How to Get Rich Fast

How to Get Rich Fast

How to get rich fast; There comes bullshit …

I would also think that if someone presented me with any opportunity to get rich quick .

And the reason is simple:

We live in a culture in which pyramid schemes, dream “franchises” and magical investments are offered as a means to get rich quickly.

So what’s the biggest problem?

Quick enrichment is confused with easy enrichment.

And there is no easy way to get rich.

However, you can, yes , become rich in a short time.

I know countless cases of ordinary people who got rich in a short time and / or at a young age.

Before talking about these people or what they did, I need to explain what it means to “get rich” and what it means to “quickly” .

Read this article to the end , as I guarantee it will be worth it🙂

What does it mean to get rich?

The concept of wealth varies from person to person. There is no unanimous definition for this term.

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For some, it means having a million in the account. For others, many millions.

In both cases, it would still be possible to get rich quickly.

Even having billions in the account.

Just think of Mark Zuckerberg or Evan Spiegel , young billionaire creators of Facebook and Snapchat , respectively.

However, a surreal amount of money makes this goal very difficult.

That is why I prefer to think of wealth as the achievement of financial freedom .

In this case, you need to accumulate equity that generates enough passive income to cover your monthly expenses.

That way, the lower your cost of living, the faster you can achieve this financial freedom.

Understood so far?

So let’s consider, for the purpose of this article, that getting rich means achieving financial freedom.


Let’s move on to the next point …

What does it mean to get rich FAST?

How to get rich fast.

Common sense says that you need to work for 35 years, invest in private pension, and when you’re 65, you’ll be rich.

If everything goes well, without major financial problems, you have good health, a lot of discipline and you remain employed with a good income for all this time, this path may be a possibility.

But, let’s face it, we can’t call it fast, can we?

I call this path “Get Rich Slowly” .

However, let’s say you find a way to achieve your financial freedom before age 40 …

Or even before 30 …

This would be a path that could be called fast .

Do you agree so far?

It doesn’t matter – for now – which way, ok?


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What if a person, even after the age of 40, creates something of value and manages, in just 5 years, to achieve their financial freedom?

This could also be considered a fast track.

In short, if a person reaches financial freedom before age 40 or achieves this goal in a short time (regardless of their age), that person quickly became rich .

Commit to your success

Everyone wants the scent of flowers, but few get their hands dirty to grow them. ~ Augusto Cury

Having understood the concept of “getting rich quick”, I need to talk now about the difference between wanting something and committing to something.

Quick questions:

• Do you want to get rich?

• Do you want to lose weight or keep your body current for the rest of your life?

• Do you want to work on something that gives you pleasure?

Even though I don’t know you or know anything about your life, I’m pretty sure your answer would be YES to all of these questions.

However, when the time comes to commit to change, the vast majority give up.

Just trying to do something is not enough.

If you try a new diet on Monday to see what happens, you will not be able to lose weight.

If you try to study for a contest to see what happens, you will not pass.

There is a big difference between wanting to succeed and committing to succeed.

The meaning of commitment is to dedicate yourself without restrictions , unconditionally.

This requires a willingness to do what is necessary for as long as is necessary.

No excuse, no “if” , no “but” , no “maybe” .

And failure is not an option.

You need to think like Mandela:

I never loose. I either win, or I learn.

There is no “shortcut” or “easy way” to achieve financial success.

If you are looking for it, stop looking .

If someone offers you a “miracle solution” for you, discard it immediately.

Getting rich requires focus, courage, knowledge, specialization, 100% dedication, an attitude of never giving up, a mentality focused on wealth and, obviously, value creation.

The magic word: value

“Creating value” is one of those subjective statements that are often used as a mantra, but few understand the message.

Still, the keyword of enrichment is value .

Remember that value and price have different meanings.

Explaining through Warren Buffett’s wise phrase:

Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.

If the value of something is less than the price, nobody buys it.

If the value of something is greater than the price, everyone buys.

That simple.

If your life purpose is to make money, it will never come to you.

If your purpose in life is to offer solutions and help people, money will be a consequence.

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To explain it better, I will use the cat analogy .

If you chase a cat, you will never be able to catch it.

It will run faster than you, climb a tree or jump over a wall much higher than you could.

However, if, instead of chasing the cat, you buy a comfortable pillow, a litter box and a very fresh fish, it will come running without you having to, at least, call it.

Instead of chasing, you created value for the cat.

The elephant in the room: entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur is nothing more than a person who profits by solving other people’s problems.

And I personally know a lot of ordinary people, like you and me, who got rich quickly just by solving problems with the right people.

Organize financial life, lose weight, eat better, exercise efficiently, create a small business over the internet, win over your loved one, increase productivity, learn English …

Ah, Nonso, but I don’t have the profile of an entrepreneur …

Anyone can solve problems. Therefore, anyone can be an entrepreneur.

You may not even have the profile of leading people or managing a large company …

… But who said that entrepreneurship necessarily means having a company full of people, commitments, meetings and conflicts?

You can, yes, be a trapping EU .

Is it the most efficient way?

Probably not.

Is it a way that allows you to achieve financial freedom, that is, that allows you to get rich quick?

Definitely yes.

Reinforcement again: fast is very different from easy .

Many entrepreneurs that I know are actually entrepreneurs .

You don’t have to complicate what is simple.

Just find a solution to a particular problem and find the right people to help.

The internet, for example, is an excellent way to find people interested in what you have to offer.

Create value and money will be a consequence.

It won’t be easy, but it can often be a quick consequence.

The real purpose of investments

Quick question:

When you invest your money, what is the main purpose of this investment?

If you answered “get rich”, I am sorry to inform you that this path will not be fast.

If that’s not a problem for you, that’s fine …

If you answer “finance my life projects”, this path can greatly increase your chances of success.

And what would these life projects be?

There is no standard answer, as it varies from person to person.

It may be accumulating a certain amount of money to support yourself after quitting your job and developing a new job.

It may be investing in a course to develop a specific skill.

Most importantly , you need to know that there is an alternative way to live life.

Something very different from what the college teaches or even what your parents followed and your friends are following.

Something quite different from the famous:

Go to school, get good grades, graduate, get a good job, save 10% of what you earn, invest in a private pension plan, reduce the use of your credit card and cut superfluous expenses… So, one day, when you are, say, 65 years old, you will be rich.

What to do now…

I know the issue of how to get rich fast is controversial and can upset some people (and inspire so many others), so I would love to read your opinion, criticism or praise in a comment below.

Remember the steps on how to get rich are to: Get your money mindset right. Commit to your success. The magic word: value. Create a financial plan. Get on a budget. Live below your means. Create multiple streams of income. Boost your current income. Invest your money.

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