How can i make money fast as a kid? (Easy)


How to earn money as a child is a question that gets asked a lot these days! If you are a child, keep reading this, you may be asking how can I make money fast as a kid? I am just a child.

Here’s the thing… there are kids all over the world who have business ideas at a young age and become millionaires while in high school!

Take Abbey Fleck for example. In 1993 she became a MULTIMILLIONAIRE at the young age of eight for her invention “Makin Bacon.” It was a microwave device, bacon in the microwave. (You can search for her name on Youtube).

What is the fastest and easiest way for kids to make money?

Polls !!! No I’m not kidding… Literally taking surveys on your phone will make you money.

We use SurveyJunkie and make over $ 500-600 per month! Excellent! One way to earn cash, the easiest ever!

I know that won’t make you a millionaire, but imagine taking a survey or two during commercials, when you’re bored, while you’re waiting…

You’re literally making money while you’re bored and it’s obvious.

How to make money as a kid online

Ok, easy may not be the right word, but I’m not sure how to describe it.

Blogging… Yep;

Starting a WordPress blog was one of the best things I’ve ever done…

Want to know what else? I get paid to sit on my couch and write articles!

Blogs make money in a number of ways and you don’t have to be a professional writer… as you can see.

Look around my site. You can blog about anything and earn money.

1. Maybe you are interested in video games. Create a video game review site where you write about the newest games, includes and done, cash.

2. Maybe you play a sport. Create about soccer. This could be tips, techniques, equipment etc. There really are endless ideas.

These are the 4 ways I make money blogging

1. Ads: those annoying little images, but they pay for it.

2. Sponsors: People pay me to advertise their business, like ads, but more specific.

3. Sponsored Posts: This is when I write an article about a product or service. It’s my opinion but they pay more for it.

4. Affiliate sales: This is when someone buys something after clicking my links.

The first thing you will need is a domain name. Keep it short, simple and use the “.com”

You will also need Hosting. We recommend that all new bloggers use Hostgator…


Because it’s cheap, you get a FREE domain… and CHEAP! If you want the step by step guide here you have: how to start and monetize a blog.

How can children learn the value of money by working

There is something to be said about earning a dollar versus giving someone a dollar. Whether it’s homework or a real job, when a child earns money, he begins to develop a respect for money.

Given the importance of financial skills in life, it is important to start teaching money lessons early on.

Some simple money lessons kids can learn are:

1. Waiting to buy.

2. Understanding that money is a limited resource.

3. Money can grow by saving it.

These simple lessons will be beneficial not only when your child starts earning money, but also as an adult!

How can i make money fast as a kid at home?

Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you can’t start making money.

Here are 10 ways for young children to earn money


Organize garage sale

Adults tend to have a lot of things in their home that they would love to get rid of. Too many times their lives are too busy to get rid of. Partner with some adults to do all the loading work for them. This means pricing items and creating publicity. Divide the winnings 50/50.

Sell crafts

Crafts are something that almost anyone can start selling. This could be elaborate bracelets, key chains, or door hangers. Take a look at some easy-to-make craft pages on Facebook that you can start selling.

Walk a dog

We have two dogs. and I would LOVE it if someone knocked on my door and asked to walk our dogs. I would easily pay $ 5-10 each time. This will save me time, help my dogs exercise, and help you earn money.


Mowing the lawn is one of the first problems I did as a child. Mowing your lawn can become big business, especially if you live in a warm area all the time. It can easily turn your weekends into a profit machine.

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General gardening work: weed, planting etc

Don’t stop just to mow the lawn. As a growing entrepreneurial kid, start working on your upselling skills. Tell homeowners about those backyard weeds or how good their lawn would look with a new row of fresh flowers. Use your lawn mowing business network to make a big profit.

Lemonade stand

A tried and true busy side for all kids. Whether it’s just out of nostalgia or if people really like lemonade, this is a great business idea for kids. Adults will easily spend $ 2-3 for a cup of lemonade just because you’re a kid!

