Earn money online playing games for free


What job could be better than to earn money online playing games for free?

Who wouldn’t want to earn money from their room, sitting at a desk, in their pajamas, or simply in their underwear?

Well yes, today there is that possibility of making money playing online, and much more than we might think.

You just have to think that in the world there are more than 2 billion online players and they say that by 2023 there will be more than 3 billion.

There is nothing.

Imagine what a large market to be able to find a niche where you can put your talent to work.

Well, in this post I am going to explain to you what are the best ways to earn money playing games for free.

How to earn money online playing games for free?


Well, first of all you need a network connection and a device that can be a PC, a laptop, a mobile / cell phone or a tablet. There are basically no strict rules for this, but I have to say that the most typical tools are the PC and the laptop, for obvious reasons.

As I said before, there are more than 2,000 million online players in the world. This means that more than a quarter of the world’s population plays video games online .

That means we have a huge market with infinite possibilities and different niches, that is, types of games.

Within each of these types of games to win money we can find thousands of possibilities and even more.

This way of making money playing is best seen with the most important ways or examples in this market.

So you can get an idea of ​​what is going on out there “out”, and maybe you can join one of those methods to generate income playing online.

1 On Youtube

The first mention could not be other than YouTube.

Earning money from this platform has become a classic of online businesses, and curiously, the gaming sector is one of the most important in that chain.

Yes, I know, YouTube is not what it used to be and many of its biggest influencers are no longer so present there, but I think it is important that we see that this medium was, perhaps, the pioneer where the most influential influencers became known famous from the gaming world.

In the Spanish-speaking world, everyone knows the stories of Rubius or Willyrex, among many others.

In fact, I think that in the world of online influencers, the best known in the world are those in the gaming sector, a fact that speaks for itself.

Well, “simple”, create content on a topic related to games where you are the highest authority.

It can be a local game, or a global one; It can be streaming or simply commenting on tricks of it.

If you specialize in a local game , let’s say for the Spanish market, it will most likely not take long for you to reach some popularity, and thus be able to make good sponsorship contracts.

If you want to reach a global audience , or at least that of the Spanish-speaking world (500 million people), you are going to have to work harder, or perhaps have that special talent, which makes everything easier.

This that I have just commented also works for the rest of the methods that I am going to present to you, that is, the subject of specialization.

Basically it is easier to succeed the more you specialize .

2 With Twitch

This platform came out to eat YouTube ground where it hurts the most: games.

In other words, it began as specialists for the game streaming sector, thus trying to capture the attention of that large niche.

Do you see how important the concept of specialization is, that even companies like Twitch use it?

However, with the passage of time the platform has opened up to more possibilities, and there is room for other niches beyond gaming.

Is it interesting to earn money playing on Twitch?

If you can get it, of course it is.

Some of the most popular users of this tool, such as Fornite Star Ninja, earn more than $ 100,000 per month on a regular basis.

Which one is better to win with streaming?

Well, it depends on which one you like the most, but it seems that in recent years the battle has been won by Twitch, which has more and more users.

3 With Facebook Gaming

The blue giant also wants to get into this lucrative streaming market and created a division to attack it called “Facebook Gaming”. After all, it could not miss the immense number of users of his platform.

The principles of making money from streaming games are similar to those of YouTube or Twitch, that is, be a specialist in a game, have fun sessions, get an audience, and then be rewarded with sponsorships, affiliates, advertising or direct sales from someone. product or service.

 4 Compete in game tournaments

One of the qualities of online games from almost its beginning was the interactivity between the different users.

You no longer need to travel to a site to play a tournament of table games.

Now it is possible to join millions of players on a platform or application and organize a competition to see who is the best player or players.

We have tournaments in games like Call of Duty, eSports World Convention, Fortnite World Cup, Dreamhack, League Of Legends World Championships and many more.

Can you make a lot of money like this?

You can win very good prizes, but it is very difficult for you to do so. It is not easy to be first in the world in the Fortnite championship.

It is not one of the ways to earn money playing that you should take as a regular income, but as a way to get extra money by participating in the game in which you are an expert.

