Practical 18 Ideas to Work at Home and Make Money

Getting started with legit Work at home jobs – The idea of ​​working at home is certainly attractive. But do you have what it takes to succeed in this challenge?

Many people want the home office due to the flexibility of schedules and the comfort of not having to travel on a daily basis.

For this group, there are two possibilities: finding a job opportunity that offers remote work or opening your own business.

There is no shortage of companies that hire to work online, especially after the recent Labor Reform, which made relations between contractors and contractors more flexible.

Likewise, inspiration can come from ideas for working on your own.

And as we will see throughout this article, the options are many, covering diverse areas.

You can work on the internet typing, selling, translating, teaching, making texts, videos and much more.

So, if you are looking for ideas to work as a freelancer, in the comfort of your own home, be sure to check out this article until the end.

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Why Work at Home in 2021?

work at home with no experience

Each has their reasons for joining work at home jobs, but there are some that apply to all types of professionals.

The main one, possibly, refers to the recovery of the time that many spend traveling to work, day after day.

A recent study by Firjan, the Federation of Industries of Rio de Janeiro, found that 17 million Brazilians “lose” two hours a day to get to and from work.

In a week, this means 10 hours wasted on travel alone, considering working days. In a year, it’s 520 hours – almost 22 days.

The survey also found that, in some cities, this time lost is up to 50% greater.

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It is undeniable that there is an important repressed productivity there.

Just imagine how much you would be able to produce in 22 days, which usually corresponds to the total number of working days in a month.

That is why so many people have been working at home, either as an employee or as an entrepreneur.

But there are still other advantages to highlight, as we will see below.

Advantages of Legit Work at Home Jobs

In addition to saving time, check out other good reasons to bet on working at home:

• More quality of life

• Less stress

• Schedule flexibility

• More time for you and your family

• Easy insertion of personal appointments in the agenda

• Possibility to receive orders during business hours

• Autonomy to create your own rules

• Freedom to organize routine

• Economy with transportation and food

• Greater ability to focus on what you need to do, without interference.

Disadvantages of working at home

Disadvantages of working at home

Before starting your work at home job or project, it is worth putting the negative points of this idea on the scale as well.

See that some of them are more challenges than disadvantages:

• High demand for discipline and organization to not affect results

• Risk of working excessively, on different days and times

• New expenses with the work structure, including energy bills, telephone and internet

• Social isolation, without contact with other people

• Lack of understanding of other people in the house about their place of work

• Procrastination and loss of focus facilitated by the greatest number of distractions

• Routine can be monotonous and tedious.

Best 18 Legit Work at Home Jobs

When putting the advantages and disadvantages of the legit work at home jobs on the scale, if you decide that it is worth investing in the home-office, you just need to find the ideal activity.

Next, we selected 18 ideas that fit perfectly into the routine of remote work.

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1. Google Adsense

Google’s advertising service, Adsense allows anyone who has a website or blog to profit from running ads on it.

The service is free and you only need to register and configure your preferences to use it.

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You can receive by clicks or by impressions (when a certain number of views are reached).

A good practice is to accurately determine the best location on your page for ads to show.

2. Copywriter

work at home entry level jobs

The activity of a writer is quite comprehensive, not restricted to the functions of a journalist.

You can produce all kinds of written content, being hired to prepare the description of products in e-commerce, for example.

In digital marketing, this is one of the careers most likely to rise and gain in scale, as the writer produces texts for websites, blogs, e-books, newsletter , infographics , landing pages and all kinds of branding pieces and companies.

Advanced knowledge of Portuguese and commitment are requirements.

3. Translation

It is true that Google Translate today offers a very advanced tool, but it does not mean the end of the career in translation, far from it.

You can offer from academic services, such as the translation of monographs and dissertations, as for companies, such as documents, e-mails and advertising pieces .

The market is very competitive, especially for those who limit themselves to translation between Portuguese and English. Therefore, it is essential to add agility to the quality offered.

If you add other languages, such as Spanish, French and Italian, you expand your niche and earn important points.

4. Legit Work at Home Jobs – Consulting

Consulting is as broad a term as the possibilities that this market offers.

If you have absolute dominance in a certain area, you can offer this type of service at a distance.

As examples, we can cite legal, nutritional, accounting, marketing , management, human resources, investments, fashion, among others.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can make conference calls via Skype, Hangout or any other program you prefer.

Everything by computer, without leaving home.

But be careful: you have to be really good at what you do, deliver what you promise and invest in your personal marketing , since your name is your brand .

5. Online store

Online store : work at home online

It is nothing new for anyone that electronic commerce generates great opportunities.

At the same time, the competition is huge.

So, is it really worth it? It certainly is.

Thanks to the advancement of marketplaces, even small online stores are able to sell their products to major retailers.

Just remember that giants, such as Americanas and Walmart, make room for minors.

And it also has its own portals for that, such as the Free Market.

You can also define a specific operating niche and segment your marketing and sales strategy .

Just don’t forget the logistical care, which includes everything from stocking products to making deliveries, exchanges and returns operational.

6. Sale of services

Still talking about virtual strategy, if you don’t have products, but services to sell, why not take advantage of the internet for that?

We have already talked about some of them in the previous topics, such as writing, translation and consulting.

But we can also mention the activities of remote secretary, virtual assistant, remote attendance and photo editing, even more advanced ones, such as decoration and architecture, including the sale of 3D projects.

Whatever service you want to sell, focus on solutions. In other words, what you offer must be aimed at solving a specific customer need.

Remember that to be successful, it is essential to have a good personal marketing strategy.

7. Affiliate of digital products

You may have noticed that, currently, there is a large offer of digital products, such as books and courses in the most diverse areas of knowledge.

