Real Ways To Make Money Online From Home For Free

Fast ways to make money online

Who wouldn’t want to know the ways to make money online and make more money available as easily and with little effort as possible? 

After all, there are many more fun things in this life than just working. If you think about it, then we totally agree with you and that is why we have written this guide.

I have chosen the best ways to make extra income at home or online. All the tips in this article have been tested in practice and may be such that not every tip is suitable for everyone.

The most important thing is to choose from there 2-3 tips that are most interesting to you and put them into practice as quickly as possible.

You can only get more money when you do these things in practice and test how much you can earn with them.

14 Ways to Make Money Online Fast

Fast ways to make money online

Here is a list of the 14 best fast ways to make more money online while at home or work. Read through these tips and try the ones that interest you the most. 

You can also bookmark this page or share with your friends that you can come back together to read these tips and test together what are the best ways for you to make more money.

1. Paid surveys (easy and fast way)

Participating in these surveys is a quick and easy way to earn extra income and does not require any special skills from you. 

You can fill out surveys on your phone, tablet, or computer, and you can answer them from anywhere, anytime, even from your home couch.

You may have heard that by answering opinion polls online, you can make money at the same time. Often, answering these paid surveys takes about 5-10 minutes and costs you between € 1-3. 

You can make yourself an hourly wage of 10-15 euros if you find enough questions to answer. 

For this reason, we recommend that you register for more than one service, as some services only offer a limited number of queries per day. 

Here you will find a list of the best survey services that offer paid surveys.

2. Make money with just your phone

This is one of the newest and most popular ways to make money with normal phone use…

You will be paid for downloading a program that displays an ad every time you unlock your phone, another option is to download the app and allow it to monitor your internet usage on your phone. 

They get valuable information about consumers ’online habits from this and pay you a fee for being a test person.

You can use these services / applications to earn money on your phone:

• Cashpirate

3. Flipping goods

This may sound boring, but there are a lot of interesting possibilities involved. Whether you’re a computer nerd, a Riviera Maison fan, or are you really interested in a topic. 

For example, in some sites you can easily make a few tens or even hundreds a month when you buy cheap and sell the same products at the right market price. 

Here is one example from the world of computer components.

Almost at the same time, Tor had the same component on sale, a computer processor (model name: i7-6700K). 

The selling price of the second announcement was € 110 and the second was € 200. We sent a message to both that this processor is still on sale, but both vendors replied that the product had been sold. 

In fact, that more expensive part had been sold in the past and we believe the trades had been made for € 170-190 because it was the right price for that component at the time. 

By buying cheaply and reselling it in this case, you could have earned € 60-80 in one transaction.

Usually a good profit is around € 10-20 per product. It’s not worth focusing on products that usually cost € 50-150 that you are able to make at least a € 10 profit. 

It is also a good tactic to follow sales announcements in an industry forum, as prices are often cheaper there.

So you can do this with just about any item: computer parts, home decor, furniture, children’s clothing, toys, or even fishing tackle.

Now in April 2021 in Tor, computer graphics cards are very popular due to the growing popularity of mining cryptocurrencies. 

One example is the RX580 (8gb) graphics card, which costs around € 299 as new and last autumn they were available from Tor for € 120-140. 

Just currently used, i.e. 2-3 years old, cost over € 350 and go like hot stones.

4. Make a product recommendation

Some companies pay compensation if you recommend their products and as a result someone buys their products. This is also called affiliate marketing. Many bloggers and social media influencers make money this way. 

You can make a recommendation on Facebook, Instagram, discussion pages and in addition to these you should have your own website or blog.

Commissions range from 5-25% of the price of products sold. This requires a little more thought and work, but this has the potential to earn several hundred euros a month completely passively. 

That is, if you do not have a compelling need to get more money right away, then you should definitely explore this option in more detail.

5. Try freelance work

The demand for freelancers is growing really fast. If you are good at writing or can take photos, do image editing or edit videos, then there is definitely a demand for your skills. 

Fiverr is one popular service through which many are looking for agents. Another good service is Upwork, which is also worth checking out.

Even if you don’t have any special skills, these freelancers can be utilized in another way. 

In Finland, there is a service, through which many entrepreneurs are looking for a logo designer for their company. 

Many are willing to pay € 100-200 for designing a logo , which can be purchased from Fiverr for € 20-40. 

