How to Make Money Online for Beginners (2023)

how-to-make-money-online from home

Earning money from home or making money online today, in the post-pandemic era is for many a necessity.

Companies are cutting off a large part of their workforce or reducing their wages. Even many companies that have not reduced their workforce have reduced the salary of their employees by some percentage.

Therefore, knowing how to make money online from home is important and urgent. This situation has led us to write this article, which is more of a recipe to implement than a simple informative or entertaining text.

How can I earn money from home online?

This is a very valid question today due to the amount of false information and fake news that circulates. My answer is an overwhelming: yes it is possible to earn money on the internet, BUT, you have to know what you are doing.

How can I earn money from home online?

My first suggestion is the phrase :

“Don’t do anything you don’t understand”

Warren buffet

My second suggestion is:

Define well what you are looking for. In other words, have your goal clear. I’ll give you some specific examples:

If your goal is to know how to make money online quickly to pay taxes that are due in 2 weeks, you are going to do something totally different than if you want to know how to earn a lot of money to dedicate yourself fully to a digital business.

Likewise, there are people who want to the ways to make money online without investment, while others want just the opposite: Know how to use the Internet to invest your money.

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Probably many of us want to make money online quickly, easily, safely and in large amounts, but this is not realistic, so we wrote several scenarios for you to choose the one with which you most identify.

How to make fast money online

Make Money Fast by Internet itself is possible, and indeed there are many ways. Notice that we use the preposition ” by “. In other words, the Internet is a MEDIA, not a source of money.

It is a means for example to connect buyers and sellers.

This is obvious, but it is good to remember that the service is provided to people, not to a machine, therefore the level of service must be high to have satisfied customers and in turn the platform.

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• Portals for the sale of articles

Earn quick money selling things on portals for the sale of things, such as Mercadolibre , Wallapop or Ebay.

For years I have sold on these portals and it really: works. If you haven’t used your bike for 3 years and you need 100 EUR to pay for something urgent, this is one of the ways.

In fact, if you do everything right you can get money in one day.

A few years ago I had an online store for respiratory therapy products. He bought products from various manufacturers and sold them as a combo, all together.

This saved my customers hours: instead of buying each item separately, in addition to oxygen, they bought the entire combo from my store with a single click.

Some providers gave me 30 days to pay and they paid me in cash, which was a way to earn money online without investing .

Gig Economy

If you are without income for a few days and you need to earn money at least to pay for your home services or your semester at university, the Gig Economy options are an option.

make money online from home

Gig Economy is an English term that comes from music jargon and can be translated as the economy of tasks on demand.

There are a wide variety of options, from couriers, drivers to Abnb renters.

A characteristic of commissioned tasks is that in general they do not need qualification or knowledge beyond handling the corresponding application.

Another great advantage of commissioned tasks is that most of them give you flexibility of time, so that you can work part time, even full time and in the remaining time earn extra money with these tasks.


To earn easy money with these applications you only need a motorcycle or a bike and good physical condition. . Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Brazil among others . Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and Peru


This alternative requires you to own or get a car.

• Uber

• Lyft

• Didi

• Taxify

Tourist lodgings

To be able to make money online with this type of task, you must have a home. Keep in mind that it does not necessarily have to be yours. There are people who rent real estate and sublet it for short periods, earning money with the difference.

The tourist housing market has changed (note: changed, not disappeared!) With the pandemic. New trends in tourists and biosafety protocols should be reviewed.

• Abnb, naturally

• Booking

How to make money online easily

Delivering all day on a bike or driving long hours in a car picking up and dropping off passengers can be a way to make a quick buck, but it’s not necessarily easy.

Incredibly, there are options that are really easy: they do not need any type of qualification (mental or physical) to earn money online.

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In fact, these money making options are really online, without a physical component like commissioned tasks. 

Even if your grandmother tells you that it doesn’t exist, there are ways to get easy money.

Mechanical turk

It is an Amazon service in which thousands of people solve small parts of large and complex tasks. Every little part is simple and paid for by fractions of a penny.

It’s the kind of homework you could do while waiting for the subway. Most “Turkers” earn $ 2 / hour, although 4% earn $ 7.5 / Hour or more. You can sign up at .

• Make money doing surveys


When a company decides to launch a new product or service on the market, it needs to know if its target audience likes it or not.

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The stakes are big. It can be millions or even tens of millions in research, development, advertising, which can be lost, if you don’t have the right product in the right channel, in a timely manner.

That’s when companies turn to market research companies that have large panels of people willing to respond to their tastes in exchange for making money online.

Some of the sites where you can earn money online by filling out surveys:



Univox Community

• Cyclical buy sell

This option is the perfect answer to those who ask “how to make money fast”:

As you know, there are products with a totally seasonal cycle. There are lots of examples, among others the following:

• Christmas trees

• Halloween costumes

• Christmas decorations

• Certain local festivals, which require certain specific decorations for the date

No warehouse wants to keep costumes after October 31 or Christmas trees after December 24.

The next day, or the same day of the holiday, you can get these elements with 30, 40 or up to 70% discount. The following year , on the same date, do you know how much you can sell the same items for? 0% discount. 

It is not a fast but very easy way to earn money. You just need a little patience.

• Open a bank certificate of deposit online

There are very few options as easy to earn money as opening a CDT or savings certificate of deposit.

You simply transfer some money from your online account, generate a certificate and wait 3,6, 9 or 12 months for the interest to be paid to you.

I don’t think there is anything easier to make money online than this. You don’t have to know, do or even think ANYTHING.