One of their sales strategies is in affiliate programs.

It works like this: you choose the products you want to sell and you become a kind of promoter.

With a unique and exclusive link, you start selling the digital product on social networks, blogs and wherever else you want.

Whenever a purchase is made from your link, you receive a commission.

It is as simple as it is accurate: many people have done well as an affiliate.

8. Infoproduct producer

If selling other people’s creations as an affiliate doesn’t please, how about betting on your own products?

It is evident that this is a competitive market, since there is no shortage of online courses in the most varied areas, for example.

But if you are really good at a particular subject, you can invest in creating materials and earn good money from your sales.

There are good online platforms for distributing digital products, such as Hotmart and Udemy.

This way, you host your creation and start to profit from sales – which requires good publicity, of course.

work at home online

9. Graphic design / Webdesigner

Graphics designer

Can you see the size of the opportunity for web designers?

No? So, let’s give a little help and refresh your memory.

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Every digital business needs a website, right? Some also favor a blog very much, winning customers through a content marketing strategy .

By the way, there are a lot of people needing to create infographics and e-books.

In all cases, the success of these entrepreneurs depends in large part on the layout of their digital products.

What will the site look like in order to attract the public, retain the visitor and generate conversions?

The truth is that those who do well in this digital market, necessarily, use the services of a graphic design or web designer at some point.

So, how about grabbing that chance?

10. Game and app development

With the advancement of technology, more and more, our needs are solved from a smartphone application.

We do everything there, in the palm of your hand.

At leisure, it is no different. Whenever there is time left, there are many people who like a good game to unwind and relax.

That is why the market for developers is always heated.

What do you think, then, of betting on work at home to create digital games and other apps?

If you are curious and interested in the area, you have good prerequisites, but don’t forget to study hard.

And you can act both as a programmer and as a graphic artist, who creates a visual identity for the product.

11. Private lessons

Remember what we talked about earlier, in item 4? Much of that also applies here, to work at home with private lessons.

Since the internet eliminated borders and brought people together, how about using online tools to transmit your knowledge?

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Language, music, tutoring, preparation for exams, competitions and entrance exams, gastronomy and even finance are some of the options.

Just identify an area in which you have talent, improve yourself and create your own digital product or service.

You can be a good virtual teacher, why not?

12. Video editing

Do you know any youtuber? More than one, isn’t it?

Apart from the famous, the number of candidates for virtual stars is even greater.

In practice, there are many, many people even producing videos to post on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, feeding the dream of becoming digital influencers .

For most of them, however, the problem is not in front of the cameras, but when it comes to editing the video.

This is a growing audience, which needs an expert to make the video perfect before disclosure, making cuts, adjustments and edits in general.

Why can’t it be you?

13. Coaching

Coaching is a methodology focused on human development, which makes use of tools so that people can evolve in their personal and professional skills and abilities.

Becoming a coach requires preparation, which includes courses taken with recognized institutions in the field.

It may not be the easiest way to work at home, but the service offered is of high added value.

Just realize that we can all become better at what we do, whether at work or in the family environment, in relationships with people.

And whoever has this goal needs coaching.

14. Legit Work at Home Jobs – Photography

There is a common point among all those who have a digital strategy : at some point, they will use image banks to obtain photos for their products or their marketing actions.

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The photos illustrate publications on social networks , blogs, infographics, e-books , email marketing , newsletter, landing page and in every type of piece you can imagine.

And believe me: there are a lot of people with a talent for photography making money by selling their photos to image banks.

This is one of the best ways to earn passive income, since you take pictures once and that image is sold to several customers over the years.

15. Content creator

Legit work at home jobs

This work at home tip is complementary to what we presented in item 2, by highlighting the activity of copywriter.

The content creator is a professional expert in texts.

He is responsible, for example, for the production of articles for blogs in content marketing strategies – which is a reality in 73% of companies in the country, according to the Content Trends 2018 survey .

Among the 27% who do not adopt, 38.9% report the lack of available staff.

Do you see the opportunity? So, seek your improvement and master the best SEO techniques to position your texts at the top of Google.

16. Investing in shares

Shares on the stock exchange represent a high-risk investment, but with an equally high return possibility.

In practice, it is not for everyone, besides requiring a more aggressive and daring profile.

But if you already have some experience with other investments, such as fixed income, you can set up your work at home structure to identify the best opportunities, invest your money and guarantee important profits.

Just remember to stay up to date, read a lot about the financial market and follow the tips of experts in the sector.

17. Multilevel Marketing (MLM)

Multilevel marketing , also called network marketing, is a direct sales strategy with an interesting remuneration system.

In addition to receiving for the sales you make directly, there are also bonuses for the sales made by people you have referred to the company.

Nice, isn’t it?

You just have to be careful to join only suitable businesses, which effectively practice MLM.

The cosmetics sector is one that today offers the greatest number of opportunities for new salespeople.

18. Channels on YouTube

In item 12, we talked about working at home as a video editor, highlighting the market that opens up with the expansion of youtubers.

So, if you get along with videos, have creativity and lots of good things to say, you could be the next internet celebrity.

Of course, the road is not easy, but if you adopt a professional attitude, you have everything to stand out from the crowd.

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Make the most of the scenery, have a detailed script and guarantee a quality video edition to win the audience.

And don’t forget your personal marketing strategy, of course.

Summary on Legit Work at Home Jobs available for you…

In this article, we presented you with legit work at home tips and work at home online business ideas for those looking for a new professional activity, whether as an employee, service provider or when selling products.

Now, put into practice what you read, choose your area of ​​expertise and seek to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Do not forget that investment in digital marketing is essential, no matter what you sell over the internet.

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