Revealed! Best NFT Games To Earn Money (NFT games 2023)

Best NFT games to earn money - what is axie infinity
Best NFT games to earn money - what is axie infinity?

You may have seen a lot of advertisements on the internet about how to make money easily by gambling. But the games that we are going to present here have different proposals due to a special feature: the blockchain.

This is the case for Axie Infinity, Light Nite, Chainz Arena and Traps – some of the best nft games to earn money in 2023. Games that run on Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains that reward their players with real money.

Non-fungible token explained (NFTs)

Non-fungible token

Non-Fungible Tokens are also known through the acronym NFT or even as cryptocollectionals, and these are a type of cryptographic token that represents a unique asset, that is, an NFT is a unique token that cannot be repeated in the digital world.

NFTs are essential pieces of the digital economy proposed by Blockchain technology.

In this way, it is understood that a Non Fungible Token is a type of cryptocurrency that can be identified and differentiated when used in an interaction and is in circulation. 

As we have mentioned, it is a unique digital asset and this makes it non-divisible. This very important characteristic means that they cannot be interchanged and therefore, no two NFTs are the same. 

Best blockchain games to make money

Video games on blockchain technology that have developed an internal economy allowing players to generate profits in cryptocurrencies that, as we all know, can later be easily exchanged for local currency depending on the country where you are.

First I want to clarify that; they don’t pay you to play , it’s not about that.

Blockchain video games have developed an economy among players that can be different for each game.

In some cases it is complicated and it takes time to start generating your first earnings but you can generate more than 400 dollars a month in the advanced levels.

Some of these games that I am going to present you are completely free, but some others, you must buy the game to have access, or spend a few dollars in withdrawal fees.

Play-to-earn – Can you make money playing NFT games?

Best NFT games to earn money - what is axie infinity

Play to win, that’s the new paradigm of blockchain gaming. Playing video games and earning money or cryptocurrencies in return is now possible.

With non-fungible tokens (NFT) a player can have in his portfolio any digital asset that he has won by competing: from weapons, coins, lands, skins … Everything is tokenizable!

Best NFT games to earn money 2023

Blockchain video games have opened a new economy, which revolves around tokens and the governance of their users. Let’s see what are the most interesting projects today.


axie infinity logo

Axie Infinity, the NFT game that took  play-to-earn  to the next level

NFT cryptocurrency collectibles exploded in popularity in early 2021, attracting the interest of large numbers of millennials ( not just a few adults anymore ) and helping the NFT craze to become mainstream that it is today. 

More and more blockchain-based gaming companies are focusing their developments in the face of this new market for blockchain and NFT video games  . The game Axie Infinity, from indie studio Sky Mavis, is the example to follow.

This monster fighting game has managed to stand up to the recent fall in the cryptocurrency market (in which Bitcoin has once again visited the support of $ 30,000) until registering an astronomical growth of which there were no records in the sector of video games based on the blockchain network. At the end of July 2021, the company claims to have more than 350,000 daily active users.

what is axie infinity?

It is a turn-based game built on the ethereum blockchain in which you collect creatures that you can reproduce to sell on the NTFS market (non-fungible tokens).

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These creatures called axies, are represented in cards with which we can have combats to earn rewards, it is similar to pokemon but with many more components that make it much more immersive and complex at the same time.

In the adventure of axie infinity you can find a large market to buy and sell axies that according to their complete and extensive package of characteristics such as attack, defense, type of skills, rarity, number of hatchlings, etc. will have a value in the market, since the game has an excellent supply and demand.

It should be clarified that the game itself is considered free, but you cannot just start playing it since its initial condition is to have your first 3 axies linked to your metamask portfolio.

The only way to get those 3 axies to start playing is to buy them from another player in the market. Axie zone.

Currently you can find axies from a minimum of $ 20. sometimes the market goes down and you will find axies for less than $ 15.

