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Economic sector

There are growing markets that offer the best opportunities to create and develop your business in any economic sector . Innovation and technology are rising values, there is no doubt, but you will be surprised to know that there are traditional sectors where you can also see an investment possibility .

Digital transformation, climate change, demographic transformation, migration and variation in work organization are some of the factors that are pushing a deep variability in the market. Let’s talk about all this to find the sectors of the future for new entrepreneurs.

The successive crises, both that of 2008 and that caused by Covid in 2020, have highlighted the need to transform the Spanish economy so that it depends less on sectors such as construction and hospitality, and ultimately, to make it more competitive and generating of employment.

It is a complicated task since it is necessary to bet on the development of innovative business initiatives in growing markets and businesses . But beyond what might be thought at first, there are not only options in the field of technology, traditional sectors are also evolving and offer new possibilities to attend to.

Entrepreneurship is also booming and, given the inconveniences of becoming self-employed, more than half of the self-employed workers (out of a total of 2,400) who participated in the National Self-Employed Study , consider autonomy and flexibility the greatest advantages of self-employment.

If you unite both items, you will realize that you have a perfect binomial in front of you in which the only question to be solved is in which sectors you should invest in that have a future projection.

Future Economic sectors

STEM and Technology Competencies

Software and computer code programmers are emerging as the “workers of the future.” Skills related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics will be highly sought after.

Its application is transversal to many expanding sectors: robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, data science, software industry, virtual reality, video games and of course the creation of platforms, web pages and online stores.

Digital marketing

Digital marketing has been a sector in clear expansion for years and everything seems to indicate that it will continue to grow in the coming years.

Its increasing complexity has led to the emergence of numerous specialists: content creators and inbound marketing experts, copywriters, media buyers such as SEM technicians and traffikers, digital designers, user experience (UX) experts, growth hackers. They are just some of them.

Thinking green

That there is increasing awareness that climate change is a reality that must be stopped is indisputable. For this reason, many of the jobs that will have more future projection will be those that have to do with “green jobs”.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), they are all those that contribute to increasing energy efficiency, limiting greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing waste and pollution, promoting the circular economy, restoring ecosystems, adapting to climate change, etc. For example, we talk about recycling, bio-construction, renewable energy, non-polluting vehicles, forestry (activities related to the management of forests or forested mountains) …

Any idea that comes to mind in this regard deserves to be analyzed to see what its real viability could be. You probably have a “diamond in the rough” on your hands.

In addition, the European funds for the recovery of the Covid crisis will dedicate a significant part to financing initiatives for sustainable economies.

The care economy

Just think about these two things: aging population and homes in which the guardians of the minors work outside the home.

And it is that while the Spanish population ages drastically, the number of births has been declining in our country for a decade. In fact, Spain is already the second state in the European Union with the lowest birth rate , contributing 1.31 births per woman.

This trend makes the care economy , of the elderly and of children, a sector of the future to start a business. And we don’t just talk about the stay, but also about health services for them, care for people with disabilities, etc.

Rural world

The rural economy also offers great potential to develop businesses with a future as it contributes to sustainable development . It has a great capacity to create jobs , it continues to be an engine for the development of rural areas and it is open to new alternatives to cultivation, such as leisure and tourism.

The progressive introduction of quality internet access in rural areas and the trends towards teleworking and the return of part of the population to more natural environments, open the door for many professions with a future that can be practiced remotely to develop from the rural world.

Quality food

Faced with the world of fast food, more and more people value high-quality, specialized products with many sales development options in their online store version .

It is a sector that does not stop generating employment and that increasingly exports more from Spain.


Every time we begin to bet more on “smart cities”, urban development projects in which economic, social and technological sustainability and with a high quality of life are sought.

But there are still not too many companies that are dedicated to this type of activity. Therefore, all those initiatives that are focused on the development of human capital, environmental, etc. they will be booming in the near future rather than the distant future.


Electric motorcycles, bicycles and electric scooters have taken the streets of our cities. And although the new applicable regulations and the Covid crisis may delay its growth, it is undoubtedly a sector with enormous potential for the 1920s.

On the one hand, they allow to move quickly and easily in a close environment and, on the other, they avoid contamination . If you have an idea related to this sector both in the creation of the vehicle, as in its distribution, shared use, implementation in areas other than cities, etc. you could have many “ballots” to succeed.

Of course, you must not lose sight of the fact that, as I was saying, the legislation applicable to this type of vehicle is in the spotlight and we do not know in what direction it may evolve. Be very careful with this investment.


Well-being, health, food, aesthetics, will continue to be part of our day to day in the future. Everything that is nutrition plans and business models that help you take care of yourself and feel better are good business. In this sense, therapeutic applications and video games are also a “safe” bet.

Activities by sectors with business creation potential

Below we list some of the activities with the greatest potential for business creation and job creation:

Agriculture, Livestock and fishing

• Ecological production and distribution of high quality products.
• High-tech agricultural production with sensors for pests, drones for precise tracking and computerized monitoring.
• Transformation of agricultural products.
• Aquaculture.

Industry and construction

• Design, quality and adaptation to the consumer in the traditional industry.
• Robotization.
• Rehabilitation and reform of houses.
• Genetics and biotechnology applied in the pharmaceutical and agri-food industry.

Society of Information

• Telecommunications
• Internet, e-commerce and online marketing.
• Mobile applications.
• Video game.
• Internet of things devices
• Computer networks and systems.
• Management of databases and databases.
• Telecommuting and teleservices.
• Multimedia.
• Graphic design and infographics.

Tourism and hospitality

• Quality tourism.
• Specialized tourism: companies, adventure, languages, nature, flamenco …
• Healthy and quality fast food.


• Local trade, highly specialized and offering a fun experience.
• Omnichannel commerce, combining physical stores with e-commerce.

Company Services

• Specialized business consulting services: marketing, quality, human resources,
corporate social responsibility, networking.

Services to people

• Services for the elderly.
• Domiciliary services.
• Health and beauty products and services.
• Pets and animals.
• Security.

Leisure and free time

• Leisure and entertainment industry. Cultural activities.
• Sport activities.
• Audiovisual content.
• Environmental services
• Renewable energy.
• Waste management.
• Ecodesign and bioconstruction.

Hopefully from this article you are clear about what you want to invest in, in which economic sector to open your business, and you are a successful entrepreneur.

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