How to sell more effectively : 17 incredible tips

How to sell more effectively : 17 incredible tips

I talk to many entrepreneurs who think they know how to sell more .

Many of them tell me that the best way to increase sales is to know where your customer is and go after him …

Others say the secret is to lower the price …

And there are people who take any stop.

But, in my experience, I tell you that it is nothing like that.

Maybe what I’m going to tell you now is something that never crossed your mind. Maybe it feels like something out of this world.

But it is not. It is even close to becoming your reality. And I will tell you how this is possible.

What I am going to tell you in this article is what you need to know to never run after a client in your life .

Because they will be running after you.

If you keep running after a customer, you will be like a butterfly collector who goes to them with a net in his hand trying to catch one or the other .

This is definitely not ideal, because it is very difficult. It takes time to work. It is too much effort for little result.

The good news is that there is another alternative. That speeds up this process and makes it lasting, permanent.

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How to grow a garden with the plants preferred by butterflies and attract them to you … to the flocks!

That’s exactly what you’ll see here: how to attract a lot of customers (and the right customers) to your company.

In the next lines, I will show you killer tips to make your business more attractive and, consequently, more profitable.

These are ways to sell more that have been tested and approved by the market.

Of course, it is not a matter of magic … they are totally possible techniques to apply to your business right now!

At the end of the reading, you will know:

• What is the first step to considerably increase your sales

• How to segment your audience and understand who your ideal customer is

• How to spark your customer’s interest in your product or service

• What to do to increase the chances of success at the time of sale

So, come with me and I’ll show you 17 simple steps that you can put into practice today to achieve extraordinary results.

If you want to know how to sell more, start with you

I don’t know anyone who works in sales who has no real interest in selling more and increasing their earnings.

In fact, 71% of companies say that selling more is the priority.

So, in this article I will give you some guidelines that will help you a lot with this.

But first, let me tell you a little bit about your comfort zone .

Yes. You will need to learn about it, to start passing away from it …

The comfort zone is where you do not move, because you are not doing anything very different or taking any risks. It’s just doing more of the same.

If you want to move forward, the comfort zone is something you need to eliminate from your life.

Perhaps you have already seen Albert Einstein’s famous phrase: “Madness is wanting different results by doing everything exactly the same” .

Yeah. Selling more is something different. It is something beyond.

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You can’t do that if you keep doing the same thing.

And I know that getting out of your comfort zone is just as bad as getting out of your warm bed on a rainy morning.

But I wouldn’t be telling you that if it weren’t essential to the success of your business.

To reach your goals and hit (or even exceed) your goals, you need to change yourself, first.

And for that, you will have to know yourself. And overcome yourself daily.

Some characteristics are essential for the entrepreneur who always wants to be surprised by the sales balance at the end of the month.

What I imagine is your case.

Here are some of them:

• leadership spirit

• passion

• persistence

• willpower

• motivation

• proactivity

By working with passion, you will find the necessary persistence to not give up in the most difficult moments.

Find a motivation to wake up every day and make things happen.

Remember that it takes willpower to make your business work.

Be proactive in all situations. If you are seeing something that can be improved, be the first to take this step and resolve the issue.

That means taking charge of situations, taking responsibility for yourself.

Putting this into practice, you start to positively affect the people you work with and, consequently, your work will bear more fruit.

Do not forget that it is by working on these small details that it is possible to have great results.

I told you all of this because you need to prepare yourself to have the success you want.

Combining your willpower with these techniques that I will show you, I find it difficult not to improve your company’s sales.

The best strategies to sell more

All the tips you will see here will help you to increase your sales and improve the results of your company.

But I need to explain that, in practice, there are 2 ways to sell more:

• Attracting more customers

• Improving your sales conversion rate

To attract more customers you will need to combine two essential things: attention and persuasion .

The ideal is to be very good at these two things, and for that you will need to invest in good content , according to what really interests your audience.

First, to get attention, you have to know where your audience’s attention is and what they’re looking for.

At the time of persuasion, you need to understand the dreams of your potential customers, to know what valuable product you can offer them in that first moment.

In a little while I will give you more details on how to do this.

The important thing now is that you understand one thing: your content needs an attractive differentiator. After all, you can’t force the person to want to see what you’ve produced.

It’s like a game of seduction. You conquer the person little by little until he falls in love with you.

In your business, this happens when your potential customer gives you their contact details.

