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Since 2009, the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery has raised more than $1.1 billion in revenues for Arkansas college students, which has contributed to the state surpassing 675,000 Arkansas Academic Challenge scholarships awarded thus far. In Arkansas, the proceeds from the lottery are distributed as follows: more than 92 cents of every dollar is allocated to prizes, scholarships, retailer commissions, and other expenses.

arkansas scholarship lottery

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A SCHOLARSHIP For Participation In The Arkansas Academic Challenge

Residents of Arkansas who are interested in pursuing higher education might receive educational help through the Arkansas Academic Challenge Program. Please visit the Arkansas Department of Higher Education’s website at for details on the requirements and to apply, or contact the Arkansas Department of Higher Education’s Financial Aid department at | (800) 54-STUDY | (501) 371-2050. – The Little Rock Metropolitan Area


Residents of Arkansas who are interested in pursuing certificate programs in fields with a high demand for workers are eligible for financial support through the Arkansas Workforce Challenge Award. You may find a list of these careers in the following paragraph. The application must be submitted at least 30 days before the student is scheduled to begin participation in a qualified program. The total value of the award cannot be more than $800 for any one course of study. Students who are already recipients of the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship are ineligible to apply for additional funding under this program. Call the Arkansas Department of Higher Education at (501) 371-2000 or submit an application right away for further information.

A SCHOLARSHIP For Participation In The Arkansas Concurrent Challenge

Students who are enrolled in an Arkansas high school and are qualified for the Arkansas Concurrent Challenge Award are eligible to receive financial incentives to help them get a head start on their college studies. The scholarship provides a payment of $125 per credit for a maximum of two concurrent credit courses taken each semester.

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Questions That Are Typically Asked About Arkansas Scholarship lottery

What is the best way to get my transcripts to ADHE?

You are the one who needs to put in the request for your transcript to be delivered to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education. You can submit an online request for a transcript to the majority of schools (but not all of them) through the student portal or on the institution’s website. You may also seek assistance from the registrar’s office or the records department at your educational establishment. On the form you use to make your request, you need to make sure that the Arkansas Division of Higher Education is marked as the recipient of the transcript.

Your official transcript can be mailed to the following address if your educational establishment does not offer an alternative for electronic distribution of transcripts:

The Division of Higher Education for the State of Arkansas

ATTN: Financial Aid Department

423 Main Street, Suite 400

72201-3818 Little Rock (Arkansas)

In addition, your educational establishment has the ability to fax your transcript to our office at the number (501) 371-2001.

What exactly is an account on YOUniversal?

This would be the account that you created when you first finished the process of searching for and applying to ADHE positions.

How do I make changes to the information on my ADHE account?

Students are able to make any necessary changes to their information by logging into their ADHE YOUniversal financial aid account whenever it is convenient for them.

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I’m unable to access my online account. What steps can I take to restore access?

If you can remember the email address and password that you used to create your account, you can go to the homepage of the ADHE financial aid website and log in as a returning user by entering the email address and password that you used when you initially created your account. This can be done by entering the email address and password that you used when you initially created your account. Click on the link that says “Forgot email or password?” below if you can’t remember either your username or your password. In the event that you have forgotten which email address you used, you will be prompted to answer certain questions in order to validate your identity, and then your email address will be verified. If the system detects that you have forgotten your password, it will send you an email including a link to a website where you can generate a new password.

I have submitted my transcript; yet, my status still indicates that I am on probation. Why is this?

Please be aware that the processing of these requests is performed manually after the relevant documentation has been received. Requests to be removed from the position of being on probation could take a little bit more time than your first application.

Where can I locate the Rules and Regulations that govern the various financial aid programs administered by the ADHE?

Simply click the button down below to get an alphabetical listing of all of the financial aid opportunities provided by the state of Arkansas.

What are the steps I need to take to move my scholarship to another college or university?

If you are planning to change schools, it is imperative that you let us know as soon as possible. You can submit a transfer request through your YOUniversal account by logging in at and selecting the “Change Schools” option from the drop-down menu. The first day of October for the fall semester and the first day of February for the spring semester are the cutoff dates for submitting a transfer request. It is important that you understand that you can only transfer your scholarship to a higher education program that is recognized by the state of Arkansas. To view a list of schools that qualify, please follow the link provided below.

What are the steps I need to take to put my scholarship on hold?

You can request that your scholarship be put on hold by filling out the hold request form that can be found at The form can be found in the “How to utilize YOUniversal” portion of the subsection titled “students.” You could also click the button that’s been provided below to be taken directly to the form. The first of October is the deadline for hold requests for the fall semester, while February 1 is the deadline for spring holds. For a variety of reasons, you may choose to put your scholarship on pause for a maximum of four semesters.

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Either I did not finish the necessary hours throughout the academic year, or my grade point average was not high enough to meet the criteria. How can I get the remainder of my scholarship?

It is possible to make up shortcomings in grades and/or hours from the previous school year by enrolling in classes during the summer and paying for them yourself. When you are through with classes, request that your college send ADHE an official transcript by October 1. You are not required to attend the same college in order to make up the hours you missed during the regular school year, nor are you required to take the same classes that you were enrolled in during that time. However, the hours have to be approved by the college from which you intend to get your degree in order for them to count.

What sets the YOUniversal System from the Department of Higher Education apart from the FAFSA?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required to apply for federal financial aid programs like the Pell Grant and student loans. The application for state-sponsored financial assistance programs like the Academic Challenge Scholarship and the GO! Grant can be found in the YOUniversal System, which is maintained by ADHE.

To be considered for any form of financial assistance, you are need to fill out EACH application. The completion of the FAFSA does NOT constitute an application for any of the programs offered by ADHE, nor does the completion of the YOUniversal application constitute the same thing as the completion of the FAFSA.

