Email List : A Complete Growth Guide to sell more

Email List : A Complete Growth Guide to sell more

An email list has everything to be the beginning of a successful marketing strategy .

This if it is built in the right way, of course.

Even today there are businesses that are betting on so-called miraculous solutions, such as buying e-mail addresses whose origin is little known.

The same happens when the effort turns to finding out how to get a free email list.

As you will see in this article, it only works by luck.

If the virtual lottery doesn’t smile at you, the best thing is to fight to build your own relationship.

Not sure how? So, be sure to follow this article to the end.

You will understand what an email list is, the importance of this tool and everything you need to build yours.

We are going to list 10 powerful strategies so that you have a list of tailored e-mail addresses at hand, a material capable of taking your business to another level.

Interested? Good reading!

What is an email list?

What is an email list

An email list is more than just a list of email addresses.

It is a material that serves as a basis for sending communications, whose purpose is to nurture and qualify leads , who are potential customers of a business.

Have you heard of email marketing ?

This is a strategy used by professionals or companies to publicize and promote their brand and the solutions they offer, in addition to maintaining a closer relationship with their target audience.

It is from email campaigns that potential customers are introduced to news and promotions.

But what good would it do to create such promotions if you can’t access your audience, right?

This is precisely the purpose of an email list.

You bring together the contacts of people and companies with a potential interest in what you have to say.

They are also possible consumers of your products or services.

And that is why it is useless to buy an email list or download a free list of addresses.

What happens in these cases is that it will bring generic contacts, not necessarily related to your market niche.

If you go that route, you can make serious mistakes in the strategy, directing efforts to totally ineffective actions, such as delivering valuable content on baby care for those who do not have children or do not even think about having.

Later on, we’ll explain what kind of information you should have on your email list.

Before, however, you will know reasons for setting up yours right now.

Why build an email list?

Email list building

With so many people using social networks , you may even find that email is down.

After all, when comparing channels, we are talking about an old tool.

Old, but not obsolete. Quite the opposite!

According to the Radicati Group’s Email Statistics Report , this is still the main form of contact between companies and customers.

There are at least two reasons for the growing use of this channel.

The first of these concerns the need for the user of social networks to have just an email address to access them.

That is, there is no use thinking about Facebook , Twitter or Instagram without having an email account.

Furthermore, those who think that the advancement of technology could swallow the tool are mistaken.

According to the Radicati Group, 65% of email users worldwide use mobile devices to access their accounts.

See, therefore, that email never died, but it has reinvented itself to remain a marketing and sales strategy for businesses of all sizes.

And the data that we are going to present now only reinforces that.

According to Content Trends 2018, from Rock Content, email marketing is used as a channel for content consumption by 48.9% of the people who responded to the survey.

It is practically the same percentage of those who use online portals to find information of interest, which was mentioned by 52.7% of respondents.

And it is well ahead of print media (with 19.1%) and ads on Google (with 18.5%).

What do you think of creating your email list right away ?

What information should you have on your email list?

Setting up a first version of your email list is no big deal.

The information that must be collected is somewhat obvious, but it is worth remembering.

First of all, keep in mind your commitment to defining the business personas .

That is, what is the ideal customer profile that you seek to attract.

This initial step is necessary to understand who your marketing efforts will be aimed at.

Recalling that the creation of personas involves aspects such as gender, age group, income, education, habits and interests.

Knowing details about your target, see what information you should collect to build a complete email list:

• Name and surname

• Email address

• Profession

• Company

• Position held

• Segment in which it operates.

Basically, with the name and email address, you can now start an approach with the customer.

So, try not to be too sharp in the first contact, as we will explain in the next topic.

Start building your email list with a landing page

In digital marketing , another powerful tool is the landing page .

This is a lead capture page, a piece that serves as a kind of online form to obtain the data you need to build an email list.

The landing page, in general, is used to give the user access to rich content, such as ebooks and infographics .

As he is interested in the material, as it integrates his personas, he agrees to inform his name and email in exchange for the release of the download.

When you do that, you join your lead base, which are potential customers.

From there, the relationship between company and consumer begins.

For this to happen, ensure that the information on the landing page is objective and that the user does not see it as an invasive communication.

Although a good email list will provide additional details about the contact, as we explained earlier, it is not a good practice to require them in this first approach, as it can alienate and not attract the potential customer.

With a clean layout, restricting yourself to the necessary information and a flashy CTA (call to action) , you have what you need to capture that lead.

From there, just put into practice the strategies that we will teach you to build and qualify your email list.

10 Strategies You Can Use To Build And Grow Your Email List

How to build an email list

Now that we have mastered the theory, how about we move on to practice?

See what are the main strategies to adopt to have a powerful email list acting for the benefit of your digital marketing campaigns.


Ebooks are digital books, in-depth content on a given subject.

They function as a blog post in an expanded and detailed version, offering valuable tips, which serve as digital bait.