If the person gives you their contact (and I suggest you ask for the email), it means that they are willing to listen to what you have to say.

At that moment, she becomes your lead . And from lead to lead, you create your contact list or email list.

This closer contact allows you to use the tactics you will learn in this article to generate interest in your product or service before calling for a sale.

Then, of course, the more leads, the more chances to sell .

Now that you know the importance of attracting more customers to your business, I advise you to pay special attention to the second point as well.

Look that.

Conversion rate is the percentage of people who know your product, receive your offer and complete their purchase.

That’s when your leads go one step further and become your customers.

That is, it is selling more with your current contact list.

Because, instead of just capturing thousands of leads to fatten your contact list, you focus on strategies for converting contacts from the list you already have.

If your conversion rate is low, your sales are likely to remain below expectations, even if new leads appear every day.

The higher the conversion rate, the more you sell. Which means you can get a higher rate with 100 leads than with 500.

I explain.

You have 100 leads. If your conversion is 4%, it means that 4 bought your product or service.

Imagine that you want to increase that number to 20 customers. You have two possibilities:

• Work to increase the conversion rate to 20% that, with the same 100 people, you can reach the goal;

• Or keep the same 4% conversion, which means getting 500 leads.

What seems easier?

In my experience, it is the first option. Because it requires less time, energy and resources from you.

To work with current customers or people you already know who are interested in your product, you can try new approaches and different triggers.

And I will talk more about that in the next topics.

Well… Now that you know the first step and the best strategies to sell more, I will give you 17 more precious tips that will make all the difference when it comes to leveraging your sales.

You’ll find that you can increase your earnings like you never imagined.

Learn how to sell more and effectively with these 17 incredible tips

To be good at doing business, you need to understand how sales dynamics work and know these killer tips on how to improve your results.

You need to want to be a salesperson. This includes researching and going after the tools needed to do your job well.

Because you need to know how to deal with the customer and earn their trust.

More than that, he is responsible for truly delivering good service, product and service in general.

And also ensure that the consumer remains satisfied in the post-sale stage .

Yes, you must follow the entire process.

And that is precisely why I came to help you with some things I learned while starting my business.

I went after this information when I realized that I should always sell more, for the sake of my company and my financial security.

So, here we go:

1. Have clear goals

When you leave home and decide to take a trip, you probably already know exactly what the final destination is.

At least that’s how it happens most of the time.

Keeping in mind where you intend to go is critical to even starting to outline your strategy.

So as not to take too many turns and end up stuck in the same place.

Because a map is useless in the hands of those who don’t know where they are going.

In fact, no tool will be fully effective if you don’t know what goal you intend to achieve with it.

Planning is important so that you don’t feel lost. At that time, be clear about what your goals are.

2. Know your ideal customer

For your actions to be more effective and, consequently, to sell more, you need to aim at the right target.

Segmenting your target audience and defining who your buyer persona is , that is, your ideal customer, is what I suggest you do right away.

You will need to dig deeper into the surveys and ask specific questions, so that your questionnaire is very clear and defined.

Get to know both demographic and geographic data:

• Man or woman?

• What age?

• What is the average income?

• Where do you live?

Regarding behavioral data:

• What dreams, aspirations?

• What are the fears?

• What do they buy and how often?

• What are the main difficulties they have?

• How can your company remedy these difficulties?

And then you will understand what goes on in the head of your real audience.

Perhaps you are afraid to define your ideal customer for fear of leaving many other customers behind.

But making that decision means not wasting time on people who have nothing to do with what you are offering.

You stop wasting your time and having bad experiences.

It’s that story … There’s no use trying to sell meat to a vegetarian.

Defining your ideal customer also helps you not to create false expectations in the buyer, which will avoid a lot of headaches.

When the “wrong customers” buy your product and your idea, it makes you responsible for an expectation that will not be met.

This can happen due to misunderstanding or mismatch of information. Or any other reason that may lead you to do business with you.

The point is that, at one time or another, this will require huge energy to solve problems and try to make this customer satisfied.

An effort that could be used to sell more to your ideal customer.

This messes with your whole sales routine.

So, if you think about it, focusing on the wrong audience can waste your time and money.

You certainly don’t want that to happen.

This process can be quite complicated at first, but it is essential for you to know who you are talking to …

Which is very important when defining what type of content you will produce.

