How Much Money Do Tiktokers Make? 4 New Top Earners


If you are asking how much money do tiktokers make and if you can really make a living from this platform? 

Surely you already know that the TikTok community continues to grow and that many users are using this application commercially.

The tiktokers with the most followers are taking advantage of their audience to create advertising spaces and collaborate with brands.

Even, the same platform gives TikTok influencers the opportunity to generate income when they make live videos.

We know that you are reading this article because you need to be aware of the latest social media trends or because you want to get serious about tiktoker’s work. Because yes, just like YouTube or Instagram, TikTok pays money to produce content.

Whatever the reason, here in this blog post we will solve all your doubts about how people make money on tiktok. Is it pure myth or is there really some truth in what they say?

How much money do you make on tiktok?

How much money do you make on tiktok?

There is a website that measures the earnings of your TikTok profile , according to the number of your followers and content that you upload. However, marketing agencies estimate that you can earn around $ 100 for every 10,000 followers.

However, tiktokers like Loren Gray, Zach King, Baby Ariel, Riyaz Aly, Charli D’Amelio, Kristen Hancher, can have ad revenue between $ 50,000 and $ 150,000.

This is an average amount that changes depending on the country you are in or the type of company you are collaborating with. 

Be careful, here we are only talking about how much a tiktoker charges for collaborations with brands. Later we will detail how the platform can pay you.

Also, we must consider the legal terms, according to Influencer Marketing Hub, it indicates that, to do deals with brands, you must be over 18 years of age, otherwise, it must be under the guardianship of the parents. 

This aspect also changes depending on the labor laws that your country has.

How do people make money on tiktok?

We all wonder if monetization on TikTok is as profitable as it is on YouTube or other video platforms. As we mentioned before, it will depend on many factors for you to have a good profitability.

However, there are many ways to earn money on TikTok:

• Search agreements with brands

We already see this on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Depending on the interaction and the number of followers that a TikTok account has, the sponsorship of the brand begins with the tiktoker.

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But it’s not just about making small videos promoting the brand. Every influencer must learn to show the results of their work; finally, that is what an entrepreneur is looking for.

• Promote new songs

The songs that appear on TikTok are very popular and become inserted in the minds of users. So record entrepreneurs see an opportunity to promote their new music products.

The agreement that is made between the label and the tiktokers is that they promote their songs in your videos. They can dance, act or create everyday scenes, come on, what we usually do with any TikTok video.

If at any time this opportunity comes your way, we recommend that you create easy dances on TikTok. Most of the users love dancing.

• Go live on TikTok

Go live on TikTok

It is the fastest way to earn money in case a tiktoker has a considerable number of followers. By doing a live on TikTok, users will be able to send the content creator some “gifts” which can be purchased for “TikTok coins”.

A system similar to what streaming platforms like Twitch use. To get credit for the Tik Tok wallet, followers must buy it with real money. 

Later we will detail how this interesting system works and how it helps to increase the profits of a tiktoker, thereby answering the question of how much money do tiktokers make.

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Earning money on TikTok and uploading followers is much easier because, compared to other platforms, a TikTok video can be downloaded and shared in chats, which facilitates its popularity.

In case you want to be a quality tiktoker, all the options shown can help you, however, being a platform based on videos made by cell phones, it is essential that you know how to produce a video from your phone.

How many followers on tiktok to get paid?

TikTok created a Fund for Creators to be able to pay the most popular tiktokers and with a considerable amount of public. 

Now, if we refer to how many followers TikTok pays you, the platform asks to have at least 10,000 followers, have more than 10,000 views in the last 30 days. Also, post original content in accordance with community guidelines.

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TikTok pays to upload videos from 1,000 views. To be talking about a considerable profit on TikTok, we can set a goal of one million views, therefore, it is very important to retain everyone. 

But before you become a tiktoker and set yourself this goal, you must learn how to make videos on TikTok step by step.

monetization on TikTok
Source: Unplash

Creator fund tiktok

What are the requirements to be part of the TikTok Creator Fund?

TikTok pays you money if you meet the following requirements:

• Being over 18 years.

• Have at least 10,000 followers.

• Have 10,000 views in the last 30 days

How to make TikTok pay you is much easier than YouTube or Facebook , platforms that have many more requirements to start monetizing an account.

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Once you reach these points, an application must be submitted to be part of the creator pool. Validation is immediate.

How to activate the TikTok creator pool?

Applying to join the TikTok Creator Pool requires the following steps:

1. Convert your personal TikTok account to a creator one.

2. Press the three dots that appear in the upper corner of your profile.

3. Go to “Manage Account” and then  “Switch to Pro Account”.

4. Choose the author option and follow the steps they ask you to do.

5. With the creator profile you can now apply to join the TikTok Creator Fund.

6. The platform will immediately validate if you meet the standards.

How much money do tiktokers make calculator

It is no secret that some of the famous tiktokers are Mexican. So, if we have to talk about how much a tiktoker earns in Mexico, we have to start with Kim Loaiza . 