This means that having access to the content is so important to the user that he does not hesitate to provide his contact email to download it.

You can develop ebooks both to capture leads and to nurture and qualify the relationship with potential customers.

Remembering that this is a necessary effort to guide the user through the steps of the sales funnel of your business.

That is, until he is ready to make a purchase and become, in fact, a customer.

An ebook should have a complete content on subjects related to your niche, arousing great interest from your personas.


Checklists are didactic lists with sequential actions to perform a certain task.

It is a step-by-step relationship with everything the user needs, for example, to install equipment, prepare a recipe or build something.

What you are seeing in this article is a kind of summary checklist to build your email list.

Think, then, of a very complete and detailed list of tips for a task related to your niche.

Instead of offering it in a blog post format, you can create PDF content, just like the ebook, and make it available in exchange for the user’s email address.

You can also use this material to enrich the relationship with the potential customer.

3.Summary of articles

When an article interests the user a lot, he insists on having access to the material.

By offering a summary of it, you create a kind of tasting, which serves to further instigate it.

Thus, in order to continue reading, the reader accepts the challenge of providing his / her email address so that he / she becomes part of his / her email list.

In this case, he will not download any material, but simply have access to it on the page itself or on another that opens from it.

Obviously, the tactic works well, but not for any article.

You should only use this strategy for content that you consider special and of most interest to your personas.

Just don’t forget to deliver what you promise, because the expectation of the reader is usually high in these cases.

4. Infographics

The strategy behind infographics is very similar to that of ebooks.

That is, you create and make available special material on a subject of interest to your personas and only release access to it in exchange for the contact’s email.

It is also a very interesting digital bait.

An infographic is always an attractive piece visually and with rich content.

It combines elements that add value to information, usually from relevant studies and research.

They can have static content or even be interactive, allowing user clicks.

There are several tools that allow you to create a good infographic online.

Just don’t trivialize its use: do it whenever the format is required to offer material to readers.

5.Free courses

Every form of learning is useful for the user.

If he doesn’t have to pay anything for it, then the offer becomes even more attractive.

This is the case with free courses, which can bring a small sample of your authority on a given subject.

Even if you don’t work in the education sector, you can offer classes on how to perform a small service or use a product, for example.

The choice depends on your business model and operating niche.

The important thing is that the participant’s email acts as a guarantee of his registration.

That way, you can either capture new leads or qualify current ones.

6.Tool lists

You have probably had contact with the supply of such materials.

They are the ones that announce an X number of useful tools for a certain activity.

Want an example?

Think of a kit with 29 digital marketing tools.

Or maybe 15 tools to increase productivity in the workplace.

It can also be 11 management tools for small businesses.

All of these examples are valid to understand the opportunity that exists behind the offer.

Again, make the content available in exchange for the email.

Or, in a lead nurturing strategy, to bring you closer to a possible purchase.

7. Templates

Templates are ready-made models for the construction of a particular piece.

You certainly already had access to this type of material, such as when using templates to create infographics, for example.

Also templates to make a website, create a blog, among others.

They are great as a guide that facilitates the accomplishment of a task.

Your target audience certainly has templates of interest, related to your activity.

The secret, then, is to create material that adds value to the potential customer and encourages him to download it.

8. Newsletter

Newsletters are a great strategy to foster relationships with your leads.

We are talking about an electronic bulletin that disseminates news, news and promotions related to your business, which are sent to the registered email address.

Many leads can be generated from this offer, which can be permanently available on the website.

The subscription to the newsletter must also be disclosed on social networks , a channel that can still announce highlights of the newsletter, which increases the scope of the content.

And since the email address must be informed to receive the material, this piece could not be left out of the tips for building an email list.

9. Webinars

The webinars , in turn, are a kind of classroom video.

An online course, a workshop, a product demonstration or even a chat with followers can be a motivation to offer this moment to the audience.

Whether broadcast live or recorded, it represents an important opportunity for interaction with the public, allowing them to feel closer to the company.

Make sure you choose the theme of the webinar and confirm the registration from the registration of the interested email.

It is worth both to attract leads and to nurture them.


Videos are the new Internet fever. Or not so new.

They already represent the largest source of online traffic and, by 2020, should correspond to 80% of it, according to research released by Cisco .

Providing video content, therefore, is almost always a successful strategy to win over the audience and stay engaged with them.

Although this type of material can be offered through a YouTube channel , for example, it is worth thinking about ways to link access to the user’s email address.

That way, you act again on two fronts: generate new leads and invest in the relationship with the current ones.


Email list completion

An email list is an excellent starting point for a successful marketing strategy.

As you learned in this article, the tool is useful both for attracting potential customers and for driving current leads through your sales funnel .

Not only can you use this feature to sell more .

You can’t ignore the benefits of email in times of so much digital interest from the public.

So put what you learned today into practice.

Leave your comment below and share the content on the networks!

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