You will know what are the pains of your ideal customer and what problems your product is capable of solving.

A great example of the definition of buyer persona is that of Wise Up, an English school founded by Flávio Augusto, who knew how to determine his audience very well.

Flávio realized that the vast majority of English schools focused on teaching children and structured their classes thinking about their learning process.

And he decided he wanted to offer something different, to another audience.

So, he thought of a proposal for adults and created a method to make it work, since this type of client has its particularities.

Flávio sought to understand the problems and dreams of the person who wants to learn English at this stage of life.

And, with the research, he found out that adults don’t have the time or interest to learn grammar in detail and wait 8 years or more to start communicating in English.

Because he needs this to get a job promotion, whether he travels or even lives in another country.

Knowing this, Wise Up was able to think of the best way to promote itself and was successful in sales.

A living example that when you research, segment and define who your persona is, you can build a more efficient and focused argument than if you were talking to everyone.

3. Focus on the solution

Once you know your consumer and their pain, use this to power your sale.

It is very important that, when making your offer, your focus is not on the product or service .

At least not at first.

Now that you know what your audience needs, your attention should be on how your product helps them solve their problems .

That is to say that the focus should not be on the product itself, but on the benefit it provides to the public.

4. Invest in digital marketing

This goes for you if you are not already on the online platform.

Because it’s on the internet that people are. Worldwide, there are already 4 billion people connected.

And the number of people who buy online is a great reason to bring your business online: 89% of Internet users bought online at least once in 2017 .

Consumption by digital platforms is increasing every year and the trend is that this number will continue to grow.

Whether for the ease of price comparison, or the convenience of not having to leave the house and being able to purchase what you want at any time …

The fact is, with so much information that exists today, not using digital marketing is being hidden behind a curtain.

Be invisible.

You may be making the best of performances – but people just won’t see it. They won’t even know who you are, what you do, or where you are.

Learning about digital marketing and using it today is a favor you do for your pocket. And it is your best option to be ahead of the competition and stand out.

So, try to consolidate your brand on social media and bet on content marketing to retain your customer with relevant material.

I recommend that you invest in SEO to leverage your content and in paid media, through sponsored links , to upload campaigns.

That way, you still position yourself as the authority on the subject.

5. Find your differential

What makes you better than everyone else in your niche?

Is it having a higher quality or more resistant product or service? Be innovative? Be more effective than others on the market? Have higher cost benefit?

Be aware that low prices are not always a guarantee of purchase.

Find the characteristic that sets you apart from the crowd when it comes to making your customer’s life easier.

Promote positive reinforcements for your consumer before making the sale proposal.

Present this clearly.

Bring it closer to your product. Give examples and let them know how much they will benefit.

This perception of the advantage he is having when negotiating with you makes all the difference when closing the purchase.

After all, no one wants to risk losing money on something worthless.

Now … If you really want to reach another level in the market, think outside the box.

If you can differentiate yourself to the point of offering something really new, you will be able to win over an audience that is totally yours.

This is called the Blue Ocean Strategy , which presents a concept of competitive differentiation.

Companies that put this into practice don’t have to fight over a piece of pizza. They make their own pizza.

Companies like Apple, Uber and Youtube are examples of creating something totally new that pulled the line in the industry in which they operate, becoming market leaders.

6. Deliver with quality

With the tips you’ve learned so far, you can already feel the difference with increased sales.

But know that this will only be maintained in the long term if you really offer something with quality.

Get ready to serve your audience well and know how to best deal with increasing your sales.

Selling more cannot be the opposite of selling better.

The person who buys your product or service and is satisfied indicates you to other people, who will also close a deal and indicate…

There is no point in deceiving your customer by offering cat in a pig.

Align expectations with your audience from the start. And deliver what you promised.

Selling with quality means avoiding future complications, rework, complaints and that your buyers become enemies of your business.

In this way, both sides win.

  1. Mental triggers

Imagine the following situation: you are looking for an apartment and, after many visits, many budgets and many available options, you finally find the perfect place.

Spacious, great location, affordable price and still with a wonderful view.

The next day, your broker calls and says he is in the apartment with another client who is also interested.

And that you have to give the answer by the end of the day, otherwise it would be over.

What would be your reaction?

Well, I don’t know about you, but if that happened to 99.9% of people, they would close a deal.

Because scarcity creates a sense of urgency. And it facilitates the process of making a decision.

