How to Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos 2023 [Guide]

How to make money on YouTube without making videos 2021

There are many ways to make money online. Some do online surveys. Others offer services, sell products, or make money on YouTube even.


There are other social media platforms, but until recently, YouTube became the most common, such that you can even make money on youtube without making videos


People often think that it is not possible to generate revenue from YouTube. But with hard work and knowledge, you can make money. 


Most people create content and through it create an environment for additional income.


Recently, people started asking, “Can you make money on YouTube without making videos?” The answer is a bit confusing, but only for the sake of linguistics.



It is possible to make money and never download the same original content. But it’s not possible to make money from it without changing some videos.


Can I Make Money on YouTube Without Making Videos? (2023 edition)


How do you make money on youtube


YouTube began as an American platform for online video sharing and social media. It was launched by Steve Chen , Chad Hurley and Jawed Kim. It all started in February 2005.


The impact was global. People around the world watch over a billion hours of videos every day. All content producers produce over 100 hours per minute.


Just a year later, Google bought YouTube for $ 1.65 billion. It developed into a massive platform that influences popular culture, trends and companies. 


In 2020, its revenue was $ 19.8 billion and it continues to grow. With such a massive economy, it is possible to make money with it.


YouTube allows access to the video library under a Creative Commons license. This license allows others to access content found on YouTube. Using it, you can also make money through it.


Without downloading the original content, it is possible to make money. But the process involved is difficult. 


The process can be divided into four main groups:


Select a keyword


Republish content


Content optimization for traffic


Commercialization of traffic in videos


Following these basic steps can help you. But remember, everything takes time. You can make money on YouTube without downloading video content. In the end, you still have to do them.


Select a target keyword


The first step to any business is identifying a niche market. You need to determine which videos are getting traffic. This generates the most money from advertising.


Performing keyword research is simple. It aims to find and choose the keywords and topics that people are looking for.


Experienced marketers identify topics that are not too competitive. The resulting traffic is easier to reach.


Google Trends


As the name suggests, it is a tool that can pick up emerging topics.


Start by writing a list of related words. Enter them on the Google Trends Search tab. Depending on the topic, pay attention to the following:


1. number of searches (more is better)


2. the time of year when people search for those words


3. other factors you consider important


The key to a successful recipe is to combine. Prepare different words related to the topic. Do research for each of them. 


Combine the results with most tasks and make a year-long plan. (It’s also good to stay on schedule with the content).


Expand your search


Conducting keyword research for other explorers is a great way to expand. KW Finder or SEM Rush are great tools.


How to make money watching tiktok videos (2023)


Focus on finding keywords with the highest search and click-through values. This can produce the greatest economic return.


Longer keywords with higher search volume and medium difficulty are better. There is less competition for content. But they can be difficult to classify using the tools mentioned.


Use the Keyword Ranking Tool


Be sure to place it before adding the keyword to the video. A good option is to check all your keywords. Use TubeBuddy tag search. 


It gives you an idea of ​​how each keyword ranks on YouTube. A score above 70 is a good indicator.


Republish content


Republish content


It is important to learn to republish. Content can be found on YouTube. However, keep in mind that they must be under a Creative Commons license and related to your keyword.


Start as follows:


Go to YouTube and click on your user icon


You will find the Creator Studio under your name


Click inside the Creator Studio for a video editing program. The link is in the left column


The Creative Commons tab icon is in a circle


There you will find all the videos you can reuse. Before you finish editing, it’s a good idea to optimize your content.


Video optimization


Using Clickbait to increase traffic has always been one of the best ways. Its purpose is to generate revenue from online advertising. 


With responsible use, it can be a good marketing strategy.


More subtitles


This option is very simple. It’s a great way to increase video traffic. YouTube indexes subtitles. This significantly increases the diversity and density of your keywords. T


Keyword diversity and density are very important factors. They affect the display order of the video.


How much do YouTubers make money? (simplified)


Once you have entered the information, go to the search option. Check where the video fits in the search box. Track your progress. After some time and experience, you will get caught up in it.


Another advantage of these subtitles is the commitment percentages. Increased engagement affects video search engine optimization. It increases video views and revenue.


Commercialization of traffic in videos


To make money, you need to enable monetization and create a Google AdSense account.


Do the following:


Go to Creator Studio and select Status and Properties


Click the Enable button in the commercialization box


You then agree to the YouTube Terms of Service. The company is also requesting other information from your Google AdSense account. 


Don’t worry if it lasts a few days. After all, it is an administrative process.


How can you start earning money on YouTube without making videos?


Revenue is closely related to the engagement of viewers with the ad itself. Or rather, how many people watching the video click on it.


How can you start earning money on YouTube without making videos?


Commitment means clicking or reviewing an ad for more than 30 seconds. YouTube ads are managed through the AdWords platform. 


Advertisers can choose CPC or cost-per-view. So there are two types of ads.


Revenue on YouTube: cost-per-click (cost-per-click)


CPC is when an advertiser pays per click. So if a particular keyword has a cost-per-click (CPC) of $ 3 and someone clicks on your ad, the advertiser will pay $ 3.


How To Make Money From TikTok Videos


These text ads appear at the bottom of the screen during the video itself, and can also appear as pop-ups on the right.


Revenue on YouTube: cost-per-view (after verification)


Cost-per-view is when the advertiser pays per view. One review means someone has reviewed the ad for more than 30 seconds or half of the entire ad. 


It depends on what happens first. If the advertiser chooses this type of advertising, the viewer may click on the ad 50 times. The advertiser will not be charged for this.


Pre-video ads will appear before the video begins. Ads may skip after 5 seconds.


Search ads are ads that appear during a search and are rounded with a light yellow frame.


An in-display ad will appear to the right of the video in the recommended videos.


There are also third-party pre-roll ads. They force users to watch the ad for a certain period of time.



Because such advertising is not always present, we left it out of the base division.


Therefore, advertisers only pay when the desired action is performed on the ad. This is also the main reason why we can’t directly combine impressions and revenue.


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If a video gets 10 million views and no one watches or clicks on the ad, you don’t earn anything.


Summary: You can make money on YouTube without making videos


The amount of income varies greatly. The location of the reviews, the type of video, and the popularity of that YouTube channel are some of the factors. 


We first found out that YouTube ads are not the only form of income for content producers on YouTube. In addition to ads, you can also make money by sponsoring paid companies. 


In fact, the vast majority of YouTube and bloggers rely on paid collaboration.


This is what people mean when they say that making a lot of money on YouTube is easy. It’s true that this is a great way to make more money in less time, but it’s not far from easy. 


You need to choose the right product, create a creative video that showcases it in the best possible way, and get viewers to buy it.


There is also no written rule for paid cooperation. The salary is very individual and depends on many factors.


As with advertising, revenue forecasting is almost impossible. Roughly speaking, this type of income can range from a few dozen to several hundred euros. 


For internet savvy people, this can be a great way to earn extra income. Now that you wait for your YouTube earnings to begin, students can earn other quick ways. 


Read about them (even if you are not a student), you might get ideas.


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