How can I get the information from my FAFSA sent to ADHE?

All candidates who list an Arkansas college on their FAFSA have their information sent to the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE). From the moment you finish filling out the FAFSA to the time it is received at ADHE, the process typically takes about a week.

In the event that there is insufficient funding to cover all of the applicants who are eligible, what are the criteria that will be used to determine priority?

Returning students are given priority when it comes to the availability of cash for the non-traditional Academic Challenge Scholarship. If there is money left over, the students will be prioritized based on how close they are to graduating, their grade point average, and the subject they are studying.

Returning students receive priority when money is available through the GO! Grant program. In the event that there is money left over, the students will be ranked according to their level of need, with the children who demonstrate the greatest need receiving the highest priority.

Please refer to the program’s Rules & Regulations for information regarding other programs.

Do I need to submit a new application if I want to participate in any of the ADHE scholarship or award programs?

You are exempt from having to submit a new application for the Arkansas Health Education Grants, the Academic Challenge Scholarship, the Governor’s Scholarships, the Law Enforcement Officers program, or the Military Dependents Scholarship. If you continue to meet the criteria for eligibility by the time the spring semester is over, then you will be automatically considered for renewal of those scholarships. We were informed by the colleges as to which students have fulfilled those conditions. Log in to your financial aid account at ADHE YOUniversal, navigate to the page in your account that is relevant to the program you are applying for, and click on the “Information Sheet” button. This will show you the requirements for continuous eligibility.

The Higher Education Opportunities Grant, often known as the GO! Grant, will also be automatically renewed for you, but you will be required to submit a new FAFSA form each year to demonstrate that you are still in need of financial assistance.

Each year, educators are required to fill out a fresh application in order to be considered for TOP and STEP.

What does it indicate if my scholarship application is still in the processing stage?

After logging into your YOUniversal account, you will see that each of your scholarship applications is assigned a status that reflects its present standing. The link that follows provides an explanation of what each status means.

I took the time to accept my prize. What else do I have to do?

Verify, using your account with the ADHE, that the college you intend to attend is the one that is listed there. If it isn’t, check your account again. If you would like to revise your college selection, you can do so by clicking on the “Change College” button. The money will be transferred to the university that you specify on your account. If you do not notify ADHE which college you are attending, we will not be able to find out.

I submitted my application toward the middle of the first week of the application period, but I have not yet heard anything. Why is it the case?

Each and every file is checked, and any new documents that come in are added. This process could take a considerable length of time because of the high volume of documents that have been received. Applicants can always check their status by signing into their financial aid account at ADHE YOUniversal and looking on the page that is unique to the program they are interested in.

Is ADHE in possession of all of the necessary documentation to finish processing my application?

It is strongly recommended that every candidate check the status of their ADHE accounts using the online system that is available through the YOUniversal Financial Aid System. When a change is made to an applicant’s account, it is reflected on the page of that account that is specific to the program being applied for. It is up to the applicant to make sure that ADHE receives all of the necessary documentation by the relevant due dates, however failing to do so could result in the application being disqualified.

What is the protocol regarding stacking my financial assistance at the University of Arkansas?

When a student receives a student aid package that includes state aid and the student aid package is greater than the cost of attendance, the student’s postsecondary institution is required to repay the state aid in the amount that is greater than the total cost of attendance. This repayment must begin with the state aid that was received in accordance with the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship, which is outlined in section seq.

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I am a student graduating from high school this year. Will there be money available for me from the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship?

If you are eligible, then the answer is yes; there is adequate financing available at this time for any and all high school seniors who will soon be graduating. At this time, there is no limit placed on the amount of support available to conventional students.

How many hours of coursework do I need to sign up for in order to be eligible for the Arkansas Academic Challenge?

In order to qualify for the aforementioned amounts, students need to be enrolled in a minimum of fifteen (15) semester hours. For students enrolled in six (6) to eight (8) hours, the amount of the reward will be reduced to one-half of the amount stated above. Students who are enrolled in nine (9) to fourteen (14) hours will be eligible for an award that is equal to three-quarters of the amount stated above. Each of the required hours must be completed at a single location.

For Students Who Study the Traditional Way:

Students are required to enroll in at least twelve (12) semester hours the first fall semester immediately following high school graduation, and fifteen (15) semester hours each semester thereafter, by the close of business on the 11th day of classes, in a course of study leading to a bachelor’s or associate’s degree, or a qualified certificate, in order to meet the enrollment requirements for a program of study leading to a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. You are required to maintain continuous enrollment in the required number of credit hours at a single institution throughout each semester. This grant will not be given to a student attending more than one college during the same academic year.

Where can I get information on programs that might be eligible for funding through the Arkansas Future (ArFuture) Grant or the Arkansas Workforce Challenge?

Explore Arkansas Careers is here to assist you! You can find training for the job of your dreams by visiting Career.

Where can I find the “How to Pay for College” booklet for the academic year 2021-2022?

The Arkansas Student Loan Authority publishes a booklet every year titled “How to Pay for College: A Guide for Arkansas Students.” This booklet explains the process of obtaining financial aid as well as the various programs that are available to assist your child in finding assistance.

How do I submit a request to Arkansas Academic Challenge to have the freshman award amount that I received cancelled?

You may be eligible to request an increase in Arkansas Academic Challenge funding from the freshmen level to the sophomore or junior level if you are a high school senior in the state of Arkansas who has already earned or will earn at least 27 college credit hours prior to starting college in the Fall (after your senior year). This would mean that you would be eligible to receive funding at the level normally reserved for sophomores and juniors. You are required to agree, as a condition of receiving the higher level, to forego the eligible money for the first semesters of the Arkansas Academic Challenge. The deadline for submitting requests to reduce or waive the amount of the freshman grant is July 1.

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