Although it seems expensive to play it, once you start and take the thread of the game you will be able to improve and reproduce your axies, which depending on the characteristics and improvements it may have, you can sell them at prices similar to or higher than the 3 axies you bought in the beginning, which being NFTS you can freely trade or collect them forever in your wallet.

This means that at some point you will be able to sell the initial 3 axies and recover that investment.

Recently, a player has sold 4 axies for an approximate price of 165 thousand dollars in ethereum.

Therefore, the differential of Axie Infinity is in its economic structure, allowing free trading of tokens, items and even land for digital money. If you have a MetaMask wallet, you can connect to the official Axie Infinity store.

You must synchronize the balance between the game and your wallet with the option “Synchronize love potion”. To buy your Axies deck, you should exchange them, preferably, for Ethereum. So have fun charging, I mean playing!


This game is created on the TRON Blockchain with the SOUL token. It is about collecting cards with different types of rarity represented according to the number of stars, color, element etc.

As you level up with automatic battles, you will be able to improve your cards until you can exchange them in the market. The game is completely free but it is quite slow and difficult to advance, you can buy good cards to start more easily if you invest in TRON. currently the cheapest cards you can buy and sell for around 163 tron ​​equivalent to about $ 4.45.

the most expensive cards sell for up to 10,000 tron, equivalent to about $ 270.

The easiest way to win in this game is by buying in an exchange the SOUL token is bought with the tron ​​currency. Then we send the SOULs into the game to freeze them and generate passive income in TRON, EOS AND ETHEREUM. 

This income is distributed according to the profits generated by the gaming market, that is to say, from the commissions for the sale of cards between the players, thereby making it one of the best nft games to earn money in 2023.

At any time you can defrost your SOULs, withdraw them and sell them on the tron ​​market again. If you unfreeze your souls, you stop generating the aforementioned passive income but it is important to know that at any time you can withdraw your investment and recover what you invested. There are no fixed percentages of winnings since it all depends on how the internal market of the game moves.


light nite

In this game you can get the most out of your skills in games like free fire, fornite, pubg and in general if you like battle royale style games, you can generate profits in satoshis (bitcoin fractions) with this game developed on the liquid network of bitcoin.

The game is currently in early development and will be released for free play. Although you can now play as seen in the images and start generating profits in SATS, in order to access and download the game you must buy it for $ 20 that helps the development team to continue the advancement of the game.

 Items acquired during the development phase by everyone who buys and helps in the testing of the game will be unique and extremely rare collectibles such as weapons, costumes, characters, etc. that will increase in value as the game grows.


This browser game developed in the Tron network as a smart contract, is very similar to the well-known in which we start as a small circle that grows as it devours elements throughout the map, among those elements you can devour other players smaller than you but be careful that the bigger ones can also devour you.

You can play completely free since the game will simulate that you have 10 tron ​​to play with those that your circle starts, as you divide or get smaller you will lose some of those 100 tron, you lose the game if they devour you completely. It is thus one of the best nft games to earn money for passionate gamers.

This mode is only useful for learning because if you really want to make money with this game you must invest 5 or 25 tron ​​in each game you play. In this way, each player that you devour in the game will add the amount of tron ​​that it had, but if they devour you in parts or completely, you will lose the equivalent amount that appears on the screen.

Making money with Play-to earn NFT games 2023: the future of gaming?

It is normal that the public is increasingly looking for more profitable play-to earn NFT games. We are witnessing the birth of a new era of gaming . 

There have already been companies like Activision-Blizzard that have dared to flirt with the introduction of real money, as was the case with the real money auction house of its title Diablo III , or to take another more popular example, the envelopes of cards that different players give you for your team in the FIFA saga or even the  loot boxes  that grant premium weapon skins in Counter Strike: Global Offensive .

The play-to-earn system is a leap to a new level within the concept of making money playing: with the advent of video games based on the exchange of NFTs, the door opens to a much more lucrative, fluid and open trade. all the public that wants to participate in the economy of each game.

That’s it on some if the best nft games to earn money in 2023. Let’s us know what you think using the comment box below.

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