How to become a successful entrepreneur and business owner

How to become a successful entrepreneur and business owner
How to become a successful entrepreneur and business owner

A lot of people have a hard time knowing how to begin or how to be a successful entrepreneur.

I don’t know if you are one of them. What I do know is that there is a factor that makes this mission quite challenging for many of these people.

And I’ll give you the letter in the next lines on how not to let this factor influence the success of your company.

The following is. One thing I learned from watching several successful cases daily here in the company is that what really differentiates the people who WANT to undertake from those who, in fact, undertake is quite simple: getting started.

That’s right. Taking the first step is what separates “men” from “boys”, so to speak.

Because successful entrepreneurs know that doing is better than perfect.

In fact, what holds the crowd on the road is the search for perfection.

What I mean is that you need to commit to yourself to get your dream out of your head and build it into reality.

And keep in mind that you can’t wait for something perfect. Simply because perfection is unattainable, it does not exist.

It’s like reaching the sunset. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get there.

This does not mean that you cannot keep trying and become, day after day, better and better than yesterday.

The thing is that, for this, it is essential to start getting your hands dirty today.

If you are looking for reasons for not putting your idea into practice, the truth is that you will find many and the tendency is for you to kill your business for nonsense.

Not least because there is no more favorable place and time than here and now.

If you want to know how to take the first step in your venture, just stay here with me.

Because, in this article, I brought you 30 practical tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Come on?

Who is an entrepreneur?

Begin today – who is a entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is the person who works to create his own business. He sees new opportunities and does everything to put his ideas into practice.

The dictionary defines an entrepreneur as: “A person who has the capacity to idealize projects, businesses or activities; individual who undertakes, who decides to do something difficult or laborious ”.

The first definition (“Person who has the capacity to idealize projects, businesses or activities”) can give the idea of ​​someone who is born with this characteristic.

But that is not true. This skill can be developed and later on I will give you some tips for that.

The second definition is: “an entrepreneur who decides to do something difficult or laborious”.

The thing is, no matter how difficult or difficult it is, figuring out how to be an entrepreneur starts with the decision to do it today and not next week.

To make things clearer, I will tell you the story of an acquaintance of mine.

All of a sudden, she decided to open a pet shop, even without any special “talent” and without experience, besides taking care of her dog.

In order to run the business without having to outsource all services, she took courses, dedicated herself and practiced a lot.

In a short time she was able to take care of any domestic animal and do things like bathing, grooming and so on.

After a year or so, she had already hired two more helpers, in addition to a veterinarian, to provide health care for the animals.

That is, in addition to making her dream come true, she hired three more people. A great way to contribute to social development.

And you will understand now why this is so important …

What is the importance of the entrepreneur?

Begin today

Now that you know what an entrepreneur is, you will be surprised at how important it is to society.

This is because an entrepreneur is usually in search of new business opportunities, solutions to problems, demands or needs of society.

In other words, in addition to the expectation of personal fulfillment and the possibility of finding your life’s purpose or your financial independence, entrepreneurship has a much greater mission: the opportunity to generate jobs.

It is a continuous and cyclical process that can benefit everyone.

Is it still worth undertaking?

After realizing the fundamental role that entrepreneurship plays for the country’s growth, you may want to know if it is still worth undertaking.

And the answer is: yes, it is very worth it.

I explain.

Imagine that your neighbor has a vegetable garden, he consumes what he needs and sells the surplus to the neighbors.

Usually lettuce, cabbage and zucchini. You sometimes buy from him, but one day you look at your backyard and think it’s a good idea to have your own garden.

The benefits are clear: you will no longer need to buy greens and vegetables, you will be able to have other crops such as corn, basil and pumpkin. In addition to being able to sell to other people.

It doesn’t take long and you start thinking about the time you will need to invest, the seedlings and seeds you will buy.

Not to mention the possibility of a pest infestation, or a very long dry or rainy season.

The possibility of losing part or all of the investment starts to discourage you, but I will remind you of something very important.

All of these difficulties can indeed be overcome.

Going back to your garden … Probably you would have already thought of some solutions, like using pesticides to prevent or fight pests.

Place a cover in case of heavy rain and an irrigation system in case of drought. This kind of thing.

The question is: if you really want to know how to be an entrepreneur, thinking preventively, as in the example I gave, is a good start.

Because it helps you put things in perspective and focus on the advantages of having your own business, which, by the way, are these here:

Freedom: you make your own decisions and can choose what to work with and with whom;

Flexibility: you work your hours and, in the case of a digital enterprise, you can work from anywhere.