What’s more, in fact I think that the best opportunity there can be in this regard is that through your participation in these tournaments you make yourself known.

Can you imagine staying at the top of the tournaments for a couple of years?

With that, you could make a name for yourself in your country and get a large number of followers.

There is also another possibility, which is to organize a championship of these, and try to get sponsors. 

This is easier said than done but I tell you that tournaments need organizers too and they don’t do it for the love of art.

5. Being a professional tester

Look, maybe you don’t know about streaming and talking for the camera.

Many are quite shy or simply not comfortable in front of the camera.

Well, don’t worry, there are also methods to monetize online video games that don’t require social skills. One of these methods is to test games.

Yes, this would be simply to put you to play games that have not yet come out or, if they have, they are looking for ways to improve.

A dream for any game lover.

This is not easy to achieve, but neither is any of the above methods, honestly.

There are many online gaming companies looking for testers, some better and some worse. If you are lucky you can get one that pays well. What’s more, you could even end up on the company’s staff. Who knows?

Here are some companies that are looking for testers from time to time:

• Ntry

• Blizzard (World of Warcraft) (find Blizzard jobs here )

• iGameLab

• Betabound

• Beta Family

• Android Central Forum

• Modsquad

6. Make money playing on free websites (minigames)

In recent years, many pages have proliferated to make games online for free that can even give prizes.

They are also known as the pages to earn money playing minigames, since the games they offer are simpler than the more complex games that we can find on the PC or Play Station, and so on.

These sites work in a similar way to survey sites or faucet pages. That is, yes, you can get income with them but it is not a method with which you should expect to earn a large salary or on a recurring basis. Forget that. 

Now, if you like to spend time playing, and at the same time take a prize, it may be a good idea.

Some of you may know some of these companies, which I already said are very popular in many countries and used by millions of people in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and basically all of Latin America.

Some of the most important are the following:

Bananatic : specialized in downloading and testing games with prizes that can be cash.

Gamehag : page dedicated entirely to games, which is also one of the largest in the sector and provides many options to gamers, both in games and themes.

Winner : website that allows you to play games and make bets all for free. In this you can even charge in Bitcoin.

Betsim : games page specialized in free sports bets (by name it was easy to deduce) As you win bets you accumulate points to exchange later for prizes, and you can even charge in Paypal.

GoalTycoon : if you like the world of soccer this is one of the best options. Here you can create a virtual team and get prizes.

King of Prizes : generalist online PPC page in which in addition to surveys and tasks there are a large number of games and contests

Maximiles : survey page that has a section dedicated to games, where they also give points that can then be exchanged for prizes, both in free cards or in cash.

This is but a small sample of companies of this type to be able to participate for free and to be able to take a few extra cents, euros or dollars.

7 Make money playing with Apps

There are more and more apps to earn money playing online. In a society where mobile use is the biggest hobby, it was only a matter of time before more and more people started using apps for everything, including games.

As with web pages, there are many applications that allow us to play for free and get prizes in return.

Some of the most important in the sector are:

• LuckStatic

• GameHag

• FunTap

• Cashyy

• Solitaire cub

• Bananatic

• Brain battle

• Big Time Cash

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How to make money online without playing games

Well, so far I have told you about the platforms where you can join for free and use them to earn money playing a game.

But there are other methods to earn money from home that are related to games but in which we do not have to play necessarily, or at least not on a regular basis.

These ways of making money with games are quite interesting because they can be turned into very lucrative professions.

Let’s see some of them.

8. Create a website related to videogames

You can create a website that is 100% based on video games. It can be a blog, a forum, a product website, a mix of those things or whatever comes to mind.

The fact is that having a website related to the niche you can reach many people, and that means that you will also have the opportunity to monetize the content.

It is true that the content of games is better adapted to a video format, but there is a large audience, especially adults, who are looking for more detailed information, information that is often better provided in writing.

A website of this type could be a simple review page where you compare the best games in a niche or in many niches.

Today it is not as easy as years ago, when there was not so much competition, but it is still possible to get into a niche in the sector that is little exploited.