Real ways to make money from home for free

The easy money and fast money options won’t necessarily make you rich (there are exceptions). 

Be on the lookout for the following alternatives, because it has the potential to earn you a lot of money.

#1. Make money on YouTube

You may be wondering how much do Youtubers make money

To start making money with YouTube you must have at least 1,000 followers and 4,000 hours of public playback in the last 12 months.

Make money online on YouTube

Check the statistics of your channel; Maybe you are already eligible to earn money with YouTube!

Learn more : YouTube money per view; a complete guide to earn more

If you have the soul of a celebrity and are willing to make videos every week or every day to earn money online, go for it! 

You just need a camera, a video editing program and a lot of creativity!

#2. Make money blogging

In the case of blogs, the matter is a little different. Unlike youtubers, a Blogger owns his platform, and can do practically whatever he wants with it. 

This freedom gives you more options to convert, monetize and earn money online. Here’s a complete guide on how to monetize your blog.

Let’s see the three main ways a Blogger makes money:

> Earn money from Advertising

To earn money with this modality you must join an advertising platform or chain such as Google Adsense or Ezoic. Also in these you must meet certain requirements if you want to be eligible.

Google Adsense in the strict sense does not require a minimum amount of traffic, as long as your blog:

° Have enough content. At least 20 articles with 1000 words each.

° The site must be usable. If it is unreadable or its pages do not work correctly, the application may be rejected.

° If any of the main pages are missing, such as the privacy policy, ” about us ” or contact page, you may have problems registering.

° Remember to decide on a theme that is compatible with Google Adsense. If you write about gardening, baking or travel, you are on the safe side. 

If you decide on weapons, drugs or topics with violence or sex, it is unlikely that you will be able to make money with Adsense.

How much does Google Adsense pay ?

This question is not easy to answer; It depends on where you live (virtual life still has its connection to geography), the subject you write about.

amount of money you can win depends on:

1. The topic

2. Visits to your pages

3. The place where your account is domiciled

If your blog is about a topic other than Travel or Employment and Education, you can download the complete list of all topics classified by Adsense for FREE.

> Sponsorships

They are payments in kind that a Blogger receives in return for writing about a hotel, restaurant, tour, or any service related to the blog’s niche. 

For example, if a travel blogger writes about the Hotel “San Diego”, this hotel can pay in compensation for a dinner or a night’s lodging.

Earn money with a blog combining several income modalities

The best thing about a blog is that you can generate income through these ways (among others!) Simultaneously. So the total income is the sum of the money you earn with each method.

As you can see, it is possible to earn quite a bit of money being a Blogger. It is important to clarify that it is not a fast way and less an easy way to earn money online.

You have to learn, write, design, build your email list, convert, optimize for search engines, monetize, and improve over and over again. It is possible, if you are willing to do the job

#3. Make money with Affiliate Marketing for free

What is Affiliate Marketing and how does it work?

It is the process of earning a commission by promoting third party products or companies. If you know the product and like it enough to recommend it, you promote it (usually via a link on your page) and earn a commission for every sale you make.

In affiliate marketing you can earn money based on the traffic that reaches your page and the ability you have to sell through the writing of your texts.

Your income also depends on the amount of the sale (it is different if you promote subscriptions to online hostings of 2 dollars, or bikes of 5,000 dollars) and naturally on the commission percentage.

The next question is: how do I get companies whose products I can promote on my page. Although there are affiliate marketing programs, I suggest you ask another question:

Affiliate marketing

“What are the products that I am most satisfied with and that I use continuously in my business.” Surely if you use a video or image editor, or even an email marketing service that you are super happy with, your readers will be interested. 

The provider of this product most likely has an affiliate marketing program. Naturally there are affiliate marketing networks.

#4. Earn money by selling your own products

Of all the ways this is the most versatile and over which you have the most control. You do not have to stick to the commissions that a network or a company pays you.

One of the main advantages of selling your own products is that you have total control over the price and therefore the profitability.

The question you should ask in this case is: “How do I make people know about my product and decide to buy it for the price I defined?”

Today in the post-pandemic world we all shop online. Some of the most common digital products or infoproducts are:

Most common digital products (infoproducts)

• Online courses

• Distance courses (online, but with teacher participation)

• Coaching sessions

• Checklists

#5. Make money online as a freelancer

Meaning of freelancer :

Freelancer we can call that worker who carries out their work activities without a dependency relationship with an employer, which can be a company or another individual, charging for each order on time.

In a strict sense, the commissioned tasks that we describe in the Gig Economy are also freelancers, but in this article we will refer more to those tasks that do require a qualification and therefore allow you to earn much more money online.

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According to the portal, the following are the freelancer trades that pay the most money:

• Counter: $ 38 / hour

• Writer (copywriter) $ 38 / hour

• Graphic designer: $ 36 / hour

• Public Relations (PR): $ 52 / hour

• Scheduler: $ 38 / hour

• Software Developer: $ 42 / hour

• Technical writer: $ 41 / hour

• Web developer: $ 35 / hour

Many of the platforms specialize in certain types of freelance activities. There are other more general ones. Personally, I think the specialization is good. 

When I have needed a WordPress web developer, I use the Codeable platform , which specializes in WordPress web developers.

Platforms for graphic design: (yes, with 3 b’s)

General platforms:

Fiverr (yes, with 2 r’s)

• Upwork



To make money online from home is really possible.

It is definitely possible if you are willing to do the work, learn a lot and generate value through the platform of your choice, be it your blog, YouTube or social networks.

I hope this article on how to make money online quickly has given you ideas that you can put into practice today to earn money online

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