they complete missions to achieve physical goals or gold.

How to make money with RuneScape ?

Collecting gold is the best way to earn money with RuneScape ; So this is one of the biggest motivations for players today.

There are players who are dedicated to selling the gold that they have accumulated with RuneScape in the real market, which allows them to diversify their sources of income in a didactic way.

2. World of Warcraft

Play-to earn crypto games 2021

World of Warcraft is a fantasy-type multiplayer video game, developed by Blizzard Entertainment and currently enjoying enormous popularity worldwide.

This game has four worlds or dimensions and these in turn have their own regions or dungeons to explore.

Players must travel through them in order to gain strength and acquire skills and equipment essential to combat. They have access to 12 classes and three roles: healers, tanks, and damage per second.

How to make money with World of Warcraft ?

There are those who play for fun and entertainment, but there are also many players – especially the younger ones – who take their long hours of play as work.

On average, a player who dedicates himself to playing World of Warcraft can accumulate a large amount of gold and then trade it for real money – to the point of generating hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

3. Warm

Tibia is also part of the massively multiplayer online role-playing video game genre and was developed by CipSoft.

It currently has thousands of active players thanks to two major factors: the free account and the attractiveness of the game.

Players can attack each other as they explore the worlds of Tibia , but they can also perform runes, attacks, use potions, ropes, shovels, and more.

The great mystery of Tibia that keeps players active and expectant is hidden behind a wooden door that can only be accessed by those who reach level 999 (this feat can take more than 9 years as it is extremely complex).

It is said that this is one of the best games to make money, and although it has several mechanisms to do it, the most lucrative is by selling gold coins.

4. Dota 2

Dota 2 is a free video game developed by Valve Corporation that belongs to the genre of “online battle arena”. In the games, players must execute action strategies in real time.

How to make money with Dota 2 ?

Unlike previous games, you cannot make money by exchanging gold or objects for real money, but by sharing your tricks, knowledge and games through powerful social platforms, such as YouTube.

If you dedicate yourself to building a community, and in short you are good at playing, you can earn money from home thanks to the advertising ecosystem, or ads, that is managed in this network.

Although you can also earn a lot of money by participating in international Dota 2 tournaments , which is a great job.

5. League of Legends

League of Legends is also on the list of play to earn crypto games 2023 to earn money. It is part of the multiplayer online battle arena genre and was developed by Riot Games.

It is inspired by the Warcraft III map and consists of 3 running game modes: Summoner’s Rift, Teamfight Tactics, and Howling Abyss.

The games last between 15 and 50 minutes approximately and the teams must work together to achieve victory.

This is one of those money making games that consist of destroying the central structure at the enemy team’s base after overcoming defensive structures called “turrets”.

Player accounts level up as games rise, and the more gold they collect, the more likely they are to buy items.

How to make money with League of Legends ?

One of the most popular ways to make money with League of Legends is to sell a physical product, with figures being the most profitable.

Although participation in international tournaments leads the list of the most effective strategies to earn money with this video game.

In fact, Lee Sang-Hyeok represents one of the biggest League of Legends player success stories that has made the most money in the world.

He is better known as ” Faker ” and has already surpassed the million dollar barrier by emerging victorious in several editions of the League of Legends World Championship .

6. Fortnite

Play to earn crypto games 2021 - Fortnite

Fortnite is a free video game linked to the survival, open world and Battle Royale genres. It was developed by Epic Games and currently has two forms of play:

Save the World:  is available for PlayStation, Xbox One, Windows, and macOS.

Battle Royale: It is available for Nintendo Switch and other iOS and Android devices.

Saving the World is about a game against the environment. In this mode, 4 players must cooperate to achieve a common goal through various missions.

Players take on the role of Vault Commanders as a deadly storm appears on the ground and causes 98% of the population to disappear.

For its part, Battle Royale supports up to 100 players in squads of two or four, as well as solo games.

This is a battle royale in which players must search for weapons, resources, and items that allow them to survive and successfully attack their opponents.

How to make money with Fortnite ?

Fortnite is another of the games to earn money, or ways of working online most popular , of the moment.