That is, you can act as an intermediary here. Join the Nerot service and offer logo design for as little as 150 euros and order a logo from the Fiverr service for 30 euros, for example, so after sending a few e-mails you can get 120 euros in revenue from each successful transaction.


• Register for free, set up your gig and offer your work to our global audience.

You will be notified when you receive your order and use our system to discuss the details with your customers.

• Pay on time, every time. Payment will be transferred to you when the order is completed.

Start here!

6. Find easy part-time telecommuting

This can be thought of in two different ways. Another way is to find yourself a part-time extra job that you can do at home and it’s easy and not stressful for you. 

For example, e-commerce customer service, acting as a chat operator, or telemarketing may be suitable options. 

The most important criterion here is that the work could be done at home and preferably the working hours could also be influenced by oneself.

Another view on this issue is to get a full-time job where you have free time within the working day. Many office jobs are suitable for this. 

The idea is that during the workday, when you have idle time then you can take advantage of it to build extra income. 

You can then do paid surveys or build yourself a blog where you recommend reviews and recommend different products.

So you do two different jobs during the same working day. A side job should be one from which you have the opportunity to get passive or at least time and place independent income at some point. 

This may sound a little awkward at first, but we highly recommend reading the best book in the world in this regard: 4-Hour Work Week or listening to it as an audiobook (available in English only).

7. Airbnb rental

This is one very good but undervalued way to make extra money. If you are able to rent one room in your home or you have the opportunity to stay temporarily with your friends or parents, then you may want to try putting a rental notice on Airbnb. 

This costs nothing and doesn’t even bind you to anything. You can put the ad on the service and test if there would be a demand for it. 

If you don’t want to accept bookings, then you don’t have to do that, but at least you’ll find out how much you could get for rent per night.

With an Airbnb rental, you can earn more money from a few dozen to a few hundred euros a month. 

This alone can be the solution to many situations where there is a need to get money right away. Here are some tips for a successful Airbnb rental:

• Take good pictures of the apartment from each room (including the bathroom). Write a comprehensive description of what is found in the apartment and what is not. 

The more information you provide, the more reliable the apartment will seem to the tenant’s eyes.

• See the price level of similar apartments in your area and start with a cheaper price. Bet on every rental and collect good 5-star reviews. 

When you have more than 10 good reviews, you can raise the rent to the level of other homes or even a little higher.

With these tips, you are sure to get up to speed on your Airbnb rental and from this link you can register for the service.

8. Write articles at home

Write articles at home

Part-time teleworking has already been mentioned before, but the writing of articles must be raised as a separate item. 

This is a really fast growing field as a huge number of new pages are coming to the internet all the time and more and more content production is needed all the time. 

For example, many loan sites and online casino sites are constantly looking for article writers.

The fee is often in the range of 10-15 euros / hour and is often tied to the amount of words written. 

If you’re a fast writer, then you probably earn pretty well. You don’t have to have any specific professional degree for these homework, it’s enough that you know how to write grammatically flawless good content.

This online course teaches in more detail the different ways to make money online and one of the ways taught in the course is to write precisely these articles. 

The course teaches you how and where to get yourself clients for writing assignments, and in addition, the course trainer offers little to no writing work for those who have attended the online course. 

It is available at a really low cost i.e. if you want to learn how to earn extra income part time.

Even if you don’t have a perfect grammar, Google will help in many situations. You can figure out the correct spelling of difficult words and at the same time learn to be a better writer yourself. 

So there is no need to be afraid to apply for these jobs, even think of this saying: “The responsibility for hiring is not with the employee, it is with the employer” . That is, feel free to just apply for these jobs!

9. Clicking on ads online

A bit of an idea similar to participating in surveys, but here the idea is that you click on ads online and get a small reward for each click. 

You can do this on your phone or desktop computer whenever and wherever you want. This is great for completing questionnaires if there aren’t enough tasks to do. 

Listed below are the best services that pay to click on your ads:


Earn by clicking on ads and participating in surveys, as well as recommending the service to others and Earn up to 50-100 € / month of additional income. Try now!

Start earning!


A really easy way to make small amounts of more money. Just click the reminder to open a new page and wait. After seeing the ad, you can come back and make some money.

Try now!

This is a very easy way to make more money online and anyone can start clicking on your ads immediately. Try the services above to find out how much more you can earn.

10. Look for additional jobs from neighbors

This may sound weird, but nowadays people are so comfortable that many are willing to pay to get things done. 