So far, you have already understood that it is relevant to know and know the pain of your audience, and that this helps even when it comes to approaching them and making the great offer.

But tactics like the one used by the realtor in the example above are possible because there are some peculiarities of the human brain that favor you at the time of sale.

These are strategies that make your prospect more open to your ideas, especially if your product or service is unusual.

Some expressions, words or even the content you are presenting can trigger a certain emotion inside your customer’s head.

These tactics are called mental triggers .

Some examples:

• Proof

• History

• Social Proof

• Scarcity

• Common enemy

• Why

• Reciprocity

• Simplicity

• Specificity

• Authority

Used properly, they can make the person pay attention to your message and act on what you suggest they do.

One of the best known is the scarcity trigger, as you just saw.

The limited offer (which must be real) increases the person’s desire to buy, because he knows that this can be a unique opportunity.

8. Be simple

People seek simplicity.

When they buy something, they certainly don’t want to make life more difficult.

So, don’t be the person who will offer a multitude of complex things, as this will make your potential customer run away from you.

Whether in the product or service itself, in the service or in communicating with your audience, it is very important that you make everything simpler .

A company that has found its difference in simplicity and nowadays no strokes in an area that is unprecedented and very promising: Nubank.

Be simple – Nubank

They bet on technology and design to solve a problem common to Brazilians: paying high fees and interest for a banking service that leaves something to be desired.

And they proposed to contribute to make people’s relationship with money happen in a simpler, more efficient, transparent and secure way.

This philosophy of the company is present from the banking processes, in the issuance of the credit card (without annual fee), until the communication with its customers .

Be simple – Nubank

This way of interacting brings the audience closer and loyalty .

Be simple – Nubank

Moral of the story: don’t complicate something that doesn’t have to be difficult. And make it a mantra!

9. Surprise your customer

Always try to deliver something more than what you are selling. Make the consumer astonished and grateful for doing the business with you.

It can be with gifts, exclusive content, bonuses at the time of purchase …

And it doesn’t necessarily have to be something related to price, but a gesture that demonstrates your attention, care and commitment to his success.

When you help your customers, you end up being helped by them. Here it activates the reciprocity trigger.

They can generate referrals and praise in public. Which generates more possible customers.

The interesting thing is that it adds something to your main product or that has connection with your brand and your values.

10. Bet on cross-selling

If you see that your customer is interested and is going to purchase a certain product, you can offer one more item that makes sense with the purchase .

If the person has bought a bed, offer pillows. If you bought a dress, indicate a matching bag. If you bought pants, offer a belt.

And you don’t need to be ashamed or feel guilty about doing this, as long as it’s something that will add value to your product or help solve the buyer’s problem.

The thing is to be honest.

You need to identify what your consumer really wants.

That way, in addition to selling more, it makes your customer happy because you will have found the products you need with the convenience of having done everything in a single purchase.

Bonuses can also enhance your offer . Here’s how it works:

• Buy 1 book for 100.00 and get 2 totally free!

• Buy 3 books for only 100.00!

Realize that the chance of buying for the first offer is much greater, as the attention is focused on the bonus. The two gift books make the value presented worthwhile.

The second offer no longer fills your eyes. The person does the math and thinks twice before buying. The chances of giving up are much higher.

11. Break the price

Often, the customer is frightened by the price, even if it is something that is really worth it.

At these times, you can help him decide by doing the math with him.

An excellent strategy is to break the price down into smaller portions, so that he understands that he is getting a good deal.

For example, if you are selling a course of one thousand reais lasting 7 months, you can divide that amount by the number of months or days.

With less than 5 reais a day, you have unlimited access to our exclusive content! That is not even the value of a coffee with cheese bread at the bakery… ”

Thus, the person can see that the price is not so high compared to the relevance of what he is acquiring.

12. Watch out for discounts

Up there, I told you about highlighting the full benefit of what you are offering and showing that the price is very affordable compared to the value of the product.

If so far you have emphasized that it is too good a price to be true, and that it presents a great solution to your client’s pain …

Why will you give a discount?

In that case, lowering the price can be dangerous, because it contradicts your speech and your credibility.

Be careful not to devalue your product by lowering prices too much.

Remember that, in the vast majority of times, people are not looking for a discount, but for someone who is able to solve their problem.

Bet on other types of negotiation, such as forms of payment, for example, so as not to damage your profit margin.