Car wash


If you’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and use a bit of grease on your hands, this can be a great way for kids to earn money. Almost everyone owns a car, and almost everyone likes it to look good.

Go door to door in your neighborhood and let all your neighbors know about your service.

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You can recycle

In some states, this is an EASY way for kids to earn money. Baseball fields, along the streets, or just ask people if they don’t have some cans that won’t work for you.

Farmer’s market

Do you have access to a backyard? How about growing vegetables and selling them at a farmers market? Easy-to-sell vegetables are tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans. You can even pickle your veggies to make them last longer and you can sell more!

How to make extra money as a teenager

Just because you are a teenager does not mean that you cannot use any of the above-mentioned ways for young children to earn money. Those methods will work for you too!

However, here are simple business ideas for teens and young entrepreneurs

Baby sitter

Childcare is a great way for teens to earn money. Once you get some regular customers, they will provide referrals to more and more parents who will bring you more business!

Odd jobs for teens

Have you ever heard of concerts? These are generally one-time jobs. For example, during the state fair, you might be able to pick up a concert as a parking attendant or possibly an extra in a movie. Teens can really start bringing cash and making money doing these weird jobs.

The best part about these odd jobs for teens is not just the money it brings them, but they get a chance to learn what they like to do.

Create jewellery

Are you an artistic teenager? Teens can start to make a lot of money creating costume jewelry that sells extremely well online or in places like Amazon. The best thing about creating jewelry is that you can also go to flea markets or art shows to sell your items.

Maintenance staff

Are you really good at fixing things? Some teens sell their handyman service for a good deal. People, including my mother-in-law, are always looking for a good multipurpose.

This means you could help clean gutters one day, help clean up rainy trash the next day, or even make repairs to small houses. This is a profitable business for teens because you can set your own price.

Paint the house inside and out

Do you want to know what I hate to do? Paint the walls inside our house. We update our colors once every 4-5 years. Sometimes it is a completely new color, while other times it is just to fix stains. Becoming a painter is time consuming, but extremely profitable.

When you are a teenager, painting can be a great way to earn money!

Paint doors

Maybe you don’t want to spend 2-3 days painting an entire house. One service that you can offer as a teenager that will easily earn you money is painting your front doors.

Everyone who owns their home wants their home to shine. The first thing people see before entering a house is the front door. Offer to update the color or just repaint the sections.

Do errands

Adults are busy or at least pretend to be. If you know adults who constantly say they don’t have enough time, ask them what are some things they need to do. This could be picking up the kids from daycare, shopping, or doing laundry. Find services where adults don’t want to waste their time and offer to do them, for a cost.

Who would have thought that a teenager running adult errands could make money?

But it’s true!!!


Mowing the lawn isn’t just a hustle for kids. Mowing your lawn can become big business. You can start your business with a simple lawnmower and you can expand as you get more gardens. The bigger the equipment you have, the faster you can cut.


Reminder: don’t scale too fast, otherwise you won’t make money.

This is probably the most common way teens earn money during the summer, aside from getting a summer job.


Whether you use your lawn mowing business as a net or just going door-to-door, landscaping is a highly profitable business for teens. If you are willing to learn and on time, you can easily earn thousands of dollars each month.


As a teenager, an easy way to earn money is by tutoring. You have access to a large audience. Your high school. If you don’t feel comfortable tutoring someone your age, you can tutor someone in high school or elementary school. As a teenager, you can easily charge $ 20 an hour or more!

How can i make extra money fast?

Website design

Are you a technically advanced teenager? If so, designing websites can be the way to make money. Small businesses are always looking for websites. Here is a simple way to find clients. Check your local chamber of commerce. Search all local businesses.

Identify everyone who doesn’t have a website and go visit them. Offer to build one for them. For your first customer, give them a discount and request referrals in return.

