6 practical tips to create your first ebook and win new leads

6 practical tips to create your first ebook and win new leads

Have you ever imagined that a certain knowledge acquired during your career can become a rich material capable of reaffirming your market authority?

Something that can help you attract and convert new leads into customers?

Customers who will buy your products and services and generate revenue, money, for your business?

What if I tell you that this is all possible with the production of an ebook?

I know, at first, writing more extensive content like this can seem daunting, especially if producing content is not your main activity.

But do not need be like that.

If this is your first ebook and you still don’t know where to start, I’m here to help.

In this article, I have separated 6 practical tips that will help you in the production of your ebook in a simpler and simpler way than you think.

In the next lines, you will see:

• What is an ebook;

• Why use the ebook in your marketing strategies;

• Tips for creating an ebook in a simple and practical way;

• How to make your ebook available for download.

All you have to do is continue reading this article until the end.

We will?

What is ebook?

Ebook – electronic book

The term ebook originates from English and serves as an abbreviation for electronic book, that is, digital book.

This format is gaining more and more space thanks to its practicality since the content can be consumed on several platforms such as computers, smartphones, tablets and e-readers (electronic devices created exclusively for reading ebooks).

The popularity of the ebook can be justified by a key point, the low cost for both those who produce the material and those who consume it.

Generally, the high values ​​of conventional books are often justified by publishers by the number of pages, quality of the paper, cover, illustrations, finishing and so on.

With the ebook, on the other hand, production can be done in a more economical way, since there are no costs for printing the material.

This is also one of the reasons why the ebook is often used in digital marketing strategies. Since offering this content as a reward in addition to assisting in the nutrition of a lead, it reinforces the authority of your business in a given subject.

All you need is well-structured content, rich in details and a good landing page to promote it.

Now that I have explained to you what an ebook is, I will tell you why you should use it in your marketing strategies.

Why use ebook in your marketing strategies

Let’s say your business operates in an area where you have a lot of authority on the subject.

You are already present on social networks and produce quality content for the blog.

Eventually, you will realize that it will not be possible to address a particular subject in a simple publication on these platforms.

It will be necessary to produce longer content, rich in details, with more information so that the reader can better understand and can absorb it more efficiently.

And this is a great advantage of the ebook in digital marketing, with it you can offer quality content by deepening and showing your audience that you are a true authority in your niche market.

In addition, by making the ebook available on a landing page , you get valuable information that social networks don’t give you: your lead email.

With your lead’s contact email you can start a nutrition process so that in the future you can convert it into a customer of your business.

Once you understand the importance of the ebook in your marketing strategies, it’s time to learn how to create your own material.

6 tips to create an ebook in a simple and practical way

If this is your first experience creating rich and extensive content like an ebook, at first, this process can seem daunting and complicated.

But do not need be like that…

To help you, I have separated in this topic 6 tips for you to be able to create your own ebook in a simple and practical way. You can even start today.

(1. Choose a theme

Choosing the topic is an important step and for that reason, I will start this list of tips with it.

I know, it seems obvious and at the same time easy, doesn’t it?

But this is a step that requires a lot of attention and preparation, especially if you are new to producing this type of material.

To create an ebook that piques your lead’s interest, you cannot choose a topic at random just because you like and understand the subject.

Like most marketing decisions, you need data to take action.

You may want to ask… how do I get this data?

The answer is… researching.

When you produce an ebook, your desire is for the subject to interest your audience, for them to read the material in its entirety and for it to generate good results for your business.

You achieve these results by delivering the content that your audience wants to read and, to know what that content is, you need to understand who you are talking to.

In other words, you need to know your persona .

Once you understand your persona’s profile, you can offer content designed specifically for them.

Something that piques her interest and makes her download and consume that content.

After that, just search and develop rich and organized content.

Which brings us to the next topic.

(2. Organize information into topics

Another important point when producing your ebook is the organization of information.

Now that you have researched and have the topic in mind, you need to create a structure for your ebook.

Before you start writing, take a moment to create a strategic structure by dividing your ebook content into topics.

That way, in addition to making your content more organized, you make it easier to read the material.

(3. Develop the text

After structuring the subject that you will address in topics, it is time to develop your text.

Even though your ebook is rich in visuals, the written part is the most important part of your material.

It is there that you will transmit the knowledge acquired along your path in the market.

As I said earlier, writing may not always seem like an easy task, but from the division of topics, it is possible to develop your ideas in an uncomplicated way, focusing on one topic at a time.

At this stage, it is essential to put on paper, or notepad on your computer, everything related to the subject.

Write, revise, rewrite, supplement and reread as many times as necessary, until your content is suitable for publication.

This is one of the most time-consuming steps in producing content, but it doesn’t have to be a big sacrifice.

I know that not everyone has the same resource for writing, each one produces in his own time and in his own way.

The important thing is to dedicate yourself, test new things and not give up.

To succeed in producing this material, reserve a quiet space to develop your ideas without interruption.

Set deadlines and if necessary, take breaks and come back to review the content with a lighter and quieter mind.

(4. Formatting and design

Now that your ebook is taking shape, you should think about the visual part of the material.

Formatting your material means taking care of the visual part to make it more attractive in the eyes of your audience.

This is the time to think about the type of font you will use, the spacing, the position of the text and images, the size of each subtitle and the details that interfere with the aesthetics of your material.

Even though this step seems just another detail, it is very common for an ebook to fail to attract attention precisely due to the lack of care with formatting.

In addition to visual issues, the formatting of your ebook also includes the type of file that will be generated when saving your content.

PDF is the most popular format and its greatest advantage is compatibility with numerous devices.

Anyway, it is worthwhile to carry out a research on other available formats and make your choice based on the visual aspect of your material and the profile of your audience, always thinking about a good reading experience.

(5. Material review

Even if you have already proofread your text before starting the formatting, it is extremely important to carry out a new proofing after the ebook is ready.

It is common for the production of material as extensive as an ebook to take a few days to be ready, and in the middle of the process it is even more common for new ideas to arise and changes to be made.

And with these changes, it is possible that some errors will go unnoticed.

Therefore, the last step in the production process of your ebook should be a complete review of all material, from the first to the last line.

This review must be carried out with extreme attention to the smallest details, including punctuation, spelling and all visual elements of your material.

(6. Disclosure

Ebook ready? So, it’s time to work on the disclosure.

There are three great ways to promote your ebook: email marketing , social media and CTA on your business blog.

If your audience is active on social media, it’s interesting to run an ad campaign. By investing a small amount, you can achieve great results.

If you already have a consolidated email base, you can also trigger email marketing to your audience informing about the ebook launch.

Now, if you already have the habit of posting regularly on your business blog, it is interesting to write an article with the theme of your ebook, of course, without delivering all the content. End with a CTA that directs the reader to your ebook’s subscription landing page.

How to make your ebook available for download

Now that your ebook is ready and your dissemination plan has been aligned, it’s time to make your material available for download.

To do this, you need to look great on your landing page.

That way you ensure that your website visitors sign up to download the material.

Still don’t know what a landing page is? I’ll explain.

Landing page is a page entirely dedicated to getting visitors to your website to take action.

This action can be becoming a lead (potential customer), signing up for the newsletter, downloading content, among others.

In the case of an ebook, you don’t need a very long form . Just ask for your lead name and contact email.

After your landing page is ready, you must set up the reward e-mail so that your lead will receive the ebook.


In this article I explained to you what an ebook is, gave you tips on how to create your own material and showed you how to make your file available for download.

Now it’s time to get your hands dirty and create your own ebook using all the learning acquired here.

Did you like this article? Tell me here in the comments!

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