Kim Loaiza, a tiktoker who started as a youtuber in 2016, can earn between $ 13,000 and $ 21,000 today for a collaboration with a brand. This amount places her on the list of the most famous Mexican tiktokers.

How much does Kim Loaiza earn on TikTok?

The Influencer Marketing Hub calculator estimates that Kim Loaiza, with more than 41 million followers on TikTok, earns between $ 24,000 and $ 41,000 per post (say no more, I open my tiktok account today!). 

Without a doubt, Kim is proof that you can make money on TikTok.

An estimate of how much Kim Loayza makes on TikTok

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

Now you know what to argue with when someone asks you why you need ideas to make videos on TikTok and post content frequently. 

If you don’t try, the world could be missing out on the next Kim Loaiza and no, you’re not going to deprive it of your talent.

How much does Mont Pantoja earn on TikTok?

On the other hand, among the most famous female tiktokers in Mexico, we find Mont Pantoja , who can earn between 12 and 20 thousand dollars per post. 

Although she has 21 million followers on the social network, this does not exclude her from the list of the most famous Mexican tiktokers.

Mont Pantoja, one of the most famous female tiktokers in Mexico

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

How much does Kenia Os earn on TikTok?

In the case of Kenia Os , the calculator estimates that the Mexican singer and model can earn between $ 6 and $ 10,000. He currently has more than 10 million followers.

Estimated profit of the tiktoker Kenya Os

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

Nor can we fail to mention Rod Contreras , one of the most popular content creators in Mexico, therefore, a must-see on the list of the most famous Mexican tiktokers. 

His dance steps and videos in collaboration with other influencers are the sensation of his followers. 

To date, he has 30 million followers on TikTok, so the calculator estimates that he could earn between $ 17,000 and $ 29,000 per post.

Rod Contreras, one of the most famous Mexican tiktokers

Source: Influencer Marketing Hub

As you may have noticed, we have calculated how much a tiktoker earns in Mexico based on the number of followers, number of posts, engagement rate and likes. 

This is not counting the advertising revenue that a famous tiktoker can get (we mentioned it at the beginning, remember?).

The truth is that Latin America is very well represented on TikTok. In addition to the Mexican Kim Loaiza and her compatriots, we also find other famous tiktokers such as Sofia Castro (Colombia), Jose Martinez (Peru), La Divaza (Venezuela), Kevlex Pazmiño (Venezuela) and Ignacia Antonia Hernández (Chile).

How much money do you get for 1 million views on tiktok?

As with other platforms that allow us to monetize content on the Internet, estimating a figure based on the number of visits to a video depends on a multitude of factors. 

And it is that like YouTube, the price that TikTok pays to users depends on the geographical location, the number of ads displayed and their duration, the type of product that is displayed and the interaction that users make.

Based on these parameters, it is well known, for example, that the price that advertisers pay to advertise on both YouTube and TikTok is higher in countries such as Canada, the United States or the United Kingdom. 

Likewise, the content that is nourished by products that can be advertised in the application (fashion, accessories, technology …) has a higher degree of interaction on the part of users , generating a higher conversion and, therefore, a higher profit.

Even with all these variants, the figure that some influencers and specialized media launch is 2, 3 and 4 euros per 100,000 visits.

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We can therefore deduce that the amount that TikTok for a million visits varies between 20 and 40 euros , a much lower amount than what platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo offer to content creators. 

On the contrary, the reach of the videos within the application is usually greater, as well as the visibility of the profiles and, therefore, the ease of obtaining followers.

TikTok wallet: what is it and how to make money?

The TikTok wallet works with virtual money from TikTok under the modality of virtual currencies. 

Users can buy these trendy and then “donate” them to their favorite tiktokers who are making live videos.

For Android, users can buy TikTok Coins by bundles:

• 70 coins

• 350 coins

• 1,400 coins

• 3,500 coins

• 7,000 coins


Source: Giphy

While for people who use iPhone can find the following packages:

65 coins

• 330 coins

• 1,321 coins

• 3,303 coins

• 6,607 coins

To redeem money on TikTok you must do the following:

1. Locate the three adjustment points in the upper right part of your profile.

2. You are looking for the balance or portfolio option.

3. Tap GIFTS LIVE and choose how much to redeem.

4. Then link your PayPal account.


Hope this answers your question of how much money do tiktokers make. TikTok is a new platform that promises to ensure profitability to its best users. YouTube did it at the time and today we have famous youtubers who have a fortune.

We are sure that along the way you will discover the best tricks to make funny and viral TikTok videos .  

Don’t miss out on this new opportunity to venture into the influencer world and earn money doing what you like the most. Whatever they say, it’s an ideal job!

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