Amazing apps and games for paypal money


If you want to increase your income, you should know the best games for PayPal money. This platform is the one that is most chosen for this activity because it allows you to count on your earnings in a short time. 

Rest assured that the apps that we name for you are reliable and you can easily start generating extra income.

Although many people doubt its existence, in the PlayStore you do find apps to earn money . Obviously, there are many more, but here we take care of presenting you the ones that users choose the most. 

It is no secret to anyone that extra money is always well received, especially if you do it from the ease of your home . And is that one of the main benefits of these applications and games since you do not have to move from your home.

Even in your job, in transport or walking down the street there is the opportunity to earn a few cents. Continue reading…

Best games for PayPal money


Take part in fun arcade games, puzzles and other games while earning money. In GAMEE it is not necessary to download any games, they are all included. 

However, you have a chance to earn more if you install other apps and complete missions, but it is not required. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 10 .

Tata games


The application also consists of playing, but unlike others, each game costs 5 energy rays and you have 100. When you want to withdraw your money, you must have a minimum of $ 5 . Download and try Tata Games by following the link.

Tree For Money

The app consists of you planting a tree and making it grow, the minimum amount to withdraw is 100 dollars . However, keep in mind that there are challenges with which you can win up to $ 10. Download Tree For Money here.

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Knife Dash

A fun way to earn money, the main option is to throw knives and get diamonds. In addition, you also get rewards when you complete missions, you can exchange them for different gift cards. Complete 77,200 diamonds and convert them to $ 1 .

You can download Knife Dash by clicking on the link.


This is one of the most popular PayPal money making applications , there are very varied options to start making a profit. In it you get coins and, when you have 100,000, you can exchange them for $ 0.01 . Find ClipClaps on Google Play through the link.

Best apps to earn free PayPal money


Start collecting coins while you watch advertising, play games, fill out surveys or complete tasks. Exchange your coins for diamonds in the Free Fire game , in Mobile Legend or get $ 0.50 in PayPal for 6,700 coins.

Download mGamer for Android by following the link.



This is one of the most viable, simple and effective applications today. Just by registering you will have a prize of 10,000 lullabies with which you can start playing with the application. 

Once you register, you are given a code that you must share with your friends, so that they install the application from it.

Use the typical referral system to generate income that you can later receive in real money . On the other hand, every time you use the mobile application, the platform rewards you with 400 lullabies for free every day. 

The procedure is very simple, since you only have to watch videos, codes, download games and get more users.

You can download AppNana for Android from the link.

What do you think

As its name implies, in QueOpinas you must complete surveys to earn points, withdraw $ 35 when you complete 2000 points . The app is intuitive, so it sends you surveys that you like.


This application is really easy to use and very practical for most of the users. One of its most outstanding benefits is that payments are made in a very punctual way. 

You should already know the procedure, which consists of downloading applications, opening them and giving recommendations to other users.

Obviously, there are special promotions that allow you to easily generate income on a daily basis. Take the test right now by downloading it from Google Play by following the link.


Gelt is another of the apps to earn money in PayPal available for Android mobile phones, but also on Apple devices. The most outstanding thing about this platform is that it offers the possibility of exchanging the money you get at an ATM. 

This app works when you do grocery shopping.

If you send a photograph of your purchase receipt, you will practically receive the refund instantly. Of course, do not think that all your purchase will be free , because it does not work that way. But you can get certain items without the need to spend a lot.

Find out more about how Gelt works by following the link.


It is an application quite similar to the previous one, which aims to save money. As you are imagining, the goal is to receive a small refund on certain purchases you make, but this time it is not in supermarkets. 

Rather, it focuses on purchases made online anywhere in the world.

In addition, you will not only receive payments by PayPal , but you can also receive a bank transfer . Hands down, a great way to earn income at home for everyday essentials. Try any of these options and you will surely benefit.

Download Beruby here.

How applications work to earn money in PayPal

Now that you know some great alternatives, it’s good to talk about how they work. Many people do not know how apps to earn money in PayPal work , even though they are very simple. 

In reality, you only have to download an application on your mobile phone to start generating income.

You will have to play games, fill out surveys, share content or even watch videos. The truth is that the ways to generate income are very varied and strictly depend on the type of application you download. 

Now, one of the main characteristics of these platforms is that they give you a small bonus right when you sign up .

Is it possible to make a living from apps to earn money on paypal?

The answer to this question is very relative, because everything depends on your abilities. Generally, this only amounts to an additional sum of money that is used for some basic expenses. 

The truth is that dedicating yourself to living from this many times does not provide good results, but there are exceptions.

Features of the applications to earn money on PayPal

Although all the applications are different, they have some very similar peculiarities. In fact, it is possible to become familiar with the vast majority without having to download all of them. 

What is a reality is that installing these applications indiscriminately makes your phone slow down.

On the other hand, referrals will always get benefits, both for them and for you. The more referrals you have, the more opportunities to generate income will be available.

Do not expect to get rich with these applications, but you can think about what things are possible to buy on Amazon or in other sales applications.

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