Realization: you can realize your dreams, in addition to realizing yourself professionally and financially.

Ready. Once it is decided that it is worthwhile to enter the field and start your own company, time to find out if…

Is there a new market to explore?

Begin today

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the Blue Ocean strategy , but I’ll explain it to you quickly.

This term refers to the search for a niche market where few companies operate, creating a very specific demand.

Instead of competing with companies that are already established in the market, their focus is on finding neglected or even underserved consumers.

So that competition, if any, is irrelevant to you.

I believe that by now you have understood that entrepreneurship can, yes, be for you. So, are we going to think about some opportunities ?

Around 2005, those who needed to go quickly to the airport with a lot of luggage, for example, and without a car at their disposal, automatically thought about calling a taxi.

At that time, most people thought that the need to get a car to take you from one point to another in the city was solved and that was that.

Until, in 2009, Uber reached the market and today almost everyone, in addition to having the application installed on the phone, already has this as their first option, as it is more practical and accessible.

And this is just an example. How many other new companies have not hit the market in recent years with such an innovation? Yeah. This is something that you can also do in your niche.

And a good way to find out what people need is to ask your audience, using forms, surveys, surveys … Time to put creativity into play!

Then, with that information in hand, think of ways to solve these problems or needs in an innovative way.

Another possibility in entrepreneurship is to bring products that already exist in other markets to your niche or locality .

Expand and adapt, rather than create.

The important thing is to start and, in this part, I help you.

How to be an entrepreneur: business planning

Would you get on a plane without knowing where it is going? If you’re like most people, I don’t think so.

I know that after the previous topic, you may be full of ideas wanting to put them into practice soon, but let’s go by parts.

You may never have stopped to think about it, but before a plane takes off a lot happens.

The principle is the same for business. If you want to learn how to be a successful entrepreneur you will need good planning .

And this is what I’m going to show you now.

Choice of niche

While a market area is characterized by its wide scope (such as education, tourism, etc.), a niche is an outline of this whole.

This delimitation could be distance education for people over 60, or international travel for newlyweds, for example.

The great advantage of segmentation is finding the profile of potential customers, to allow a deep understanding of the needs of this group.

This will help you to correctly target your efforts and strategies.

Market research

Market research is an important tool that will assist you in defining your strategies.

Opportunities, threats , customer profiles, and main competitive characteristics will be analyzed .

In addition to the services and products offered, this information will support the strategic planning and marketing plan .

Model of your idea

The next step is to structure your idea. In this case, the prototype is a model built to test a product or service.

It is usually done on a smaller scale and tested before the official launch of a product or service.

The main advantage is to allow adjustments and changes to be made before possible failures or incompatibilities are seen by the customer.

Business plan

The business plan is the instrument to define the best route and to prevent against eventualities.

It is the document that describes all the business objectives and each phase to be elaborated, so that these objectives are achieved.

For the venture to be successful, you need to know what the business is expected to achieve, preventing possible risks and uncertainties.

Whereas, the greater the details of the information obtained in the business plan, the greater the chances of success.

How to become a successful entrepreneur with little or no money

Perhaps your mind has already flashed a red alert in your head regarding the money needed to make all of this happen.

But don’t worry, because I’m going to show you some solutions now so that you don’t have any more excuses.

People with good ideas don’t always have the money to put their projects into practice.

Except that, oddly enough, there are people and institutions that have the opposite problem to yours. They have a lot of money and need to invest.

So, if you have a good idea, you may be able to raise the capital you need without putting your hand in your pocket.

So here are some ideas:

Think out of the box
The exercise that I am going to recommend is very interesting because it is completely individual.

The following is. Take one or two sheets of paper and write on them from number 1 to number 50, leaving some space between them.

Then, start listing all the ideas, realistic and honest, of things you could do to get the money you need.

As our brain often works on autopilot, I guarantee that you will be surprised by the ideas that will appear from the number 40.

Perhaps your own creativity will help you find a solution that you have not been able to see until now.

Find a partner
Find a partner who shares your ideals and believes in your project. In addition to having financial resources to invest.

You can search through your network of professional and personal contacts, but make each assignment clear.

A frank conversation before closing the partnership can avoid a lot of wear and tear in the future. If necessary, seek legal advice to prepare the contract.

Search for your bank
Most financial institutions provide services like loans and financing that can help you.

A good example is BNDES – National Bank for Economic and Social Development.

Of course, there are fees, interest and risks, however, if your plan is well structured and you are confident of success, this may be an alternative.

