Earn money playing games on android now


Previously, video games were a simple form of entertainment. However, in recent years video games have become quite a popular and profitable way to earn money playing games on android and ios. 

Most of these games just require a little consistency. But in the case of games like NFT they require a bit of training and precision.

Free NFT Games Android

NFTs are blockchain-based games that use the technology of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum to give value to the characters and items of the game. 

NFTs allow users to easily and legally buy, sell, and trade these characters and items. In addition, they allow us to receive the profits directly to your digital wallet in BTC or ETH.

In recent months these games have become very popular, since they are very different from all the ones we mentioned above. Since they offer great returns , as is the case with Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity has had quite a stir in recent weeks due to the high pay that can be achieved. It is a universe that takes its inspiration from Pokemon where we can win chips by playing strategically.

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Alien worlds

Aliens Worlds is a completely free game . In this game, you must take the role of a special explorer who must go to a planet to work as a miner. There you can extract Trillium or TLM.

Dragonary Game

It is also a blockchoin game in which we can win for free. All games can be played for free.

Plants Vs Undead Farm

Basically it is the NFT version of the game Plants Vs Zombies. This is one of the most famous NFTs today. It will allow us to earn money by playing.

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Best Games to earn money on Android

Money App

Money Apps is an app that is available for both Android and iOS. It offers us to earn money by playing games, completing surveys, trying products for free and more.

Points can be redeemed by Paypal and payments are made relatively quickly. Two or three days after redeeming the reward.


Earning money with SlideJoy is very simple, as it pays users for just unlocking the mobile screen . It also allows us to make money from paid ads. Your payments are made mainly by Paypal. Available for Android and iOS.


It is a market research application that will pay us to give our opinion in paid surveys. It is not a game in itself, but paid surveys are as easy as completing a game. Make your payments from $ 10 by Paypal or gift cards.

Gamee Game

Gamee Game has more than 80 games with which you can earn money with your mobile. It also has a weekly jackpot of $ 1000 and a roulette that we can use daily to earn points.

Mistplay App

Mistplay app is not an app that has money in itself, but it will pay us to download other games and play them. By trying the game you can accumulate points that can later be withdrawn for real money. With just € 0.50 you can request a payment.

Big time app

Big Time app has different minigames that will allow us to accumulate tickets that we can later exchange for real money in Paypal. It allows us to level up as we play to get better rewards.

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Games to earn money on IOS


PointPrizes has a web version and a mobile version that is available for both iOS and Android. The platform offers us to earn money with surveys, watching videos, a wall of offers, tasks and games.


PointsPrizes offers free $ 3 coupons on their social media. Exchanges can be made for Paypal, Bitcoin, and Amazon gift cards.

Money App

Money App allows us to earn money with paid surveys and games. With these tasks, you will earn points that you can later exchange for different prizes, such as Paypal.

Bux X

Bux X is a trading application that will allow you to play by betting your money. The application has a beginner mode where they allow you to play with fake money to learn how to use the app well.

Pages to earn money playing for free

Next, we will mention some pages where you can earn money by playing.

King of prizes

King of Prizes is a Platform that offers us multiple ways to earn money . From surveys, tasks and contests to games and a wall of offers.

This platform allows us to play certain games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive to get tokens and koins that you can later exchange for real money.


Swagbucks also offers us different ways to earn money through its web version and its mobile version. Paid surveys, cashback and a wall of offers where we will earn money for performing different tasks, including playing.

The platform makes its payments by Paypal and Amazon cards from $ 10.


Betsim is a free betting site that has multiple prizes and gift cards: Paypal, Amazon, Steam and more. Just by registering with a referral link, give away 500 Bycoins.


Bananatic imitates the interface of a game, where you must create a character, and as you play, you will earn bananas, and you will level up to obtain more benefits. Bananatic allows you to earn money for playing important and renowned games.

Those bananas can be exchanged for real money or skins in LOL as well as in other games.


Achiever is also a sports betting website . In addition to these bets, you can also win money with contests and games.

The points you earn on the platform can be exchanged for gift checks, consoles, mobiles, digital games and other prizes.

Gift Hunter Club

GHC has both a web version and a mobile app available for Android. This platform will allow you to earn money by playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, testing apps, and contests.

Gift Hunter Club has Paypal as its main payment method and its minimum payment is just € 2. The site also has a two-tier referral system: get 10% of total earnings from your direct guests and 5% from your guests’ guests.


Beruby also has a version and a mobile version available for Android. Beruby is a Cashback website, that is, you will receive a refund for every online purchase you make through the platform.

Beruby also allows you to earn money with referrals and completing tasks such as watching videos and visiting web pages. The platform also pays by Paypal, but it also includes bank transfer. Withdrawals can be requested from € 10.

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