How Much Money Does Youtube Pay Per View in 2023?


If you have just started your YouTube channel, you are considering the idea of ​​creating one or you are simply curious to know how much YouTube pays according to the visits of each video , through this article you will learn more about youtube money per view and the results of monetization on YouTube within the “Program of partners ”that the platform offers to its most active content creators.

Throughout the last decade, YouTube has been one of the most widespread sources of income among many online content creators of various niches and themes. 

However, estimating what your earnings are through this platform may not be that easy , as well as being subject to a wide number of factors. 

There is only one reality and that is that not all creators on YouTube earn the same amount of money.

This is how the question “What does YouTube pay according to the views each video receives?” It is quite valid, especially if you want to have at least a rough idea of ​​YouTube money per view.

That is; how much someone can generate on YouTube or, for example, draw up a plan to start living from your work on this platform.

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Do you want the answer of how much income it is possible to generate on YouTube, the second most visited web platform on the entire internet (only below Google itself)?

Keep reading to get rid of all your doubts.

Factors that influence how much money YouTube pays


When it comes to the question of how much money does youtube pay per view and making money from YouTube generally, there are many factors that directly influence and affect the amount of income a creator receives. 

Among these factors, the following stand out:

Presence in the YouTube “Partner Program”: first of all, to earn money with YouTube, specifically under Google AdSense, it is essential to have been accepted into the platform’s partner program, fulfilling the required conditions. 

YouTube channel’s country of origin and video language: Channels with videos in English will have higher views, so the monetization per reach will be higher. Also, the percentage commission YouTube pays creators can vary by country of origin.

Number of channel subscribers:  channels with a higher number of subscribers, therefore, will generate a higher average of visits per video and therefore, higher revenues. 

Content niche: there are certain themes that achieve greater success and popularity on YouTube, increasing their potential to generate income the more views they obtain. 

For example, many creators label their videos under the theme “educational” or “commercial” as they are topics where the audience concentrates their most attention.

Target audience : not all audiences result in the same levels of reach. For example, the interests of advertisers in a channel that adults usually watch will always be above those received by the contents that appear in the section of videos for children. 

Number of complete views and clicks on ads and ads embedded in videos.

Number of ads the video contains.

Video length: videos of more than 10 minutes allow the introduction of more ads, so the technique of lengthening the contents is very widespread on the platform.

Net Percentage YouTube Returns to Creators: YouTube gives the content creator 68% of their earnings.

Compliance with the terms and conditions of monetization: just as YouTube can pay you to generate content within its platform, it can also make the decision to demonetize videos that violate the regulations established in the terms and conditions of the affiliate program at any time. 

Even in the most serious and extreme situations of fouls and violations, YouTube has come to demonetize the content of entire channels . 

If you are interested in making money with YouTube, especially through YouTube money per view, make sure you study all its laws and conditions closely so that you never go above them.

Youtube money per view: How much money does YouTube pay per view?

As we have mentioned before, the monetary amount that YouTube pays to its creators is subject to change depending on the country of origin of the channel, among other aspects. 

However, in some countries, the data that really matters is the CPM (cost per thousand), that is, the cost per thousand impressions established by advertisers. 

Let’s get into the details!

A popular tool that you can use to have a fork of how much YouTubers make is SocialBlade . You just have to put the channel you want to know how much you earn and it will show you some data as well as the profit bracket.

How much money do you make per 1000 views on YouTube?

It is estimated that the payment for every thousand visits in your YouTube videos ranges between 2 and 34 dollars .


If your channel generates a type of content that attracts a lot of interest from advertisers, the percentage generated by CPM may be a bit higher. 

That is why even if you have uploaded a dozen videos where they all obtained a total of 1,000 views, the amount generated by each one can reflect different figures.

How much YouTube pays for every 100,000 views

This is where the numbers rise remarkably, however, even so the amount generated per 100,000 views is still a huge “It depends”. 

What creators report in most cases is that this number of views can generate an average of between $ 500 and $ 2,500 , depending on the factors that influence the impact of the video and of course, the ads inserted in it. . 

For example, personal development, business, marketing and financial channels generally have a large number of subscribers, attract a good level of positioning, arouse the interest of many advertisers within AdSense and therefore are more likely to carry to reach the maximum of these figures.

How much does YouTube pay you for 1 million views?


Under this amount of views, the figures vary so much that it is almost impossible to establish an average of the profits obtained per million visits to the video.

However, according to Business Insider research , the amount figure starts at roughly $ 2,000 to $ 5,000 and can end up to as much as $ 25,000. 

There are even cases that are above the average, for example, Kevin David , creator of financial content on YouTube, has come to generate about $ 40,000 for every million views .

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However, we must consider that YouTube in the United States is not the same as YouTube in Spain or other Spanish-speaking countries, for example, for a channel in Spain it can be 40 cents for every 1,000 views and 400 euros for a million , thus how the alteration of these numbers can occur and generate much more. 


As you can see, the world of YouTube money per view and predictions do not get along at all, so it is not possible for all youtubers to earn the same, nor is it possible to specify a very exact figure of how much money this platform pays according to the visits in the videos. 

What is quite logical is that those youtubers with a higher number of subscribers and / or that generate content from highly popular niches, have greater opportunities to increase their visits and income. 

However, before you go, we want to remind you that the monetization program with AdSense on YouTube, despite being the best known and most used, is not the only way to earn money with the platform .

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