Find investment
A solution that may be new to you is the capital contribution. Nothing less than looking for an investor to start and accelerate your business.

This method is very common in startups and innovation and technology companies .

In the last 7 years, the volume of investment in new businesses has increased by more than 100% and the number of investors has increased from 5,300 to 7,615.

Great news for anyone who needs a little help to start.

How to be a digital entrepreneur

The previous topic showed you ways to raise money to start your business.

Now let’s talk a little bit about digital entrepreneurship .

The digital entrepreneur is someone who starts a business that works in the virtual world.

In addition, technology and innovation are very present in most of its processes, carried out mostly on the internet.

The differential in relation to the traditional market is the initial investment. Considerably lower.

One of the main reasons for this difference is the physical structure, which in the digital business can be smaller and much less complex.

In many cases, a phone or a notebook solves most of the needs, in addition to the internet connection, of course.

Some examples of digital businesses are: courses , online services, e-commerce, content blog , video channels and infoproducts.

Regardless of the business you choose, bet on valuable content to publicize your work , increase your authority and attract leads and customers.

To help you, here are 4 sensational ideas for you to achieve this result:

Social networks
Social networks are a fundamental part of almost any digital marketing strategy.

However, to take advantage of all the potential they can offer for your business, it is no use simply creating profiles in each one.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of each one, choose the ones that best fit your strategy.

And start creating content designed for each social network where your brand is present.

Despite knowing the importance that social networks have to publicize your business, they cannot be seen as your only dissemination platform.

To guarantee the independence of your brand, in addition to the autonomy of your content, it is very important that you have a website .

It strengthens your brand, increases your reach, in addition to creating or strengthening a relationship with the customer .

Even though I also have a website, I recommend that you keep a blog , because there you can publish articles with valuable content for your audience.

A high frequency of quality posts will attract more audiences for all the content you make available, including on your website and social networks.

This is a very useful tool to increase your authority and credibility as a digital entrepreneur.

How to be an entrepreneur: 30 tips for success

Now that you have learned about the importance of entrepreneurship, remember that a business is made of people so preserve your physical, emotional and mental health during this process.

Talk to your family and friends, as well as partners or employees.

When you watch an individual sports athlete, like a runner for example, winning a medal you may be tempted to think that he did it all by himself.

But let me tell you a secret: even the most successful person had help at some point. From a trainer, a massage therapist and a nutritionist, for example.

Whoever wants to go fast goes alone. But whoever wants to go far is accompanied.

This maxim also applies to anyone who wants to learn how to be a successful entrepreneur .

To get there, take advantage of the 31 tips I set out for you.

1) Be persuasive
Developing this feature can help you from the conception of your business.

Throughout your journey you will need to persuade investors, partners, employees and even customers.

2) Be humble
Starting or restarting any activity requires a good deal of humility.

Recognizing that you still have a lot to learn can be difficult, but it is an essential requirement on the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

3) Update yourself
If there is any constant in the information society in which we live, it is the certainty of changes.

So constantly update your information about customers, suppliers, competitors and the business itself.

4) Find opportunities
Knowing how to be a successful entrepreneur is linked to the constant search for opportunities.

Be it a more efficient way to get leads , or even a method to save some resources.

5) Go there and do it
As was already clear in this article, thinking about a product or business is part of the process.

But equally important is to put that idea into practice. It is the action that will really set your plans in motion.

6) Be committed
If you set your goals you need to be really committed to them.

For example, if you planned to post a day on your social networks, stick to the plan.

7) Be persistent
Most people learning how to be an entrepreneur find getting started is the hardest part.

If you’ve made the decision to build your business, be persistent, of course adjustments can happen, but don’t give up in the face of the first hurdle.

8) Be antifragile
Unlike what most of us have learned, the opposite of fragile is not strong.

The antifragile is able to become stronger after suffering a “blow”, in addition to not breaking, you learn (and grow) with each blow and adversity.

9) Correct
Although good planning greatly decreases the chances of failure in your business, it is important to always monitor its development and correct its direction whenever necessary.

10) Be demanding
Your starting point should be to do your best within the stipulated time.

However, don’t settle! There is always room for improvement and you and your team need to be on the lookout for them.

11) Be well informed
This item dialogues with the topic “Business planning”. Because the better informed you are, the greater your chances of success will be.

You need to know everything about your industry and the niche in which you operate.

12) Expand your networking
Networking is nothing more than creating a network of professional contacts , that is, relationship connections.

There are associations and forums of businessmen and entrepreneurs who come together to discuss, create or act on business opportunities.

