Available USA Jobs 2023 for qualified citizens

Best Companies to Work For in 2022

Getting a job allows you to expand your resume by adding new skills and experience. It can assist you in determining the occupations you are interested in and laying out a career path. Examine the most prevalent jobs in America to learn which ones assist you in making relationships that can later serve as references.

Top Available Jobs in America 2022

Operations manager Job
average salary: $1082 per hour

An operations manager’s main responsibilities include developing hiring procedures and training standards for new personnel. They study company processes in order to increase staff performance and quality of work.

Primary responsibilities: Software engineers create apps that help users do tasks. Developers may create software that allows users to conduct things such as tracking the effectiveness of marketing efforts or playing a computer game. They make changes to pre-existing software and report on their progress to their boss.

Truck Driver Job

average salary: $99,916 per year

A truck driver’s primary responsibilities include transporting goods to retail and distribution locations in their area. They keep track of how much time they spend traveling and hold themselves accountable for fulfilling shipment deadlines.

Police officer Job
average salary: $93,039 per year

A police officer’s primary responsibilities include responding to and investigating emergency situations in their neighborhood. They collect information and make arrests. They speak with eyewitnesses and question prospective suspects to ensure that their statements are consistent with the evidence.

Marketing specialist Job
average salary: $97,694 per year

A marketing specialist’s primary responsibilities include developing a company’s marketing strategies and managing its social media accounts and website. Specialists collaborate with the company’s sales team to align sales and promotional activities, as well as conduct market research.

Registered nurse Job
average salary: $88.37 per hour

A registered nurse’s main responsibilities include coordinating patient care with doctors. Physical exams, a discussion of the patient’s symptoms, and testing based on those symptoms are all things they do. They talk about a patient’s diagnosis and offer emotional support if needed.

Electrician Job
average salary: $98.45 per hour

An electrician’s principal responsibilities include maintaining and repairing electrical wiring in a building, as well as installing new wiring using designs. They connect wires to circuit breakers and solve issues with the repair equipment they’re utilizing.

Carpenter Job
average salary: $50.67 per hour

A carpenter’s primary responsibilities include the construction and maintenance of structures as well as the selection of materials for those structures. They employ tools to put in the framework of a building or equipment such as baths, showers, and kitchen cabinets.

Mechanic Job
average salary: $87.27 per hour

Primary responsibilities: A mechanic inspects a car using auto parts instruments such as oil filter wrenches, spark plugs, and tire pressure gauges. They consult with consumers regarding repair costs and perform maintenance on engines, transmissions, and air conditioning equipment.

Bookkeeper Job
average salary: $85.97 per hour

A bookkeeper’s main responsibilities include keeping track of a company’s spending and income, as well as sending invoices to customers for payment. They use accounting software to create reports and determine the financial state of a company.

Construction worker Job
average salary: $40.55 per hour

A construction worker’s primary responsibilities include testing equipment and operating construction machinery. They transport supplies to various locations and may cut materials to fulfill project standards.

Medical assistant Job
average salary: $80.36 per hour

A medical assistant’s main responsibilities include scheduling appointments for patients and greeting them when they arrive at a medical facility. They take blood, provide immunizations if necessary, and offer patients instructions regarding medical procedures they are having.

Line supervisor Job
average salary: $75.08 per hour

The primary responsibilities of a line supervisor, often known as a “first-line supervisor,” are to provide direction to manufacturing staff in order to assist them in the production of goods. Supervisors are in charge of ensuring that the manufacturing procedure laid out by project managers and engineers is followed.

Administrative assistant Job
average salary: $60.82 per hour

Administrative assistants are in charge of managing executives’ schedules and travel arrangements. They provide presentations based on market research and place orders for office supplies for their personnel.

Office clerk Job
average salary: $70.84 per hour

Primary responsibilities: An office clerk provides support to an organization by doing a number of clerical tasks. They take calls, filter through mail, and file sensitive information. They prepare bills for payment, greet guests, and generate reports for management.


Customer service representative Job
average salary: $56.41 per hour

Customer service representatives’ primary responsibilities include conversing with clients and providing them with information about their company’s products and services. They approve transactions, handle customer complaints, and process product returns. How to Get a B-1 Visa and Start a Business in the USA 

Laborer Job
average salary: $76.13 per hour

A laborer’s main responsibilities include working on a construction site and figuring out the most effective ways to complete physical chores. They help clean up and move debris, as well as load and unload things. They go over building blueprints to figure out how to get things done.

Stocking associate Job
average salary: $46.72 per hour

A stocking associate, also known as a stock clerk, is responsible for unpacking products after it arrives at the warehouse. During delivery, they inspect the item for appropriate labeling and any damage. They check inventory records to discover if the warehouse requires more units of a certain product.

Retail sales associate Job
average salary: $70.17 per hour

A retail sales associate’s primary responsibilities include selling products and services to customers. Customers’ questions are answered, current deals are communicated, and solutions to problems are suggested.

Server Job
average salary: $40.72 per hour

A server, often known as a waiter or a waitress, is responsible for writing down food and drink orders. They provide the chef the orders from the clients. Consumers are served meals, and they are also able to answer any additional inquiries that customers may have. When a customer exits the restaurant, servers clean the dining spaces.

Bartender Job
average salary: $53.64 per hour

A bartender’s primary responsibilities include creating and serving alcoholic beverages to customers in a bar or restaurant. They converse with guests, learn what beverages they want, and replace bar products.

Janitor Job
average salary: $30.60 per hour

A janitor’s primary responsibilities include cleaning the area in which they work, such as a bathroom or corridor. They lock doors, take out the trash and recyclables, and fix toilets and appliances.

Food preparation worker Job
average salary: $27.38 per hour

A meal preparation worker’s primary responsibilities include cleaning the kitchen area in restaurants. They weigh, measure, and cut the ingredients for the restaurant’s menu dishes. Workers in the kitchen keep an eye on the temperature of the food storage areas and replenish the salad bar.

Cashier Job
average salary: $38.84 per hour

A cashier’s primary responsibilities include processing transactions for a customer’s purchase in a retail setting. Customers are assisted in finding products they are looking for by cashiers, who also bag groceries for them.

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