Start a blog

In the same vein to create a website, start your own blog! Blogs take time to monetize, but you can start to create passive income. That means you will earn money while sitting in class! This site alone generates over $ 600 a month!

Teach students to code

Similar to tutoring. If you have technical experience in a subject like programming or website building, you can teach others to do it. Instead of creating websites, you can have a class that teaches others to do that and charge them.

Update computers

One of my favorite hobbies as a teenager was taking computers apart and updating them. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized that there is a lot of money in this. You can buy the parts in bulk or on Amazon and then increase the prices to upgrade the computers.

Become a YouTube star

Social media is huge! Being a teenager you already realize that. If you love being in front of the camera, building YouTube followers could be your way to make money.

There are thousands of different YouTube channels that do product reviews or are intended for entertainment. You can earn money by becoming an affiliate or through ads.

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Instagram marketing

Maybe you are a teenager who does not want to be in a video, but you love to take photos. Instagram is used by some of the largest ad marketing agencies in the world to sell their products. If you have more followers, you can start selling their products to your followers.

Social media manager

15 years ago this job didn’t really exist. But in 2021, if a company has no social media presence, it is either overdue or dead. Instead of spending time flipping through Instagram or Facebook, you can manage a business account.

That means you would be paid as a teenager to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and interact with customers.

Survey sites

Polls… who doesn’t like to take polls? Completing surveys won’t make you a teenage millionaire, but it will earn you extra money every month. Some websites pay rewards instead of cash. However, you can use those rewards to get gift cards that can be used as cash.

There are many survey sites to use. Here are a few to try.

• Swagbucks

• Survey junkie

• Pineapple research

• Harris survey online

Children’s birthday parties: clown, magician, singer, entertainer

Being an artist is a side job for all ages. If you are a singer, a magician or you just like to make people laugh, you can turn it into a profitable business by selling event packages for birthday parties or events.

If you are an outgoing teenager, then this method of earning money is for you.

Being a clown or singer may not be for all teens, but it is a fun way to earn income!

Face painting in carnivals

Now this can be limited to cities that have carnivals or fairs often. However, being a skilled face painter can be very profitable. As a teenager, you can organize your own booth at events such as trade shows, carnivals or even sporting events!

How to make some extra money fast

Animal balloons in restaurants

We recently went to a restaurant where they had a person hanging around making balloons with animals for children. The balloon animals were free. Welcome tips. I asked the balloon artist when the restaurant paid him. She said no.

She came in and offered her services. She explained that balloon animals were free and that parents could tip if they wanted. The restaurant had free entertainment and the balloon artist had free customers. It was a victory to be achieved.

Training children

Maybe you are an athletic teenager who wants to earn money. Coaching other kids may be the business for you. You could easily coach baseball, football, or American. If you are an expert in other individual sports like golf or tennis, you can offer classes.

As a teenager, coaching kids is not only rewarding, it also helps pay the bills. Think about the sports you are good at and see if any of the local gyms allow training. This will be a great way to earn money during the summer.

Be a referee

Are you a teenager with thick skin? Say ah! I’m kidding… sort of. Being a referee or referee is an easy way to earn money as a teenager. However, you may have to deal with grumpy adults. just a warning.

Pet care

When my wife and I go on vacation, we usually don’t bring our dogs. We hate asking our friends and family to take care of our dogs, so we usually only pay someone to come take care of our dogs.

For us that means feeding them twice a day, taking them for walks in the morning and afternoon, and letting them go out a couple of times a day. If you are a teenager who loves animals, this could be a great way to earn money and answers the question of how can i make money fast as a kid.

Sell used items

Are you a teenager who has 3 iPhones and a couple of old iPads lying around? What about the clothes that you no longer wear? Take some of your junk items and sell them. There are tons of sites from eBay to Amazon and even Facebook.

Selling junk or used items is a quick way for teens to earn money. Of course, the first benefit is having your own money. However, earning money as a child provides a list of other

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