Look for one in the business near your region. This can be a great opportunity to exchange information that will help you grow.

13) Self-confidence
The first person who needs to believe your idea to make your dream come true is you.

You will be judged and often questioned, so you will need to be able to defend your idea safely.

14) Be upright
This is a premise that should be followed by anyone, but on the road to being a successful entrepreneur it is even more important.

Do not have attitudes that contradict your brand values, as the impressions about you can be transferred to it and vice versa.

15) Start slow
If your idea is not going to take up all your time, there is a possibility to start your business while still working on other projects.

With the return of the first customers and the evaluation of the business, make the necessary adjustments and dedicate even more time to the growth of your company.

But, remember: the important thing is to take the first step.

16) If necessary, assemble a team
If you need help putting your ideas into practice, look for people you trust.

In addition to believing in their dream, they need to share values ​​and be able to solve problems in their absence.

17) Relax
That working hard is important, you are probably already aware.

The thing is, your mind also needs to rest.

To help you enjoy leisure time without guilt, here on the blog you will find a list with 16 films inspiring . Check there!

18) Practice physical activity
Your business can be well underway and very promising. But to be able to touch it the way you planned your health you need to be up to date.

So, find some physical activity that you enjoy and practice regularly.

Especially because no professional success justifies a failure in health.

19) Overflow
Stress rates can be very high in this industry.

A good idea to relieve tension may be to find a hobby. Some people engage in manual, artistic or meditation activities, for example.

20) Create a support network
You may even be able to achieve your goals without any support, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Learning how to be a successful entrepreneur depends on your ability to make sales.

And the most important sale you can make is to your family. Whether it’s your parents, spouse or children.

If they buy your idea you will have an important support network.

21) Read more
In addition to studying about your area of ​​expertise. You need to develop your entrepreneurial mindset.

Another point that needs to be increased is your domain of digital marketing .

22) Always learn

It is very important that you are aware of all the information minimally related to your product.

Another good thing is to read at least one article or article about your area of ​​activity every day.

And, of course, always be open to learn from your experiences and everyday situations.

23) Have mentors
The process of making important decisions can be challenging, as well as being a beginning entrepreneur.

If possible, seek guidance from people who are a reference for you.

Learn from the experience of mistakes and successes that they lived and apply whatever is appropriate for your business.

24) Ask for help
If in the middle of the road you feel overwhelmed or realize that you will not be able to complete a task alone … Raise your hand!

Ask for help. It can be for someone on your team, a family member, or even an expert in the specific situation.

25) Listen to your customer
There is no use waiting for feedbacks 100% positive . The most important thing is to really take into account your customer’s return.

Your vision may be flawed and nothing better than a consumer’s sincere opinion to help you put things in perspective.

26) Rethink the product
In the vast majority of times, nothing is so good that it cannot be improved.

So don’t forget to implement improvements and adjustments to your product whenever possible.

27) Set your avatar
If you’ve done your homework and defined your target audience’s profile , create an avatar can help you even more.

While the target audience of a personal stylist may be middle class women, between 30 and 50 years old, who work outside the home.

The avatar would be a 42-year-old lawyer with a monthly income of R $ 20,000, who needs help to modernize the wardrobes.

28) Create your working method
How to be a successful entrepreneur requires you to find the routine that best fits your needs .

For example, if you feel more creative in the morning, reserve that period for activities like creating content.

29) Be WOW
Here at the company we have a culture of fighting for the WOW.

This means that one of our values ​​is always to positively surprise people around us.

Be them our suppliers, co-workers, customers or readers like you.

Delivering a product with quality, proven efficiency and the promised deadline is your obligation.

Your customer will be expecting no less. So find creative ways to surprise him always.

30) Build authority
Regardless of the niche you choose, become a reference and an authority within it.

Share your story and make valuable content available to your audience. That way, you build a relationship of trust.

More than selling a product, you need to be perceived as someone capable of delivering solutions.

So, create quality content periodically. The platform can be a blog , a YouTube channel or even a podcast .


After this article, you no longer have any reason to be stuck in time watching your own business dream fall behind.

Because I gave you the letter of what is necessary to take the first step and start today.

You just saw how important an entrepreneur is to Brazil and ways to discover new markets to act.

You also learned 4 ways to overcome financial problems and start your business without putting your hand in your pocket.

In addition, I showed you how building starting a digital business can be a great way to start your venture.

And the icing on the cake were the 30 practical tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur. With them you learned, for example, the importance of being anti-fragile, asking for help, building authority and causing WOW to people around you.

So, when are you going to start your own business? Tell us here in the comments!

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