How to Earn Coins on TikTok Without Spending a Penny

Would you like to know more about TikTok coins and how to earn them? If yes, then keep reading

Today, almost every application has found a way to commercialize its platform in virtual currencies. These movements may have been fueled by the sudden growth of digital currencies such as Ripple and Bitcoin.


TikTok has not been left behind in this frenzy.

Now they have their own version of virtual currency that can only be used within their ecosystem.

Today I will show you how to earn coins in TikTok. But first, what is this, and why should you pay attention?

What is TikTok?

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a social media forum where you share 15-second videos of whatever you do.

Interestingly, this forum rose from anywhere in the limelight, and now everyone is talking about it.

It turns out that the way TikTok works is not a new concept at all.

Originally, this app was previously called .

It was popular with teenagers, and they used it to publish 15-second videos of the most popular songs that sync their lips

Look, was all about music, but TikTok lets you post anything as long as it’s 15 seconds long.

And I think this approach has fueled their sudden rise to the top.

Because let’s be honest, not everyone likes music. And when the opportunity to get the variety was introduced, we took both hands.

What are TikTok coins?

Now you can either upload content that has already been created to the TikTok platform or decide to stream it.

Just like any other social media platform like Facebook, you can get a follower to follow that you are doing your thing live wherever they may be with you.


Of course by commenting.

TikTok coins are therefore in-app virtual currencies that are only acquired by paying with real money.

Free tiktok coins 2021

Once you have the coins, you can use them to appreciate your favorite Creator.

Think of it as a way of saying thank you for all the effort they put into bringing you entertainment through the best content.

Again, such appreciation during streaming is not a new thing at all, and as mentioned, some other platforms have implemented it in the past.

For example:

• YouTube has the Super Chat feature. Here, the viewer pays a small fee to make their conversation visible during the streaming. 

This keeps their comments highlighted over a period of time depending on how much they paid for it. 

Unfortunately, this is only a feature available to YouTube partners. And they share the revenue with the platform

• Twitch also has the same crash strategy. Here you send a certain amount to show that you appreciate the content

And this works like a charm. You feel good about entertainment, and the creator gets encouragement.

In some cases, the more you tip, the better your chances of getting a shout out.

It’s huge, especially when the channel is considered “big” in terms of popularity and follower.

And somehow the shout has turned into a strategy to make more money at TikTok.

Quick note:

TikTok coins are not some kind of crypto currency like Bitcoin or Liteco, so they cannot be mined.

As mentioned earlier, these coins can only be used in the TikTok app.

You won’t find them anywhere else, both online and offline.

How do you use TikTok coins?

First, in order to use TikTok coins, you must have them in your wallet. Earn them (then buy in the app). 

The prices of these coins vary, due to inflation and TikTok, which is trying to capture more profits from it.

At the time of writing, 100 TikTok coins are priced at $ 0.99, and you can have as many as you want, up to 10,000 coins.

Once the coins are in your wallet, you can use them to send gifts to your favorite creators. These gifts have varying value, and you only send them based on how they made you feel.

If you feel really good, you send valuable gifts, and vice versa.

These gifts are mostly in the form of emoticons.

gifts are mostly in the form of emoticons.

These emoticons can only be purchased with wallet coins and have a similar value. Ideally, there are five types of these emoticons:

• Panda – pays 5 coins.

• Italian handmade 5 coins.

• Love Bang – pays 25 coins.

• Sunscreen – 50 coins.

• Rainbow Puke – 100 coins.

• Concert – 500.

• I am very rich – 1,000.

• Drama Queen – pays 5,000 coins.

Again, these emoticons can be used during streaming. They appear in the chat, and only the creator sees them.

Something noteworthy, the TikTok streamer holds 50% of the value of the coins.

If viewers use 1,000 coins, the streamer gets 500 and TikTok takes the rest.

Once the creator has collected enough coins, they can immediately redeem them for diamonds.

Pay attention because these are not diamonds you think of.

They are virtual currencies used only by TikTok streams.

Its job is to store the value of the coins received before the streamer decides on the cash.

Therefore, TikTok diamonds, such as TikTok coins, cannot be used or found anywhere else outside the platform.

Once the streaming device reaches the threshold of more than $ 100 worth of diamonds, they can now convert them into real currencies sent through PayPal.

How to buy TikTok coins (step by step guide)

TikTok coins can only be purchased from the platform.

Anyone who tells you that he can give you coins outside the app is lying to you.

In fact, since the app introduced the use of coins, the number of sites that promise unauthorized users of TikTok coins has increased.

Well, to save you the hassle, there is no such thing.

Such sites are after your account. The TikTok hackers they promise will only result in your account being permanently banned from the platform.

How to buy TikTok coins

To purchase TikTok coins, follow these steps.

1. Log in to your TikTok account and find the Me button (usually in the lower right corner) and click on it

2. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen

3. Select Balance

4. You should be able to see the refill pack button, tap it

5. A list of the number of coins at the corresponding prices appears. Click the amount you want. Remember that you must be at least 18 years old to buy TikTok coins.

6. You will be given the option to pay with either Google Pay or Apple Pay if you have enabled them. Otherwise, you will have the option to use a credit card

7. If the event is successful, you will be notified in the app. Click Okay to proceed

Your TikTok wallet balance should now reflect the number of coins you just purchased.

How to earn ‘free TikTok coins

Unfortunately, there are no free TikTok coins anywhere on the Internet.

Heck, there is no legal way to get free coins from TikTok.

They can’t be earned anywhere other than by buying through the app, on both Android and iOS in real currencies.

As I mentioned earlier, if someone promises you free TikTok coins, hold on to your wallet and run as fast as you can.

These websites are either scams or hacked into your accounts to extract personal information.

In fact, TikTok is known for its solid position in monitoring its platform.

To maintain the security of all users, TikTok is known to immediately ban all accounts suspected of obscure activity on the platform, making the use of such TikTok coin generators invalid.

Think for a moment:

To change the coin balance in TikTok, generators must have access to TikTok databases.

That sounds ridiculous because it’s almost impossible given how much the company has invested in combating such attacks.

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