Best Investment Options In Nigeria : 6 Amazing Click Bank Alternatives

In a lot of areas of technology, there is usually a dominant player. We know about how Microsoft pretty much dominates every aspect of PC technology. There are smaller companies that dominate application areas too like Adobe for PDF file or Photoshop for photo editing.

And when it comes to the internet and online marketplaces, the dominant power there, is no doubt Clickbank. But it’s good to know what investment options in Nigeria are clickbank alternatives are out there for comparison purposes, especially for Nigerians.

What is better than ClickBank?

Each of these fine alternatives to clickbank in Nigeria discussed hereunder has things to offer and some drawbacks too. But it is worth knowing what to look for so you can make an intelligent decision. There is just no question that Clickbank dominates the field for good reasons.

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Clickbank is by far the largest affiliate marketplace in the world. So by putting your product on Clickbank, you could potentially see it picked up for sale by over 150,000 affiliates if they notice you. That is quite a sales army to cash in on.

An added benefit of utilizing Clickbank that makes it stand out is that you can get this army of affiliates to sell your products far and wide and you don’t have to pay them a dime.

The payment is handled by the commission system which means you only see any money go to the ones that are successful and its part of the financial structure of the site. That’s a brilliant way to organize their service and it has paid off for Clickbank and for the rest of us beautifully.

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A few of the policy decisions Clickbank has made are not so brilliant and put them in the negative side of the evaluation. The policy that is beneficial to Clickbank customers but causes a lot of problems is their iron clan refund policy.

This is an outstanding customer relationship approach because it sends the message that Clickbank stand behind the products sold on the service. But in a world such as Clickbank’s where the entire transaction and all products are digital, it pretty much leaves an open door to thieves and shoplifters who download products and then file for refund without explanation.

Because Clickbank pays the affiliates and keeps that burden off of the merchants who come to the marketplace, the transactions are clean and more merchants feel freedom to participate in Clickbank. And then because Clickbank has become the premier marketplace for digital products, more affiliates want to be involved which only continues to add to the momentum of the site to dominate this market.

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From the other side of the transaction, when a merchant wants to put a product into a marketplace and then go through the support steps of linking to it from a web site and adding keyword optimized articles to drive traffic to the products, that merchant wants to know the largest affiliate base is out there to take it from there and really get that product into broad distribution and sales.

There simply is no better way to do that than to go with Clickbank.

However, following the ‘official’ ban of Nigerians on the platform by not allowing any user with Nigerian IP address to create an account successfully, the available alternatives to clickbank in Nigeria as discussed below have thus become desirable.

Best 6 investment options in Nigerian.

1.) Expertnaire

Expertnaire is an affiliate network for and by a Nigerian where digital marketers or producers sign up and promote high quality digital products from numerous vendors.

Expertnaire is actually known and regarded as the clickbank of Nigeria. As such, with Expertnaire, affiliates in Nigeria do not need to look out to Clickbank because all they need and more are offered in the platform.

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One of the standout benefits of Expertnaire is vetting products from potential vendors before they are listed on the affiliate platform.

More so, affiliates on Expertnaire are added to a community of thousands of others where they rob minds to make sense of affiliate marketing.

On Expertnaire, affiliates earn from 30-70+% commissions and they have access to unlimited digital products. Payments are made in Naira every Friday i.e four times a month with a minimum threshold of N5,000.

2.) Digistore24

DigiStore24 is said to be the exact representation of the Clickbank marketplace and a good investment option in Nigeria.

With affiliate commissions of up to 70% available on this alternative to clickbank in Nigeria, all you need to do is sign up as an affiliate, get your affiliate links, and start promoting the products.

Although DigiStore24 is open to anyone, as a Nigerian, you’re not allowed to join in officially.

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This is because (according to them) the Nigerian Government scared them away with a huge taxation payment structure.

Thus, the only route possible to key in and make up to 70% commissions is using a VPN.
This particular alternative to clickbank in Nigeria has a free method of membership that also allows affiliates unlimited access to digital products.

The acceptable payment options are PayPal and direct deposit while the minimum threshold is €50.

3.) Jvzoo

Jvzoo is pretty similar to Clickbank with numerous digital products to promote. The marketplace has over 800,000 active affiliates that have banked millions of dollars in commissions.

Though there are a lot of good and quality digital products to promote, on the other hand, there are also whacky products. As such, you advised to exercise caution in your choice of products to promote.

The method of membership is free. Here, a vendor may decline from allowing you promote his products.

You get paid via either JvzooPay, PayPal, check or manual process with a minimum threshold of $50.

4.) WarriorPlus

WarriorPlus is another investment option in Nigeria and an alternative to clickbank affiliate platform where you promote Digital products and get paid here in Nigeria.

One notable benefit of WarriorPlus is that you get the top-performing or hot selling product each day which means, you can jump in and compete with others to sell similar programs.

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However, just like Jvzoo, you’ll have to be approved to promote any product of a vendor.

It has a free membership method though the vendor may actually decline from allowing an affiliate promote his / her products.

Stripe and paypal are the two acceptable payment options with a minimum threshold of $15.

5.) ShareASale

ShareASale is actually one of the notable Clickbank alternatives in Nigeria though you might find difficult to join unless your site racks in a high volume of visits

ShareASale has a mechanical though easy going interface. They’ve been in business for over 20 years though recently acquired in 2017 by Awin.

6.) Jumia Partner Program

The Jumia Partner or Affiliate Program is another clickbank alternative in Nigeria that goes without mention.

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With the Jumia Partner program, you can earn up to 13% of products sold via your affiliate links.

Promoting Jumia products won’t be much of a hassle because they already have a reputation as the Amazon of Nigeria, if not Africa.


The above are considered as the best available investment options in Nigeria and alternatives to clickbank for Nigerians because clickbank seems to be the best. There is just no question that Clickbank dominates the field for good reasons.

At Nairalanceblog, we provide you with the top available options to choose from.

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