How to add money in paypal account instantly


How to add money in paypal instantly?

PayPal has become one of the best electronic payment companies . Today its platform operates around the world, providing an excellent service for sales, paid purchases and online savings.

One of the most frequent doubts in the management of this online service is whether it is possible to deposit money in it without associating bank accounts, as some users do not feel comfortable placing their bank details on this type of platform.

From now on you will know what alternatives you have at your fingertips on how to add money in paypal.

How to add money in PayPal without bank account

There are many advantages that an Online PayPal account can offer you, the most outstanding of all is security, because it safely stores all the data provided by the user through a coding and encryption system.

It is important to keep in mind that when you provide the personal and banking information required by PayPal, you allow its platform to operate more securely. 

With this you will indicate to PayPal that your user is unique and original, in this way you can manage and protect your account effectively.

It is inevitable that PayPal asks for your bank details, because as mentioned above that allows the platform to work safely.

But if you want to receive and handle money in PayPal without setting up a bank account, your ally in this case will be a credit or debit card.


To achieve this you must follow these steps:

1. The first step is the creation of your PayPal account , for this you must access its official website

2. Upon entering you will see two windows: “PayPal for individuals” and “PayPal for companies”. The option you must choose is the first “PayPal for individuals”.

3. Now a column will appear where you will have to fill in the form as a private user. Where you must put email, PayPal password, name, surname and your address.

4. The next step is to read and accept the conditions of use and click on “Accept and create an account.”

5. As a security measure you will have to place in a window the code that will be shown in an image and then click on “Continue”.

6. In the next step you will be shown 2 payment methods: “Pay with a bank account” and “Pay with my card”. Here you have to select the second option “Pay with my card”.

7. Finally you will have to choose which card you use, enter the required data and press the “Continue” option, so you can link your card with your PayPal account.

In this simple way you will be able to have a PayPal account that will allow you to deposit your money, pay on different web pages, send money to other people and acquire any service immediately. 

Even so, the option “Pay with a bank account” is more recommended, because it provides more advantages and is just as safe.

How to add money into paypal without a bank account or card?

In case you want to deposit your money into a PayPal account, but you do not have a bank account or you simply do not want to enter your bank or card details, you must remember that this information allows the platform to operate safely, but if you do not want to contribute them, you just have to skip the two steps “Pay with a bank account” and “Pay with my card”.

There will be no problems if you do not save your bank account or card details in PayPal. 

In the same way, you will have your money available in your Online account whenever you want to keep it there, you can also make purchases and pay for an online service. In this case, your PayPal account will function as a digital wallet.

You can recharge this wallet, for example, with some methods  which do not require a card or bank.

Other options would be to earn money online that is paid directly to you in Paypal. That’s it here on how to add money in paypal account.

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