There are several mechanisms, but the most lucrative is to sell Fortnite skins . By this we mean details and clothes that are added to the characters to make them more attractive.

Believe it or not, there are players who do not want to invest hours and hours of play to earn their own skins, and therefore, decide to buy those of other players.

Also, when you sell skins that are only available for a limited time, the profits are higher.

7. Call of Duty

Call of duty is one of the best games to earn money, and despite having been on the market for years, it is still one of the most popular worldwide.

The genre of this game is known as “first person shooter”, and therefore it is part of the war-style first person shooter video game series.

The first titles of this video game saga were set in World War II, so during their games very important historical battles were recreated.

The following titles have been set in the Cold War or in certain fictional organizations and conflicts.

How to make money with Call of Duty ?

Play-to earn crypto games 2021 - call of duty

If you are familiar with games to earn money, such as Call of Duty , you should know that one of the main strategies to add zeros to your bank account is to play professionally.

This means investing 10 or 12 hours a day in the game (in other words, it is a work from home ) to gain skills, competitions and skills that allow you to participate in internationally renowned tournaments.

The Call of Duty Championship is the most prestigious of all, and with more than one gamer he has recorded earnings of more than $ 100,000.

In fact, one of the biggest success stories is that of the Canadian “Karma”, whose real name is Damon Barlow, who has generated more than $ 600,000 dollars as a fan of Call of Duty.

8. Counter Strike

Counter Strike is a multiplayer first person shooter video game.

It was developed by Valve for Microsoft and the idea is that terrorist teams are dedicated to fighting to commit an act of terror, while counterterrorists try to prevent it.

The goal is to eliminate all the players from the opposing team, and as the game progresses the player has the possibility to buy special equipment to be more protected.

Its latest version: Counter Strike: Global Offensive became one of the most played on a global scale, but in general, Counter Strike is the most played game on the Internet.

How to make money with Counter Strike ?

Currently there are many Counter Strike tournaments in which millions of dollars are distributed among the members of the winning team.

Now, in order to become part of this move, you will need to invest a lot of time in your professional improvement as a gamer.

In other words, if you are interested in making money in a less demanding way, you should carry out ” trades” or virtual exchanges.

Basically you will be able to exchange and sell your skins in Counter Strike online for a lot of money (the most precious ones for players can be worth a real fortune).

9. StarCraft

StarCraft is a military science fiction video game developed by Blizzard Entertainment.

It supports multiple players and its latest version is set in the 26th century where three species fight to dominate a part of the Milky Way.

It is a real-time strategy game in which players must destroy their opponents in order to advance and evolve.

How to make money with StarCraft ?

The most lucrative strategy today to make money with this game is to place bets.

Indeed, esports betting is very popular worldwide, and therefore, there are several reliable sites where you can carry out this strategy.

Do you wonder how this works? Like any other bet, you must stick to a prediction about what will happen in the games.

And this may seem very risky to you, but experts agree that preparation is the key to success. This means that you should watch as many StarCraft tournaments as possible so that you can bet safely, confidently and with minimal risk.

10. Minecraft

Minecraft is a construction video game that supports two game modes: single player or multiplayer.

Its type is open world, and therefore it does not have a specific goal. This means that players are free to do what they like best.

Basically they must place and destroy blocks that represent natural elements such as stone, earth, logs, minerals, etc.

How to make money playing Minecraft?

Bitquest is one of the Minecraft servers in which players have the possibility to exchange emeralds – a very exclusive mineral obtained within the game – for bits or fractions of a bitcoin .

In simple words: Minecraft players can sell virtual items through this cryptocurrency.

Without a doubt, this is the newest way to take advantage of these types of games to win money in 2021 without even leaving home.

Best play-to earn games 2023 to make money?

We have just shared with you a wide selection of play to earn crypto games 2023 to earn money from wherever you are.

Remember that there are many ways to be successful when playing and that all require an investment of time and effort to stand out as a player.

In short, creating a Twitch or YouTube channel to share your games, or providing Coaching services to other players so that they continue to focus on their goals as gamers , are some of the strategies you can implement to monetize your passion.

Although you should also consider the sale of physical products of your games, or participation in professional tournaments, to diversify and massify your income.

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