Simple business ideas for teens and young entrepreneurs.

business ideas for teens

Study and earn money at the same time! Today we will give you creative business ideas for teens and young entrepreneurs .

Are you a college student or a teenager? do you want to start your own business? or Are you looking for a business for your children?

Whatever your situation, if you are entering the job market for the first time, starting your business is a great idea!

Good business ideas for teens

Many young people dream of having their own business. But then the problems begin: it is difficult to know where to start and, even more, to get money for the initial investment. 

However, there are many good business ideas for teens that can be started with little or no money.

On the internet you will find many guides on how to start a business. However, success stories always start with a great idea . From kilometer zero, you must contemplate two fundamental questions:

What do people need?

How can I satisfy that demand?

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some business ideas for young people. If none convinces you, take it as a brainstorming that will help you find that winning idea that you were waiting for.

Copywriting services.

Companies often need to publish content for their blogs and do not have specialized human resources. Therefore, they turn to people with a talent for writing . If you build a small portfolio of clients, you can start an interesting little business.

Set up a blog

In that case, all the content you are going to create is yours . If you have good articles and a basic SEO knowledge, you can have traffic. Then you have several ways to monetize it. 

Advertising is one, another is the sale of sponsored items , but you can also use referral systems or sell your own products or services. Here’s a complete guide on how to monetize a blog.

Translate services

In an increasingly internationalized world, bilinguals have an advantage , because they can dedicate themselves to translating content. Of course, it is not a profession that is improvised. 

You need a high command of the language, and a high level of precision. But, if you get a sufficient number of clients, you can turn it into an interesting business even as a teenager.


business ideas for teens : photography

There is a high demand for good photographs. Not only for weddings and events, but also for people who want to improve their profile on social networks, or in applications such as Tinder. 

And let’s not forget the entire market for companies, who need good images for the web, Facebook and other platforms

Recommended read: how to start a photography business as a teenager

Organize dinners at home

Do you cook very well but do not want to invest too much or have high fixed expenses? There is an interesting market niche: the private chef . 

You go home with all the ingredients, and your kitchen equipment, and there you prepare a personalized dinner for a family or a group of friends.

Cooking or cocktail academy

Another way to make your talent profitable is through teaching. You can set up a cooking academy, renting a place or reaching an agreement with restaurants to use their facilities outside of meal hours. 

You can also give classes online with video calls, and have the students follow your steps. The idea can also be applied to the creation of cocktails

Business ideas for teens online

The digital age has also reached businesses, it is known that, at least on mobile, there are 3.9 billion active Internet users around the world.

This “small” number is only a representation of the great opportunity that presents itself to generate your new income, since of the aforementioned percentage, 1.16 billion people have bought online.

So that is why it is important to promote your products or services. In what way? There are several ways to announce to the world that you have a digital presence in which you offer something:

  • Online store (ecommerce)
  • Website for business
  • Blog
  • Social networks to post what is sold
  • Platforms such as Mercado Libre or Amazon

By these means you can start doing business. For this it is important that you convince and trust the potential buyer with images about your product or service, your offices (if you have them), evidence of your previous satisfied customers, etc.

Own online store with dropshipping

Do you want to start your own ecommerce but you don’t want to invest a lot of money? The dropshipping system is a good solution. It is a model in which you work without stocks, relying on a supplier that delivers the products directly to your customers.

Product analysis website with referral systems

If you are willing to learn a lot about a type of product, you can create an analysis website where you will review in detail the characteristics of each item or equipment. 

If you also link these informative content to online stores such as Amazon through a referral link , you will charge a commission every time someone buys after coming from your website.


Without a doubt, blogs are open to everyone, as long as useful, educational or entertainment content is added to share. So, if you think you have good knowledge on a particular topic, you can earn money by sharing that knowledge to a wide range of audience through your blog on the internet. 

If you have good content on your blog, a lot of people (human traffic) will visit it and the higher the traffic, the more money you can earn through the ads of corporate organizations. 

You can also make money from your blog through AdSense, by offering subscription services to members and also selling your products through your blog.

The key is often to find profitable blog ideas for which I recommend using google trends as a tool to assess trends.

Become a Social Media Manager

Young people generally have a good understanding of various social media platforms, hence it is possible to start earning money by managing the social media of busy business executives, politicians, civil servants, pastors, celebrities and figures. public.

It will be necessary to acquire some SEO and SEM knowledge to be able to provide the best service, all this can be learned for free on the internet.

Web page development

The economy is increasingly digital, and companies do not stop having web development needs. First to have a page, and probably an online store. But also to update and improve its services, and offer new functionalities. 

The programmers and designers have many options to sell their services.

Creation of apps

Mobile applications for Android and iOS are another of the great markets for computer scientists. We all know that mobile devices represent a fundamental part of our modern lives, and we are installing more and more applications.

SEO services for companies

Earlier I talked about social media management. I put it in another category, because, in my opinion, it did not require much computer knowledge. The case of web positioning, or SEO , is something else. 

It has a part that is not very technical, such as content optimization or link management. But there are also development and programming aspects , for example, to improve the speed of a web page.

Creative small business ideas for teens

small business ideas for teens (2021)

Starting a business young is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. Whether creating a business or entering the capital markets, you are already one step ahead of 90% of the population. 

So don’t miss the opportunity to start a profitable business as a teenager and get to work on your future with these profitable small business ideas for teens.

Open a video game, movie or comic shop

Although adults also enjoy playing games, the largest group of people who normally frequent a video game store are in their teens, making it much safer for a young person to open a video game center, since it is easier for teens to relate to other teens.

Since the video game category has a wide spectrum, it can be combined with movies and even comic books, where we can sell merchandising that generates an extra.

Start a cleaning company

You don’t necessarily have to start a large, well-structured cleaning company before making money in this industry. 

As a young person who is interested in starting a business, you can start a small business that offers cleaning services in and around your neighborhood. 

You don’t need to compete for jobs with the corporate organizations of large cleaning companies; House cleaning jobs guarantee constant cash flow.

You must bear in mind the idea of ​​having the possibility of issuing an invoice in order to get a job in large companies that will be more profitable for you.

As to cite an example, if you take a cleaning job in a Bank it is equivalent to what we earn in 5 private houses, so it is a better use of time and effort just to have an invoice. This is thus one of the lucrative business ideas for teens and young entrepreneurs today.

Making and selling cookies

The manufacture and sale of cookies is a very prosperous and profitable business where a young person can take advantage of to make money. The artisanal sale, so to speak, of our products allows us to focus on a certain type of customer.

We must bear in mind that no matter how much it is a product made in house, we necessarily have to create a brand and a packaging that differentiates us.

Video and photo coverage business

If you are good with cameras and have the ability to record good videos or take spectacular photos, then you can start a video coverage activity as one of the business ideas for teens in 2021.

If you do not have great knowledge, there are many free online courses that can help you get started in the field, you can even be a helper for someone who is already in the field to learn faster. 

It is possible to market the service within the same social environment, at weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, graduates, photo books, among many other options.

Download center for music, movies, games and applications.

If you are looking for an easy-to-set-up business to set up, an excellent alternative is to open a center where people can pay to download music, movies, computer games, and applications. 

Basically what is needed to start this type of business is a laptop and the willingness to work; it is one of the business ideas for teens that can be launched successfully with minimal capital.

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