For example, Foodora and Wolt are good examples of Finns’ desire for comfort and the fact that they now eat a lot of restaurant food at home instead of actually going to the restaurant to eat.

What could you offer your neighbors? In a detached house area, snow work, cutting grass and many small everyday jobs are certainly ones that many are willing to pay for. 

In apartment buildings, cleaning carpets, making home cooking, and doing laundry can all be things that could earn you a little extra income.

Think about what things you could offer in your neighborhood and put this information on a bulletin board or directly in your inbox and test how this thing can work. 

True many have certainly thought about these things, but quite a few have actually implemented them. 

Helping the elderly in particular can be a rewarding thing to do in a financial sense and at the same time bring a good feeling to the elderly and to yourself.

11. Provide job performance on Facebook

Facebook is packed with local groups where you can offer or search for jobs. Follow these groups and find out where there is a lot of demand. 

You don’t even have to even put your own notice of what you offer but you can follow what others are looking for and reply to them in a private message.

Work that is worth providing: childcare, dog care, cleaning, renovation, sewing, changing tires and, in fact, many other tasks that make everyday life easier. 

Think about where you could be of help to others and Easily make money for yourself with it.

12. Sell additional accumulated goods

Each of us seems to be some level of hunter and for some reason there is always extra stuff accumulating in the home. Often we may throw these items in the trash, even if it is a necessary item for another. 

For the next cleanup, think about what items you could put up for sale online, such as the Marketplace or a Facebook store.

If you’re not sure what you should sell, then take a look at the Market to see what other people are selling. Check out the latest announcements and browse them for a moment. 

After that, you have a good picture of what others are selling there and at what price. This way, you can also find good new ideas for flipping things.

Tip: See also all “buy” listings in your area, so you may already find potential buyers.

13. Invest in cryptocurrencies

This is a slightly more advanced way to make more money and this also requires some own money to be able to start it. Why invest in cryptocurrencies? 

The idea of ​​this strategy is to make a profit when cryptocurrency rates move up and down. That’s what they do more than any stock or other asset class at the moment.

Invest in cryptocurrency

The idea is that we buy the best cryptocurrencies, i.e. Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) when they are underpriced and expect them to rise to profit. 

We are not meant to expect the Bitcoin price to rise to the clouds, but to make a profit whenever it first falls and then rises to victory.

So the idea is to expect that the value of Bitcoin, for example, has dropped 20-30% from its most recent peak, then buy then. If it drops to 40 percent, then buy the same amount more, etc.

This gives us good security to invest because others are still at a loss when the price starts to rise, but you have the opportunity to make a much faster profit. 

Winnings should be repatriated when the exchange rate has risen 10-15% from the moment you have invested in the cryptocurrency.

14. Offer your skills to companies (someback updates)

This is also a form of freelance activity. Many entrepreneurs are constantly busy and don’t have time to invest in all the things they should. 

For example, updating sometiles can be a pain for many entrepreneurs or at least a completely extra step that should be done.

If you use something yourself (Facebook or Instagram), then you can offer the entrepreneur that you do 10 upgrades a month and they will pay you even 50 € / month. 

When you get four such companies as your customers, you have built yourself an additional income of € 200 / month. 

Making money is not necessarily harder than this. You offer something valuable to another and you get the right compensation for it.

Sure, you can also ask for a higher price, but the very first thing is to get one customer that can be used as a reference when you suggest a service to others. 

In pricing, it is worth remembering that even this work is completely independent of time and place. Also, think of other things you can do to provide value to your business.

BONUS – Create your own blog

This is because the bonus is that the extra income doesn’t come right away, but you have to build your own blog first and get visitors to it that you can earn. 

When a blog is at a stage where there are constantly new visitors, then more posts come easily. 

You can earn a wide variety of income with a blog:

Affiliate commissions when you recommend products.

• Ad revenue when you display Google Adsense ads on your pages.

• Liaison directly with companies.

• Publication of paid articles with a link to another page.

• Selling your own advertising banners.

Summary on the ways to make money fast online

Listed here were 14 different fast ways to make money online and to build more revenue streams for yourself and do it regardless of time and place. 

We recommend that you test these 3-4 different ways and see which one is most interesting to you. Focus on that one new way to make more money and try to make it even bigger. 

In the future, you can start doing these in parallel and get even more side income. I hope you found these tips helpful!

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