Check Canada Work Visa Processing Time

work permit processing time

The work permit processing time portal shows you how long it will take your application to be processed and approved or disapproved. So, to help you plan better you can check it out.

How long will my Canada work permit take to be processed? When exactly will my Canada work visa be ready?

If you are still wondering how much time it will take those processing your work permit to do so, this post is for you. Check this out now.

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Important Notice

Work permit processing time is influenced by some factors such as the type of application, country of applicant and Covid 19.

If you have applied for Canada work permit, Check your work permit application status

How to Check Canada work permit processing time

Immediately, you will see your application processing time on your screen.

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IMPORTANT: Due to the impacts of COVID-19, the work permit processing team can’t

  • process applications normally
  • give accurate processing times for most applications

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