13. Be responsible and honest

Have you ever heard of the expression “he could sell ice to an Eskimo”?

Many people use this reference and it seems that they want to refer to someone who is an excellent salesperson. But let me tell you a truth …

A person who sells ice to an Eskimo is actually dishonest. And this is something you shouldn’t be doing.

Remember what I told you in item 2, that you need to know your persona and offer something really useful and that solves her problem.

Do not forget that this relationship is long-lasting, and it is in your interest that that person comes back to buy from you in other opportunities.

If your customer feels they can trust you, they are more likely to come back.

Do not waste the chance to do something wonderful to your customer and do not make him regret having closed a deal with you.

Think long term.

Even because a virtual complaint is exactly the opposite of what you need in this process of increasing your sales.

14. Believe in what you sell

In a relationship, if a person discovers a lie, trust is broken and, almost always, it is a path of no return.

So, you have to truly believe in what you are offering. It’s essential.

That goes into that part that I talked about being whole, remember?

Don’t deceive your customer .

Believe me when I say it can’t be masked. The customer will know. And if he feels that you trust him, he will follow you in that chain of trust.

If you believe you can change his life, it inspires hope.

Selling is not about the product you offer, it is about the emotion you elicit. Show benefits first and guide you on a journey of trust.

This must be true.

15. Without despair

Remember that you are selling something that is also valuable to the customer.

He is investing in something that makes his life better, that resolves a pain, a problem or helps to satisfy a desire.

Do not, under any circumstances, show desperation for his money.

This way of presenting yourself to your customer is another mental trigger that you can apply before making your offer irresistible.

He will feel that he is doing himself a favor by closing the deal, not a favor to you.

16. Attention at closing time

You did everything right throughout the process, you can’t waver when it comes to closing the lawsuit.

Choose the right time to do Call To Action , which is to call to act according to what you intend. In this case: buy your product.

It is interesting that until that moment you have already used and abused mental triggers, and involved your prospect so that she is open-minded to your proposal.

A good option at this time is to offer guarantees.

You can, for example, commit to returning in full if the person is not satisfied with your product or service within the first 30 days.

It is important that it is an honest proposal, without too much questioning and without fine print.

Because, before meeting you, your customer has probably already experienced a very bad situation, with salespeople who promised and did not deliver.

And you will be afraid of losing money or having a tremendous headache in the future.

That way, you take the financial and emotional risks that he is so afraid of.

If you trust your product or service (and you should), put your hand on the fire for it.

And if the customer asks for the money back, return it without complications. With this, you show the person that they can truly trust you.

After all the devices used to engage and win over your customer, don’t be afraid to encourage action.

He knows that you want to sell and, by now, he expects it.

Time to close the deal.

17. Never stop learning

I will never stop talking about how important this is.

Knowledge never hurts .

You and your team need to be up to date on what happens in your niche. And, of course, the more technical improvement, the better.

You must be constantly evolving to always offer the best to your customers.

Especially because excellent salespeople are students of behavior.

They always want to know more: the reason for a customer to buy or not, what could be done differently and how to present the product in a more attractive way without having to lower the price.

Over time, you will improve what you already know and start to fix the things that need to improve, in addition to improving the strategies to achieve the best results.

So, invest in your formation and your team.

Remember: a motivated team tends to take more care of your business. She wants to help you grow, because she knows that this way she will grow together.

Conclusion – how to sell more

You got here and understood that increasing sales is extremely important for your business not to be left behind, which requires planning.

And that, for that, you need to be (and want to be) an excellent salesman, with the techniques and habits of successful people.

Getting out of your comfort zone is painful, but necessary. In fact, it is the first step.

I showed you 17 tips to apply in your process and increase your sales considerably.

You saw the need to know your audience because, without it, you talk to everyone and nobody.

And that creating a digital marketing strategy is essential for your business to have visibility.

You also saw that some strategies like betting on mental triggers, offering bonuses and breaking the price make all the difference when your customer decides to make the purchase.

Achieving extraordinary results is possible if you have the willpower and follow these principles that I now consider basic for each and every salesperson.

Always keep in mind that the product or service you offer is an advantage for your customer and, in this relationship, both need to leave satisfied, throughout the purchase process.

Do you apply any of these tactics in your daily life? Do you have any other suggestions to add to the list? Put it here in the comments!

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