9. Sell retro games

Maybe you have been a fan of games since your childhood and it turns out that you have a huge amount of them, especially the real ones, that is, tabletop.

If so, you could look into the possibility of selling them because there could be people willing to pay a lot of money for some relics that are no longer made.

This is also true for selling things like old consoles and products related to the sector. Imagine that you have a Game Boy in perfect condition. Perhaps there are people willing to pay you a good sum for it.

One way you can scale this to a larger business is to try to find retro games and products in second-hand stores in your city, or even on internet sites where they may be cheaper than normal, buy them and then try to sell them for higher price in your online store.

A place where things of this type can be sold is the well-known eBay .

10. Sell gaming equipment

With the number of games out there, I can tell you that the market for tools necessary to play is an impressive size.

Does that sound like the people who create Amazon affiliate websites ?

Well this goes there.

Imagine that there is a game in your country that can be used by more than a million people. If an item such as gloves or glasses is necessary for it, then there you have a very important market to try to enter.

If you apply this to a lot of games you could find some interesting niche markets, and you could even try to sell those gadgets directly, it depends on what is easier.

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11. Video game journalist

As a journalist you can specialize in creating content about videogames, both visually and in writing.

The demand for quality written content is very great and many large companies are looking for professional workers with specific knowledge, both in writing, web content technicians (SEO), or about games.

You can have a YouTube channel or a website and by collaborating with other media or people on the subject, you can end up creating a related company or they can also hire you from one if they have seen your work.

12 Game Developer

In this way we are not playing games continuously. No, we are paid to design the games.

This means that we need to have significant programming skills and possibly application development experience.

It can also be a great advantage that you are an inveterate gamer, since there is nothing better than being a user of something and then being able to create the products that best suit the needs of the demand.

The salaries that can be earned with this profession are very high, especially if we go to the most advanced countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany or Austalia.

Ways to monetize and earn real money playing

Playing for free is fine, but even better if we get some real money right?

That’s what this post is about.

So far we have seen the methods, platforms and sites to get money playing – mainly – online.

But it is necessary to see a little more detail these methods to be able to deposit money in a real way.

Let’s see them.

1. With advertising

This is the simplest method, and it is available on most online platforms, starting, of course, with YouTube or Google.

Youtube is the best known case. This platform gives us income from visits to our videos.

Let’s see an example

We have a gaming channel with about 20,000 visits a day.

If YouTube pays us about 40 cents per view, we can estimate that for 20,000 visits we could have 8 euros or dollars, it depends if you are in Spain or Mexico (remember that it is an example and it is not real, it is just to give you an idea) .

If we are in Spain that would be 240 euros per month.

Not a big deal, hey, but less is nothing.

The key is to find themes that pay more or are less competitive so instead of getting 20,000 daily visits you can get 200,000.

2. With affiliates

Affiliates are an old acquaintance in the online world, and so are the gaming world.

There are many of the companies in the game that have affiliate programs.

Affiliates work in the following way: we go to gaming companies or even companies specialized in the world of games. We sign up for the affiliate program.

On your website, video channel, instagram, Telegram or Pinterest you can put content about the games and at the same time promote those affiliates links. If visitors go to those companies and make a purchase, for example a game, they pay you a commission.

In general, you can make a lot more money with affiliates than with advertising, but you also have to focus the work much more.

It is even better if we are influencers who have the trust of thousands of followers, because this way they will follow our recommendations and that means better earnings as an affiliate.

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3. With sponsorships

This perhaps should have put it as number 1 in this section because it is a brutal method in the world of gaming, especially when you have become an influencer.


We assume that we have a video channel with game content with 100,000 subscribers.

One day a gaming company contacts us and tells us that for promoting it they pay us 200 euros for each video in which we do a promotion.

This is the theme.

This is a very simple example, but the numbers that can be handled in the sector are very high.

4. With own products

In other sectors it is easy to create products to sell. Think of the markets for SEO, online marketing, sales, “make money”, and so on. There are people who sell courses and books like hotcakes.

In the gaming sector, it can be a bit more difficult to find these types of products, but if you hit your head, you might think of something.

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