Best 3 Ways to Make Money on Your YouTube Channel

Make money on YouTube – Many users start their channel on YouTube video to earn revenue. Some think it’s an easy way to make money – find out if making videos is that easy and how to get started, right here on Nairalanceblog.

How do people make money on YouTube?

Advertising can help you earn revenue from the views of videos posted on a particular channel. 

How do people make money on YouTube?

There are two varieties: direct, implemented through an affiliate program, or media networks through AdSense, or direct affiliation with a specific brand, and indirect, aka product placement (we’ll talk about the meaning of this term later).

Option 1: AdSense.

I think you should consider the restrictions imposed by YouTube before describing commercialization. Commercialization is possible under the following conditions:

• 1,000 subscribers or more on the channel and more than 4,000 hours (240,000 XNUMX minutes) Views during the year;

• the channel has no videos with non-unique content (videos copied from other channels);

• The channel does not contain content that violates YouTube’s publishing policies.

If your channel meets all of the above conditions, you can connect to AdSense. This type of commercialization is a direct link to YouTube. 

The benefits are distinguished by a fixed percentage of revenue going to YouTube: 45%. Of the disadvantages mentioned, there are quite strict requirements for content, as well as the features of the ContentID system, which is completely innocent video, can cause channel blocking. 

This type of monetization can be activated directly through your YouTube account – the procedure is fairly simple, but if you have trouble with it, you can find a guide at the link below.

Another important nuance to keep in mind is that there can be no more than one AdSense account per person, but multiple channels can be associated with it. 

This will allow you to generate more revenue, but you will lose everything if your account is banned.

Option 2: Affiliate Program

Many YouTube content producers choose to go outside of AdSense and connect to a third-party affiliate program. 

Technically, this is almost no different from working directly with YouTube owners on Google, but it does have several features.

• The partnership agreement is made without YouTube, although the requirements to join another program are usually the same as for the service.

• The source of revenue can vary – pay not only for views but also for clicks on the ad link, full sales (a percentage of the amount sold is a payment to the partner who advertised this product) or a visit to the site and certain tasks (such as registering and filling out a questionnaire).

• The percentage of advertising revenue differs from direct partnership with YouTube – affiliate programs generate 10-50%. 

Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that 45% is still paid by the YouTube Partner Program. There are also more opportunities to increase profits.

• The affiliate program provides additional services that are not available through direct collaboration: for example, legal assistance in situations where a channel is hit due to copyright infringement, technical support for channel development, and more.

As you can see, an affiliate program has more benefits than direct collaboration. The only serious downside is that you can run into scammers, but counting them is pretty easy.

Option 3: Direct cooperation with the brand

Many YouTube bloggers choose to sell display time directly to the brand in exchange for a monetary reward or the opportunity to purchase the advertised products for free. 

The brand, not YouTube, sets the requirements, but service standards require that the video contain direct advertising.

A subtype of sponsorship is product placement, that is, non-intrusive advertising when branded products appear in a frame, even if the video is not for advertising purposes. 

YouTube’s policy allows this type of advertising, but it is subject to the same restrictions as direct product advertising. 

In addition, product placement may be restricted or prohibited in some countries, so before using this type of advertising, you should review the laws of the country of residence listed in your account.


There are several ways to make money on your YouTube channel, including different income levels. The final choice must be made based on your goals.

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